Saturday, November 19, 2011

Granny Pie

 Hello!  Holiday festivities are already underway, specifically Christmas and it isn't yet Thanksgiving.  The kids at school love to write about their Thanksgiving traditions, namely the food.  We are celebrating with Kelli's family this year, so no turkey smells at our house!  Pie smells, definitely pie smells.  I have decided to go slow with my pie making this year.  I am going to try to make beautiful pies.  The last time I REALLY tried hard was about fifteen years ago!  I pulled them out of the oven to cool and then I decided to go outside and rollerblade.  I fell within moments and spent the day at the hospital getting my wrist set and cast.  That was a hard holiday season, being one handed and all because my cast got in the way of all household tasks.  Yikes.  Usually, I am in a rush to make the pie because the feast has so many components.  Well, Kelli's the turkey wife this year, so I shall be Granny Pie.

 All the leaves have not yet fallen.  There are some still clinging. I keep putting them in books to flatten them.  I love a good "leaf surprise" when I open fat books, don't you?  After my bubble bath this fine Saturday morning, I am going outside to walk around in the November world of my neighborhood!  
 More than once or twice I have had a mind-smile as I think of a favorite nature-like delight.  I'm thinking about the festive real branch garland I like to hang in the entry way.  I turned our coat closet into a little alcove and I LOVE the smell of greens.  It's too early.  It's too early.
Yesterday I asked my students, "Why the big greed festival over the holidays? Aren't we fine right now?  Don't we have enough?"  I'm sure their families are feeling the pinch of a less than robust economy.  
Here at Pom Pom's Ponderings, we are going to think about the simple pleasures of the holidays, the childlike wonder that doesn't involve the ka-ching ka-ching of the cash register.  Some of my warmest and deepest blog friends are playing along.  I'm not sure if I made myself clear, but being involved means four holiday Wednesdays of posts that attend to the simple childlike thrills of Christmas.  November 30th will be the first day and I'm just going to put all the links in my post on those days, so you can pop back and forth.  Hopefully, you'll be warmed and cheered and be reminded of that babe in a manger and the children He loves and cherishes.  If you would like to join, posting simple "takes" on the joy of a childlike Christmas, let me know.  The people who are playing along are already on the sidebar.  I'll add you, too.
The Willows are in Texas but they aren't staying long because Gigi has some traveling to do herself and can't entertain them just now.  They'll fly up to MK's place and enjoy Thanksgiving with her brood.  Stay tuned!  We've made some tweaks in the itinerary, so I'm glad it was never set in stone anyway.  Oh, those boys are having such a varied and seasonal zip around North America!  It's wonderful!
Well, I have quite a busy day planned because we are celebrating Samantha's two year birthday tonight.  We're celebrating Bill's birthday, too.  Our house will be noisy! Yahoo!

The kids at school are huggers.  One little girl said, "Oh, you are so warm!"  YOU are warm.  I hope lots of huggers come your way today!  
Yours Truly, 
Granny Pie


M.K. said...

Granny Pie is just a perfect name! I love pies during the holidays, esp. pumpkin, although others are so good. Pom, I would love to do your Wednesday Childlike Christmas thing too. That will be a good reminder all through Advent of what is truly important at Christmas. We don't have much money this year, but that doesn't mean it will be a sad Christmas! We just need to remind ourselves of the true wonder of this precious time of year. I hope the Traveling Trio get here soon! We leave for WVa on Wednesday morning!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to your Bill and Sam! I love how you are always joyously celebrating someone's special day in your family. I was hoping for more details on your pies. Yum! I also like how you are going to celebrate Christmas on your blog this year. I'm looking forward to it.

Gigi said...

Love your closet turned alcove -- what a good idea! It looks so pretty. Sad to say, I can't spare a closet to such a fun thing.
I put up our Christmas decorations yesterday (whew!) since we're going to be gone, and I didn't want to come to face that project after a rather tiring couple of weeks of running around Texas. And so sorry again to the boys for shuffling them off -- I did get one little photo of them out on the golf cart with Buddy and me. We were hunting butterflies ;).
Happy Thanksgiving to you all Friend!

Gumbo Lily said...

How is it that Sam is 2 years old already? Happy Birthday Celebrating today!

Granny Pie is a good person to be this Thanksgiving. Isn't it fun sometimes to go somewhere for the Big Dinner and bring a pie or salad? I think so. This year we go to my folks' place and I'll be Granny Buns because I'm bringing the buns and probably a jello-y salad.

