Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dulce Domum

Please pop over to Lisa's blog and see The Willows at a Minnesota tea party!  They cuddled up to a cute baby, too!

 There are SO many lovers of The Wind in the Willows.  My heart warms up by degrees when I find another Willows fan.  Lynn checked it out at her library.  A California blogger requested they stop at her house.  Jody at Gumbo Lily found a new Penguin edition with a stitchy cover coming soon.

This morning, I had a small dip into one of my editions and found Ratty and Mole at Mole's house.  Read this:

"Then, while the Rat busied himself fetching plates, and knives and forks, and mustard which he mixed in egg-cup, the Mole, his bosom still heaving with the stress of his recent emotion, related - somewhat shyly at first, but with more freedom as he warmed to his subject - how this was planned, and how that was thought out, and how this was got through a windfall from an aunt, and that was a wonderful find and a bargain, and this other thing was bought out of a laborious savings and a certain amount of "going without".  His spirits finally quite restored, he must needs go and caress his possessions, and take a lamp and show off their points to his visitor and expatiate on them, quite forgetful of the supper they both so much needed;  Rat, who was desperately hungry but strove to conceal it, nodding seriously, examining with a puckered brow, and saying, "Wonderful," and "Most remarkable," at intervals, when the chance for observation was given him."

The title of the chapter is Dulce Domum which means Home Sweet Home.  I am moved by Mole's love for his underground home and by Ratty's acknowledgement of its cozy features.

 And then the field mice came to sing carols.  Love that. I even went to a website this morning and listened to some old English carols. 

 Here's a little brightness for you.  The flowers at the grocery store are stunning.  Mixed-color rose bouquets make me smile in my heart.

 Another bright sight!  One of our party staples:  M&M's.  Kelli had a baby shower for April and many hands dipped into the huge bowl of YUMMY!  The picture is pretty, isn't it?

Reminded of egg goodness (egg-cup that Ratty's fixing above) I shall have an egg breakfast.  I'm home again today because Bill and I are going to a memorial service in Colorado Springs.

 And last, I must give some air time to my favorite Willow, Badger.  He's a homebody, you know.  He would not wish to be away from his hole for long.  I'm sure he misses the boys as they poke around in the Minnesota woods with Lisa.  It's okay, Mr. Badger.  I love you very very much and I would like to hug you around your neck and smooch behind your pink ears. 

Many of us are Badgers, sitting by our fires, cooking pot dinners for those who live in our hole.  Which reminds me, time to put the pot roast in the oven.  Bill and I will return home to the heady fragrance of beef and onion.  We'll light candles.  Maybe we'll have a fire.
Are you Badger?  Mole? Ratty?  Toad?


Farm Girl said...

I think I am Ratty. I do love my home and I am the happiest in it.
I love all of your bright colors today and they make me happy.
It sounds like a wonderful day.

Elizabethd said...

I'm a Ratty too, scenting my home from afar and loving it!

Gumbo Lily said...

Beautiful words from Dulce Domum. I truly love my home sweet home and hate to go far from it, but I love the outdoors too.

I hope your pot dinner is perfection and I do hope you light the candles.


Betty The Wood Fairy said...

I know I'm a badger and I have my little house by the woods all ready for the WIW folk to visit - hope they come soon - they have such a long journey and so many friends to visit so I am being patient. I am liking earth colours and woolly things in my cosy burrow. Bettyx

Angela said...

Great carol - I so love the word 'benison'!!!

benisons and blessings on you all xx

Bonnie said...

I think I am a little of each of them. Wish I could smell pot roast in the oven.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Hello Karen! Hopefully back from a very long break, it's always lovely to read and look at your cheerful posts!
Hugs from Venice

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

What a lovely post! So cheery! :) I think I'm probably Mole. I love the thought of you smooching Badger's pink ears, lol! :)

M.K. said...

I love the wassailing carol, Pom. Someone should certainly set it to music, and it should be sung!!! And as for which one of them I am ... my first thought was, "I don't know, but I'm certain I am NOT Toad!" And then I asked Adam, and he laughed out loud, and said, "The way you drive? When you get behind somebody going slow -- you sure seem a lot like Toad!" Sigh. I thought I was more a Badger or a Rattie.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I will have to read the book to tell you which I am. Can't wait until it comes my way!


Courtney said...

I like a driving adventure, like Toad...but I'm not so crazy behind the wheel. I'm not quite as sedate as Badger, but like Mole, I love a cozy house, good book, good food, and the comfort of the familiar. What a homey post!

Pom Pom said...

It's fun to read your comments and to discover which Willow you are! MK, you are hilarious! Toad is so lovable! By the way, the pot roast was delicious!

Lisa Richards said...

I definitely think I'm a Badger. I love staying home and sitting by the fire!

I love finding English choirs singing via YouTube. So Christmasy!

I think The Three will not stay for a very long visit in Minnesota. They're getting a little bored with me studying all the time! But I do need a little time to make my mark in the book and then I will send them along.They are very nice guests!

Carolyn Phillips said...

I think I am mole or badger...somehow a mix maybe.

Would love to see the book btw!

Love the line "Joy will be yours in the morning", think that will be in my mind all day.

no spring chicken said...

I too am definitely Badger I must confess. I'm not the galavanting sort. So good to see the boys made it to Lisa's! It looks like they are having a wonderful time... Sigh. I miss them. :)

Big Hugs back, Debbie

Brad M said...

sweet loverly, wonderful fun! Love the Rat. Always. Good food and quiet days are more than any could hope for. Love you.

magsmcc said...

I'm not house proud enough to be Mole- though his words are too too perfect when I think of giving a soon visitor our tour of Strawberry Land. I'd like to be calm, wise Ratty. I fear I could be the impetuous, trouble-making Toad! I'm not Badger- and am actually a little bit scared of him- like a gruff school master! I bought myself flowers at the weekend- an array of ornamental cabbages, with shy lilies that are startng to peek through. I'm hoping they last long enough to see rainbows!! Here's an affectionate tickle for behind your ears too xxx

Sara said...

Dulce Domum was a favorite chapter when I read the book for only the second time recently. It seemed a very kind and tender place in the story.

Catherine said...

Hello Pom Pom..actually I am still pondering "I am from..." I am quite taken by the poeming. I loved the ones that you shared from your students.
Mmm I think that I can rather hear myself in the potterings around the house with Mole & ahem, especially the bit about his bosom still heaving from stress of his recent emotion, then spirits quite restored by caressing his possessions! The restorative powers of loveliness...like flowers! Rob is home for a few more days so he will be here for dinner tomorrow...I think we will light candles. Much love Catherine x0x0x

Gigi said...

Hi Pom! You're so cute, and I love that you're 'turning us on' (I'm an old hippie, you know ;) to the wonderful world of the Willows.
And you know me - sometimes I'm a little Ratty, but mostly Badger I think. Just got home from visiting the Littles, and I was never so glad to see my 'hole' and fall into my own cosy bed. And I finally got to light my first fires last night -- loverly!
Blessings Friend,

Kerri said...

I have such fond memories of snuggling up in bed with my Mum and my sister to hear the latest installment of The Wind in the Willows. My favourite part was hearing about the animals houses :)

The dB family said...

I do believe I'm a bit of all three, and maybe even sometimes a bit of Toad. I like driving :o).