Monday, September 9, 2013

Rose Faces

 Hello Rose Blossom!  Can you smell them?  Yesterday while out shopping we found some rose things for our roses.  My granny was Evelyn Rose so we named our baby Jenny Rose.  Now we have a Samantha Rose and a Millie Rose.  Rose is a very good name to carry on.
 I know you've seen this picture before, but can you BELIEVE how toadstool-y cute Plum Cake is?  Her cheeks are so squeezable!
 This is a Pinterest photo.  Sweet family.  Look at that blissful sleep.  I miss our Golden Retriever.
 I miss this sweet face.  I think about my dear dad all. the. time.
 Next Saturday I'll get to see THIS sweet face.  Rose lips.
 When I planted Mammoth sunflowers, I named the blooms Pie Face.  This year's blooms are smaller.  Girls, I guess.
 This Birdie face was hot and sweaty at her soccer game on Saturday.  The weather is going to cool off this week. YAY!  I'm ready to wear cardigans.
 At Costco yesterday, we came upon tangelos.  They are shiny, soft, and scrumptious!
 Kelli and I laughed about Halloween candy.  The shelves at the stores are bulging with it.  She was looking at a gigantic bag and I said, "I don't think you want that yet.  You must ask yourself how many times you intend to buy Halloween candy before Halloween arrives."  She knew what I meant.  I've gained ten pounds before, just dipping into prematurely bought Halloween candy.  It's so festive, though!
 I found the third tin cup up above the kitchen sink.  Three tin cups.  Don't you think they'd make nice stars in a story?  My sweet friend Sandra sent me this tea holder.  It makes me sing, "Polly, put the kettle on!  We'll all have tea!"  I love it.
 When my mom comes in November (for Thanksgiving!  Yeep!) we'll drink a little afternoon tea in the cups she sent me.  We'll watch the birds.  We love birds.
 And these tiny figures . . . that holy time of year.  Don't you love this season?  From now until then?  It's full of love.
 Also in the dish cupboard, glass pebbles and earthy pots and cups.  

 Here are two cups for us.  I hear the kettle whistle!
 There are still fairies in the garden even though it is almost time to tidy things up for the NEXT growing season.  A fall task = tulip and daffodil bulbs must be planted!
I was sewing a button on a pair of pants this morning and I realized that I am a fumble fingers with needles.  It takes practice and time to stitch.  I would like to hone my embroidering skills.  Are people forgetting how to draw with thread?  I hope not.
I hope you find time to practice your art today.  There are so many different ways to do this.  Doodle, stitch, cut, and glue. 
Yay for a brand new week!  Enjoy each moment, Rose Blossom.


Sherry said...

What a beautiful post! And I wish you a beautiful new week my friend!

Farm Girl said...

Have a lovely Monday. So many wonderful things to look at in all of your photos today. I am so happy for you that your weather is going to cool off. What a nice gift.
I have always loved embroidery. Your book looks nice. It is true about using a needle. Even as much as I sew if it has been awhile I have a hard time making my hands mind me. I just sew now because I don't want to loose dexterity.
I love that so many of your little girls are named Rose.
Have a wonderful week. Friday will be my day to see the little boys and their Momma too. I need to plan good things to eat and fun things to make,
Very true about Halloween candy. It doesn't come into my house either.

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

Oh yes, Rose is a lovely name to keep going in a family. My solitary rose today has finally given up after being drenched by very heavy rain, it's petals are all over the lawn in a dramatic finale. I like your teacups - I drink about 10 cups of a tea a day but we only have mugs here - we like to drink big! I have daffodils to plant too, but the rain is putting me off, very annoying as I had myself all ready! I am glad Summer is over as I like warm clothes and layers, I like my feet covered and I miss my old boots! Betty

Bonnie said...

I love your embroidery book. My Mom taught me to embroider at age 4. I have loved it ever since.

TexWisGirl said...

love the apple and that tiny cream pitcher. :)

my middle name is rose after my maternal grandmother, rosalia.

magsmcc said...

My kettle does whistle- come over!

wayside wanderer said...

The carrying on of a name is really sweet and special. Rose is especially lovely.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Goodness, so many things to look at. I like those tea cups. We could have a tea party...I have 10 sets of tea cups. I think the English know how to celebrate and slow down a bit with a cup of tea at 4-ish..don't you???

The roses are beautiful and so neat that "rose" is included in your names.

Have not done embroidery for a long cards and scrapbooking take up lots of time, plus cooking. Oh well, that could change, drawing and sketching sounds like a fun thing to do, a little water much to do, so little time!!!

M.K. said...

Sweet faces and lovely cups :) I like that gorgeous apple -- is it made of stone or wood? So pretty. Happy Autumnal Joy!

Linda Primmer said...

Such sweet faces for sure. The tea cups are so lovely with their patterns. I have to say the red roses are gorgeous! Rose is a sweet name. Your embroidery book is quite special. I never got into that, but I so admire other's work.
from your newest follower, Linda

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, what a lovely, rosy family you have! Thanks for this marvelous post. It made me feel quite cheery!


libbyquilter said...

Rose is a good name indeed. it happens to be my daughter's middle name too.

those golden retriever's look so sweet laying there all together like that . . . imagine when they wake up though~! :-O

take good care Pom Pom.


Jenniya said...

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Debbie Mitchell said...

Beautiful post. The photos are great. Love your writing.

Gumbo Lily said...

Love those precious faces of your loved ones. I'm looking forward to cooler days too. The last couple have been perfect days -- warm, but not hot; breezy but not windy.

Those earthy pots and dishes are cool. Have a happy week.


Shey said...

You have such a nice collection of tea cups, I only have one, given to me by my mom. :)

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Happy season of colours PomPom, enjoy planting those bulbs. Your little rose faces are so cute, brings so much happiness and joy to their sweet rosey nanna.

Enjoy the coolness in the air


Lisa Richards said...

Miss Rose Lips glasses are so perfect for her pretty face!
I love snooping through all the wonderful things on your shelves. Thanks for another delightful post!