Monday, September 2, 2013

Early September Sweetness

 I made pesto again!  This time I roasted the pine nuts and it tasted very natural and yummy.  I have such a fine basil crop and it is a miracle.  
 We had a delicious dinner.
 Remember when I posted about my granny and her diaries?  Well, I ordered another Susan Branch journal and I've been writing down my daily doings at the close of the day or the next morning.  I like reading what I write because to me, I sound like my granny.  That pleases me.

 Sweet September = carmel time!  We don't make carmel apples.  We eat apples regularly anyway, but tiny squares of buttery sweetness?  Absolutely!
 In my efforts to be more "Brambly Hedge-ish" I hung up my abundance of parsley.  Can you spy the one bunch of lavender, too?
 September is also ginger cookie month (I decided this in this very moment!  Ha ha!) I buy them.  I may make some, but I would have to give most of them away because one chubby little granny cannot a batch of ginger cookies eat, right?
 My Jen-hen friend gave me some more eggs.  Her tiny new chicken additions are already laying!  Do you see how small the Easter egg layers' eggs really are?  Jeff looked in our fridge and said, "What kind of eggs are THESE?"  

 I drink more tea in the fall.  I'm ready!
 Years ago, I scouted antique stores for this type of tin mug.  I have been thinking about writing a story about three tin mugs (I must search for the third one).  Do you like tin dishes?  I love pottery dishes, too.  I like to look on Etsy and find new potters.  My most recent favorite mug is the Polish pottery mug I ordered from Amazon and actually came from a pottery warehouse north of Denver.  I think a field trip is brewing.  I might take my mama there when she comes for Thanksgiving.  Do you have a current mug favorite?
 My lovely neighbor Reve had a birthday last week.  She is such a dear and I have pretty things about my house that she has given me for my birthday.  Doesn't the angel make you smile?  Fancy a cup of tea poured from this pretty pot?
 Yes, we LOVE September, don't we?
 Really.  This is the best garden-summer I have ever had.
 I thought this photo was pretty "Brambly Hedge-ish" too!
 Even though I am gloriously thankful for a three-day weekend, I do have to put my teacher hat on and look at many papers and enter grades.
Change of subject (ha!): I thought you may like to visit the Wendy house before the weather changes.

 There are many pine cones stashed out the back window of the Wendy house!  VERY Brambly Hedge!

 The view out another window!  HAPPY!

 Tiny toadstools growing in the grass!  They grow so fast!
 This has been a fine nasturtium year, too.  I'm so very thankful.
 Remember when I said that I wanted to do a little "home improvement" in the Wendy house?  I try to do what I tell you I might do (you help me stay true, you know) so I hung a shelf for the plastic dishes.  The china dishes had to be removed due to crazy breakage.  Until we can be careful with our tea things, we shall have durable dishes.  Smile.
Finally, here is one of our "pets" and isn't he grand?  I think Bill puts up with the swarming birds and the mess from the feeders because he desires to remain pet-less.  That's fair, I guess.
I am off to walk the trail with a friend.  I hope you are doing something very September today or something very Brambly Hedge.  Thank you for staying with me to the end of this long picture page.  YOU are a very nice person.


M.K. said...

Ahhhh, Pom. You are so inspiring. I found this post warm and comforting. Loved seeing your garden stuff. You are very Brambley, and in fact, I stopped reading in the middle of this post, clicked over to the Abe Books tab I had kept open with my order of books, and promptly proceeded to "check out" and purchase one Brambley book, and one Susan Branch book -- yay! They were cheap, and why was I putting it off? The Branch book is a Christmas book. I have to admit to myself that I don't do well with books I must write in, like journals. And I don't need anymore cookbooks :) So I had to find one of her books that went in a different direction. The Brambley Hedge book is her first four books together in one volume, about the 4 seasons, I think. Looking forward to their arrival now! Thanks mucho for the inspiration. Yes, I'm drinking tea and lighting candle. However, the outdoors is full to the gills of hungry mosquitoes, so my September day will NOT include an outside walk.

M.K. said...

Oh, I forgot -- do gather ye pinecones while ye may!! They are such fine, pure, autumnal decoration, indoors and out. I plan, when weather cools, to bike around town and gather the orphaned pine cones from neighbors' undertrees and bring them home lovingly to my little place.

Aisling said...

I had to come back over and revel in September with you! Ah, lovely, lovely post! Thank you again and again. Enjoy your walk. I may suit up in sweater and boots and do likewise when I decide I've had enough coffee!

TexWisGirl said...

cookies, caramel apples... yum!!! :)

Farm Girl said...

I adore when you have posts like this with lots of pictures. It makes me smile from beginning to end. Your garden has been wonderful this year. Your little house looks so comfy. I am sure your little girls love playing out there.
I love your new journal too.
I need to sit and write because I am feeling a bit scattered brained today. It always settles my mind.
I hope you have a extra special day today.
I will be thinking of your lots. Have a nice walk and your friend who lives next door is a wonderful friend.
I like all of your little eggs. I keep hoping to find some little eggs soon too,
Lots of hugs from me to you.

wayside wanderer said...

