Friday, November 25, 2011

Yellow Teapot

 Tea?  I dropped by my neighbor's house two days in a row.  Funny thing, I had my camera.  Smile.  Don't you love her teapot?
 She bought tulips.  Yellow!  Love!
 Isn't this plate the picture of sugar plums?
 My pumpkin pie was just right.  Sometimes I over dump ground cloves and ginger into my pumpkin, but this year . . . I measured.  Delicious!
 This fine organic turkey roasted up well, didn't it?  The gravy was so tasty.  Yummy, yummy, yummy.  Now I'll wait a whole year to have turkey gravy again.  
 After all the feasting, we went to the park.  Look at Millie Rose!  She loves to swing!
 Princess Dew Drop kicked the flat soccer ball around the yard.
 Princess Snowflake ate a basket of berries (her face!) and then got mad at Princess Dewdrop who just might have been a little less than a team player while kicking the flat soccer ball.
And the garden friends have moved from the fairy garden to the picnic table.  As soon as our new dishwasher comes next week, they'll have a swish-swish bath and find a place under the Christmas tree, I think.  Yes, the dishwasher gave off a funny electric smell and promptly died.  Oh well.  Isn't a dishwasher one of the most boring appliances to buy?  I think so.  My hands are quite witchy looking from all the washing up. We thought about going without a dishwasher.  We decided the hole in the kitchen or a dead dishwasher filling the hole just wouldn't do.  

Tonight I am going to Toys R Us with Kelli.  I'm quite disappointed with their baby doll selection (I went last week to buy a baby for Samantha Rose) and I'm hoping they have a few simple old fashioned toys.  I'll take some pictures of the pretty side of a huge (and greedy looking) toy store.  Stuff Mart.  
Really, I just want to keep Kelli company.  We completely missed the whole Black Friday thing.  Thank the Lord.  
I slept 12 hours last night, I'm a bit embarrassed to say.  Feast making and turkey eating wore me out.  
Sunday is A Pause in Advent and then . . .  Wednesday is the first A Childlike Christmas posting!  I can't wait to hop from blog to blog, reading my friends' wonderful words!  Please check in with me on a regular basis, so you won't miss a minute of the fun!
Ratty, Toad, and Mole just might be sitting in a wet envelope by MK's North Carolina mailbox.  She's away and they didn't come before she left.  Oh well.  They WANTED an adventure.  MK will warm them up and entertain them.  She's spirited!
Thank you for popping by!  I hope your days are filled with tea and sugar plums.
Oh, this IS a holy season indeed!
(butterfly kiss!)


Jean said...

Great post. Too cute you little ones. Loved that face. Have a blessed day.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Such gorgeous names - Millie & Samantha. Sorry to hear about your dishwasher - maybe you could put those adorable gnomes to work - I'm sure they wouldn't mind :)

Angela said...

Your post has so much glorious golden-ness. MUCH better than that Black Friday stuff.
I am sure the Intrepid Trio will be fine.
weekend blessings x

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

All your Thanksgiving Stuff..ings looked yummy....I enjoy having turkey and dressing anytime during the year...especially with cranberry sauce. The girls are getting so big, and I had a chuckle at the ballerina like soccer kicker! I have seen the sweetest old fashion dolls at the junktique shops and even at Goodwill. I'm often tempted to give one a makeover and a new home. Remember Sarah Jane?

Farm Girl said...

I love that happy teapot. It just makes you want to smile. So does the plate. It sounds like you had such a nice time. I love the pictures of your girls, they are just so cute. I can't wait until next Wednesday. I already have things going on in my head.
I do hope you have a wonderful day today. My kids were all chomping the bit yesterday to get the lights up, but took pity on ole Mom because I was sick.
I feel a tad bit better so now I can supervise. :) They miss that part I wonder why.
Do you have snow?
I will sign off now so I don't write a tome. I could you know.
Your poor travelers stuck in the rain. I am sure they will be glad when they get to go in for tea.
Blessings to you my friend.

Elizabethd said...

I'm sure that part of a Grand Tour is to be philosophical about waits and journey timings. The three will survive, probably having a sleep after all the excitement!

Elizabethd said...

PS, I seem to have missed the childlike Christmas party, can you send me info please?

Anonymous said...

Another happy post from the Queen of Blogging! Yippee! xxx

Betty said...

Lovely teapot - if I had space I would probably collect teapots, so useful, homely and fun. Your pumpkin pie looks tasty, I have never tried. Well I'm all set for the Childlike Christmas posts and looking forward to it. Hope those WIW folk don't go into hibernation in that postbox! I found a copy of the book in a charity shop - might start reading over Christmas. Bettyx


such a jolly and delicious post. your photos have really made me smile :)

sending my warmest thanksgiving wishes xxx

magsmcc said...

Bet that tea tasted fabulous! I am very excited about Blog Advent this year! Have my ideas for tomorrow and Wednesday all ready! Our second dishwasher in not enough years at all died this year, and we're not replacing. I have plans for witch's hands and a baking cupboard instead! Poor Willows. They'll have lots of tales to tell when next we see them!

Lisa Richards said...

I love the chunky yellow teapot and your pumpkin pie looks just like the one I baked! It's perfect, and I seem to be the one eating most of it. (With Cool Whip!)

It's good to see my little pals from your garden and to know they'll be sharing your Christmas indoors.

Our new home has a dishwasher, but I really prefer washing dishes by hand,so I haven't tried it out yet.

I'm hoping for a simple Christmas with homemade gifts and nobody spending much money. Gotta counteract all of the commercialism! I'm looking forward to making some felt ornaments and doing some baking.

Poor Ratty, Toad and Mole! I hope somebody at least wraps their envelope in plastic! :)

Happy Christmas preparations! I'm going to dig out my creches and make them the centerpiece of our holiday decorations. XXXOOO

Gert said...

What a lovely post...the yellow tea pot is adoreable! yellow is my favorite color... Your pie and turkey looked scrumpous!! yummm..
The girls are just too cute!!!

xoxo Gert

Gumbo Lily said...

The pumpkin pie looks perfect and so does the turkey! I missed those left-overs.

Tea with a friend is always nice. I'm looking forward to Advent and your Childlike Christmas.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

That's one beautiful pie! And one very cheerful tea pot. I've been sleeping a lot this Thanksgiving, too. I enjoy it, but I feel sort of guilty, too. Sigh ...


wayside wanderer said...

My kids were just commenting today that the leftovers did not last long enough. So Christmas I double or triple! I know that look on Princess Snowflake's face all too well!

Have you ever seen baby dolls by Corolle? They are really sweet. We still have a couple stored away that belonged to my girls! If you haven't seen them before give them a google. =D

ann said...

Stuff Mart. I love it. I know exactly what your mean about finding suitable toys for our grandchildren. I looked for dolls, too, at Toys R Us. They have so little to choose to from. Your turkey and pie look perfect.

Shey said...

Yum! That pumpkin pie and turkey look delicious! My mouth is drooling, especially for the pie, we didn't have any!

Sara said...

The feasting goodies do look yummy. Nothing is better than homemade Thanksgiving dinner, especially that amazing turkey gravy made from the drippings.