Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Buzz From the Imaginary Cabin

 Hello cozy ones!  I've been looking at all things cabin this morning.  I like to keep my imaginary house in the woods in good standing, tweaking it now and then, keeping it warm.
 Do we really need a lot of space when we are having tea with our woodland neighbors?  No.  As long as we're cozy in the woods, we won't be entertaining crowds.  
 Chances are the exterior might look like this.  Come on up the stairs.
 I'll stand at the sink and fill the kettle.
 And if it snows, you'll have to stay.  I'll make soup.

 I may have to get up occasionally and stir.

 I will never have a cabin because having two homes would tug at my heart way too much.  Our house is our cabin.  As is.  I feel a very solid contentment here.  Whew.

 Millie Rose was sick with a virus and had to stay in the hospital for two days.  Oh, we're so thankful that she is home now.  She's getting so many kisses and nuzzles.  We love her so.
 Samantha Rose (we like roses) will turn two tomorrow  (on Thanksgiving Day!) and she'll see a play kitchen when she comes down the stairs.  Kids like their kitchens!
 Saturday night they were all here.  Aria and Cadence were under the weather, too.  Cadence is lounging on Granny's sofa and Finn is climbing up!
 April has been knitting dolls!  This is her fifth or sixth doll!  Isn't she cute?  Sam's a happy doll mommy.
 Bill met a friend at the pie store last night, so he brought home two pies (so sweet).  I may or may not bake pie.  I will eat pie, though.  If I do dabble in pastry today, I'll take pictures.  I am cooking the feast.  Kelli needs a rest from stress and worry.   I have prepared the feast many times and now the smells will fill our house this year, too.  Hooray!
But first, a little knitting and sitting.  
I asked my students a few Thanksgiving trivia questions.  They could not produce a pilgrim name.  No one could recall Plymouth Rock.  They obviously called out, "The Mayflower!" They did not mention Chief Massasoit. They DID know the full traditional menu for Thanksgiving dinner.  They knew the football teams and games that will be televised on Thursday.  
I think I'll draw some pilgrims today.  
Oh, thank you for reading my zig zag rambles and do you know what?  I'm very thankful for you.  Whether you share your life on your own blog or you simply care enough to peek in on me, it is a BLESSING when people care.  Thank you.
I wish you a heart of contentment and if you are feeling pain, I wish you a downy blanket of comfort.  
(a big hug, some gentle pats on your back and a noisy smooch on your dear cheek) SMILE!


April said...

Your house is going to be very warm and cozy and yummy smelling for Thanksgiving tomorrow! I love stepping into your "cabin". Love you!

Farm Girl said...

You have a lovely cabin. When my Mom was very sick, in my head when things would get so hard and crazy, I would go visit this cabin in my head, just for a bit. I would walk up the old stairs filled with leaves.
It was so nice to get away from real life just for a bit. I made me smile to see yours.
I am so sorry your babies are sick.
I got up this morning with no voice.
I am praying like mad I don't get sicker.
Thank you so much for the blanket of downy comfort as I go about pie making.
My sweet daughter who is in college just popped her head in the door and said, " No pie making until I get home from school."
I am so blessed.
Thank you so much for your blog that gives me so much happiness.
You truly are a gift, Pom Pom

Courtney said...

I love your cabin's how dreams come true! Love the knitted babies...and I hope your young ones feel better soon!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Betty said...

I just peeped at your blog 1/2 hr ago to see if I had missed you and then here you are! sorry the little ones have been unwell so am sending healing and blessings to you all. I just ate soup and looked out at the woods, it's very still and the birds are quiet - quiet a few have been leaving, flying south the last few days. My little house is my cabin too - can't get any closer to the woods without falling in and being swallowed up by trees! It's very dark today. I spent about 3 hrs at supermarket planning meals and wandering around, had a coffee and wrote a menu plan then bought everything and came home, nice. Hope you do get to make the pie and that everyone has a happy Thanksgiving. Bettyx

Happy@Home said...

So sorry to hear about the sick little ones. Hope all are well again for Thanksgiving.
Happy Birthday to Samantha Rose. How fun that new kitchen sounds.
The little knit doll is so sweet.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post PP! xxxx

Sara said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your are surrounded by the most wonderful blessings!

Bonnie said...

I love your cabin and would love to stay for soup!!! Those knitted dolls are so cute. What a great blessing to have family. Happy Thanksgiving.

magsmcc said...

Oh PLEASE can I curl up on that blue sofa too and bathe in the fire heat? And can I have my tea in a ginderbread man mug? And even though I know none of the answers- happy Thanksgiving to the most thankful person I know! So glad angels are on mend. Sick children, especially hospitalised ones, are poor souls.

magsmcc said...

Just had to pop back before bed for a last look at the cabins...

The dB family said...

A very happy Thanksgiving to you my friend! I love your cabin. May it be filled with joy and laughter and much celebrating.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to spending time in your cabin. I know there will be lots of books and soup, and I bet there will be quilts to wrap ourselves up in as we read in front of the fire.

A pie store? Really? What a wonderful thing! Is that where you picked up those beautiful rose babies?

Happy Thanksgiving, dear one! I will be thinking tomorrow of how thankful I am that we are friends.


Gumbo Lily said...

You are such a good Granny Pie to host the Big Feast tomorrow! God bless you and all those who gather in your cabin.

I'll be there for turkey noodle soup in a day or two. A smooch-on-the-cheek to you too!

Happy Thanksgiving.

The Provincial Homemaker said...

Thank you for sharing your cabin with us all. It sure sounds a cosy place to be.

I am glad to hear your granddaughter is feeling better again.

Enjoy your thanksgiving day!

Lisa Richards said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Pom Pom! Thanks for sharing your home with us once again!

I love your cabin. It reminds me of the cabin we just moved out of. We'll always have fond memories of it, but we are trying to make our new house a home. It's good to have our daughter and her hubby and little Audrey with us for a while. It will make it feel like home that much faster.

God bless you and all the little ones at your place!