I love caramels, too. When I pass the Brachs display at the grocery store I like to put a quarter in the little bank and take a caramel to chew on while I shop....and hope I don't run into anyone I know while my mouth is stuck shut. Ha.

ann said...

Canning peaches. That is a September thing. I like your September things. They are much more fun. But we love the canned peached in the middle of the winter. The Wendy House is just cute. My one granddaughter collects pine cones, too. I find them stashed all over. And to be pet free. We still have two cats and B the dog will be returning to the University of Wyo today, I hope. He has been a summer guest; all good guests need to know when it is time to go home. Happy Grading.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Your post today was very relaxing. Naturally the food caught my eye. Think I will make some noodles with pesto that I bought from Sams club. So much to comment on, don't know where to start.

First of must be a really fun teacher and the kids must adore allow the kids to be kids and take them on fun adventures. What grade do you teach?

Love the Wendy house and all those sunflowers, pine cones, tea cups, eggs, carmels, cookies, dried parsley, birds, vegies and tomatoes all lined up like soldiers. Interesting and what fun!!

I always enjoyed September, love fall, my favorite time of the year. Have a great day!!

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

Just look at how you have inspired us by the posts already here! I have been rummaging in the woods today and found blackberries and elderberries - I am making a cordial which I have every year in my champagne at Midnight new year's Eve/Day. Your post is fabulous - I love this journal thing - why haven't I kept that idea and done it? please show more of your journal - it's very you! Pinecones - yes we have some out in the woods, we like to put them on the chiminea in the Winter. Betty x

Sara said...

Enjoy your Labor Day, Pom Pom! Thank you for this lovely post too. So many things to look at and read about in your home and life. Fun, fun, fun. I must say, too, I recognize those ginger cookies and they are a feature here in my own little cottage almost every week. I keep them in the freezer and try to limit myself to one a day . . . or I put them out for company too. Everyone seems to love them. I'm looking forward to autumn's arrival but also know it will be a longer wait here where I live than in Colorado. So I'll be enjoying it vicariously for a while. Bye for now.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm so glad I get to enjoy your nice summer garden, as ours was a sad and sorry thing--too cool and too much rain. But my fall garden is going to be beautiful! I love September and October and November so much. I have several Susan Branch books, but none of her journal books. Maybe I should get one. I hope you're enjoying your new batch of students!


Susan B said...

I hope you are enjoying a lovely Labor Day! Mine has been very nice. I love the shelf in the Wendy house. It's very sweet! And it looks like a very fun place to play.

My grandmother used to keep journals. I don't know what happened to them, I'll have to ask my mother if she knows. I usually write about our daily activities most days, print them out, and put them in binders to keep. I've been doing that for several years. I enjoy going back and reading about our ordinary days. :) I hope you have a wonderful evening...

Lisa Richards said...

I agree with Susan Branch about lamp light being nicer than overhead lighting. I've always found it cozy.
You've had a tremendous garden this year! Hooray!
I'm also looking forward to cups of hot tea this fall. I look forward to getting back home to my own little nest where I can be Brambly Hedge-ish. Maybe in a couple of weeks! :)

Sue McPeak said...

What a Happy September post. I envy your's was bountiful and beautiful and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing with those of us in rainless Texas on water rationing.

Oh...the Wendy wonderful and full of all things magical like dishes, baskets and pine cones.

I spent Labor Day in my sewing room...come by and's the link:
Sue CollectInTexasGal~Today's Post~
Fruits of Labor Day Labor

libbyquilter said...

gingersnaps, tea and garden goodness, what's not to love here~!?

have a wonderful week Pom Pom.

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Hi PomPom, how exciting Autumn is. Your garden has been so prolific this year. Did you get a lot of rain? You truly are an educator( like my hubby). I love your new journal. And what is a Brambly? I must google.

Thank you for this beautiful post, I enjoyed my visit.

Enjoy your long weekend.


Vicki said...

Hello, PomPom, my friend,
Your September post has brightened my day here in hot Central Texas. I put out my fall decorations just these past few days even though it is close to 100 degrees! I see you have a love for pretty dishes as I do. I also love to drink coffee from tin cups like the blue one you have shown. I guess it could be called "cowboy coffee" because that is what I picture the cowboys drinking from as they sit around the campfire. I found some tin cups many years ago in the camping section at Wal-Mart. Have a great school year and continue to enjoy your September days! Vicki

Gumbo Lily said...

I enjoyed reading your happy September post very much. I love ginger cookies too and I think I have the best recipe...BUT...I'm not going to make them. Not just yet. I'm trying to be good and not eat sweets right now. While our youngest was home, we had far too many goodies and I'm feeling the need to eat fresh things.

I like your parsley and lavender bunches hanging out to dry. Very homey. So are the veggies on the window sill. the Wendy House is very homey with its new shelf and mugs. Good things are happening where you live. Happy Sept.


GretchenJoanna said...

oooh, I am so jealous of you having your granddaughters close by. Better not keep going on that grousey trail!

I adore ginger cookies but I'm with Jody right now - I can't afford to make a batch...but Mr. Glad and I both love the Carr's Ginger Lemon Sandwich Cookies that come in a smallish box - have you tried those? Delectable. I like them also because there are not enough in a box for me to overindulge in, or it would be too obvious to the other half of the household.