I absolutely LOVE fresh greens at Christmas and LOVE yours above the tea pots. Oh! Oh! Oh! The fresh smell of evergreen is one of those childlike delights that I will be posting about. Looking forward to that.

Happy slow pie-making Granny Pie.


Farm Girl said...

You broke you wrist rollerblading?
I had so many injuries from rollerblading too. I just never broke anything. I sure hurt myself though. I got smart. I put the baby in a stroller and roller bladed that way. :) I like granny pie for a name too. I am the Turkey cooker this year though.
My husband already has his lists of games he is going to play with the kids and young men and I know everyone will have a baby in their lap. :)
I can't wait to start next on the 30th I want to be reminded again of the sacrifices of Mary and Joesph as they journey to be counted for the census.
Well, off to clean some more on the patio. My husband bought a fire pit so I can sit outside and freeze and watch the fire. :)
Now I need it to look like a living room. I really wanted a place to roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate.
Have a lovely day, my friend.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Norman Rockwell sure knew how to capture "family" didn't this painting you've included with the holiday turkey all grand and glorious on its platter. I'll be looking forward to your simple Christmas posts...full of childlike wonder. Perhaps they will help me recapture the missing memories (wherever did they go?) of childhood Christmas delight!

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

Lovely litte peaks of your cosy home We don't have Thanksgiving in the UK but it also falls on my hubby's birthday so we will be celebrating one way or another. I can't wait for the Childlike Christmas posts - every week up to Christmas - brilliant. Hope you have lots of birthday fun with your loved ones. Bettyx

magsmcc said...

Hey Granny Pie, floury hugs and sticky kisses! That tree! Does the tree go up for Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

Granny that. :) Big hugs to you (warm ones) :) xxx

Bonnie said...

Count me in for a child-like Christmas. I love this idea.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Happy B-Day to little Samantha and Bill! Enjoy the big party!!!
And it's never too early for Xmas, don't you just love the cheerful atmosphere?! Oh yes, I'm pretty sure you definitely do!
Michela x

Travel With Lulu said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the season :)

Bradley W. Maston said...

So wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear mama!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

It's hard to resist the siren call of Christmas, even when it starts so early in the year. I'm trying not to buy any Christmas magazines yet, though I did break down and buy one because it promised me loads of gift ideas, and I need some for my nieces. I love the smell of fresh greens--and fresh pies!--too. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day together, and you enjoy a little bit of a school break!


Bumpkin Hill said...

Good luck with the pies and wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. I always love to press flowers in my books and often find them years later as I open a book :) Catherine x

Lisa Richards said...

Our big get together will be on Dec. 2, of all things! Four or five of our seven children will be here. Coming from Colorado, Maryland, North Dakota and one who lives right here. Our boys in Texas and daughter from Oklahoma may not make it, but we'll enjoy whomever can make it. They're coming up for their Grandpa's 85th birthday and will come visit at our house for one day.

Thanksgiving will probably be a small homey affair. I'd love to try my hand at making a pie with a "free form" crust. Of course, I'll have to make a pumpkin pie, also, and that might not do so well without some support.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Wednesday posts. I think I'll sit this one out because I'm wrapping up schoolwork and probably would space it out anyway! LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

ann said...

Seldom do I get hugs from students. Still grading. No scantron for me. I do give some tests on Black Board, an online tool that grades the multiple choice, but I have to grade the essay questions. I quite agree about the garishness of shopping. I avoid Black Friday. Usually we are on the road to our friends out in Haxtun. Different plans this year. I love baking pies. Love making my own crust. I use Martha Stewart's crust. I had planned on cooking our dinner the Sunday after, but my oven is dying. Have a happy Thanksgiving, PomPom.

Catherine said...

Hi ya Granny Pie..guess what?..I've got my ears turned on now! I seemed to have rushed on a head of proceedings in my enthusiasm for festive scents & the such like but I shall get my self a little more in oder & join...IN! see me sliding in! & no broken bones ; )
What an excellent idea a pine branch not just a perfect tree. We love the 24th's the day we met 33 years ago & we are very, very THANKFUL! Happy thanksgiving with lots of cinnamony hugs & appley pumpkin kisses X0X0X0

no spring chicken said...

I look forward to reading what is shared this next month. I love your insightful little hugger. You ARE warm!!

Blessings, Debbie

Connie Chadwell said...

Rollerblading is something I used to do, too. And, oh, the falls I took, but lucked out and didn't break anything. Loved the post, as always, uplifting and thought provoking about what's REALLY important! Thank You!

The dB family said...

I can be a very rushed pie maker too. I've decided that if it tastes good, it doesn't matter so much how it looks.

Big hugs to you!