Saturday, September 21, 2013

Later in the Garden

 I am so pleased with my nasturtiums.  Our friends, Matt and Stephanie, told Bill that they are considered weeds in New Zealand.  Ha!  I'm glad they aren't weeds here or I might not love them.  They like water, so the drip/spray system we have now really nourishes them. 

 This is not my favorite zinnia.  It's flame-colored and vibrant, though.  I do like THAT.
 This is my favorite zinnia.  
 We still have hotties in the garden.
 The morning glories REALLY ARE glorious!
 These volunteer hollyhocks will be soaring to the sky next year.  

 Here is all the clobber at the back door.  It's time to tidy.
 Toadstools are popping up everywhere, inside the house.
 The gnomes found a place to perch, too.
 Don't you love Cath Kidston?  I wish I could visit a CK shop.  We can order online, but I have only done so once.  
By the way, the 4 by 6 cards were fun to do!  The students were not all smiles.  It's hard to sit in a circle and hear about all your unfinished work.  
I'm glad it's the weekend.  I'm about to take a hot bath (lavender) and get myself situated for the day.  Even though Plum Cake is coming over for a few hours, I think this might be a sleepy Saturday.
What are your conditions for the perfect nap?  


Happy@Home said...

Your flowers are looking good. How exciting to have volunteer hollyhocks. Won't it be fun to see them come into bloom?
Your clobber by the back door looks like evidence of a busy summer. Some work, but still enough time to toss the frisbee or chase butterflies.
I just found about CK through blogging. I love her stuff, but don't own any.
As for napping, I have never found the right conditions for napping. I just lay there and lay there, but never doze off.
Enjoy your weekend.

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful healthy green leaves and pretty blooms.

Farm Girl said...

Haha a perfect nap and the conditions? A bed. :)
I could sleep on a bed of nails.
Have a wonderful day with your little bitty plum cake. I bet those cheeks need lots of kisses.
Your flowers are so pretty. Morning Glories are just incredible this time of year,
Have a lovely weekend.

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

Lovely bright garden pompom, I would like a rest - been at work all day - a hammock in your garden would be lovely, or a little bed in your wendy house would be perfect, I usually put a blanket over my head and nod off on a chair in my conservatory for catnaps! Betty

magsmcc said...

Two boys need to be gainfully employed, preferably on sofas in the living room with me and a most absorbing DVD on. I then slip seamlessly into my snooze, wrapped in The Ripple. Recently, unfortunately, Mattman has taken to waking me up for the exciting bits that he knows I won't want to miss... Got a whole hour yesterday. Bliss!

Bonnie said...

Love all the flowers but especially the morning glories.
They make me smile. I have toadstools (real ones) in my pasture. Too much rain I guess. I, however, can never get enough rain. It has been a dry summer.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

yes, I do adore Kidston and did visit her shop when I was in London in 2010. it was such FUN!

libbyquilter said...

your nasturtiums and morning glories are beautiful~! i hope to plant more nasturtiums next year. this year's didn't really ever take off.

i hope you managed to have the sleepy Saturday that you were hoping for. i did have a perfect nap this afternoon. maybe the secret was working at fall clean-up for several hours this morning.
busy gardening work + satisfaction at a job well done.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

I had a garage sale the last three days, today was kind of needless to say, after the sale today, layed down the lazyboy with a blanket on me and my doggie along side and we zonked out....did not take long.

Your flowers are so beautiful. This is the perfect time of the year for all those colors to brighten everything up and then with the leaves falling.

Isn't God the most perfect artist!!!

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Nasturtiums can be so invasive in the garden, like mine. Did you try adding them to your salads(lflowers)? They are low maintenance and hardy and gives you lots of happiness in return. I isn't morning glory some sort of a weed? I remember them growing in almost every fence in my hometown in the Philippines.
Thank you PomPom for dropping by and yes I will keep posting those spring flowers. Soon you can plant your bulbs.

Enjoy your nap


ann said...

I love the word "clobber" at the back door.

Aisling said...

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday. I enjoyed my little glimpse. Love the flowers. Our gardens here are mostly "practical": herbs and vegetables. I am sneaking flowers in where I can. ;)

Attic Clutter said...

Oh I love nasturtiums
my seed didn't grow
maybe next year will try again or get some plants.. LOL

Lisa Richards said...

Glad you're bringing the gnomes indoors before it gets cold!
Seems like there is some disagreement about whether something is a weed or a flower! :)
I have difficulty taking a nap unless I'm totally exhausted and nodding off already. I just lay there and wait for the phone to ring! Hope you had a good one!

Vicki said...

Oh, I love seeing all of your pretty flowers!! I do miss my cottage garden even though I know it was best for me to downsize and move to my little apartment home. I can garden vicariously along with you, dear PomPom! Yes, I love Cath Kidston and would love to visit her store. Have a happy September week! Vicki

wayside wanderer said...

The perfect nap needs my cotton sheets, my pillow and my doggie. And probably a book to read a smidge before hand. I love the nasturtiums and especially those wonderfully flat, round leaves. Blessings!

Sara said...

Nasturtiums are a favorite of mine as well for so many reasons...their brilliant color contrasts of red/orange and green, their beautifully round leaves; their delicate sweet scent, and they reseed themselves so vigorously too. Hope you all had no ill effects from the recent rains and floods. My son said they were all fine where he is. I have been rummaging around in Ancestry and discovered some distant relatives who seem to live in your same town! It is a small world . . .

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Your place is always so colorful and cheerful! Thanks for sharing, it brightens up my day...wonderful flowers!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your flowers are still looking so pretty. My zinnias are starting to get a little sad looking. I had several favorite zinnias this summer and I saved seeds from them. I hope I have luck getting them to sprout next spring.

Your nasturtiums are wonderful. I have never grown them before, but you have me wanting to plant some next year.

Catherine said...

Well the thing about nasturtiums Pom is that there are two different sorts...the old fashioned trailing variety that really are a nuisance..a nice sort of nuisance but very bossy non-the-less. I really wished I'd known that before I planted them. They are pushing everybody out of the way down under the feijoa tree even as I write, but at least they are very easy to pull up, if needs must. You know that they are edible eh & the small leaves are quite nice & spicy in salads too.
I've got braver about ordering Cath Kidston stuff & I'm so glad that I did. You have to order enough bits to make it worthwhile. I love the pattern on the mug in your picture but I have a feeling that that shape cup is really quite enormous. Two cups of tea in one! Much love Catherine x0x0x