Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lunch Line

Lately, I've been going through the lunch line and eating lunch in the cafeteria with the students.  I like it.  It's fun to listen to the kids chatter and they are cute about sitting by me.  The lunch ladies are very nice, always happy to see me having their lunch.  Yesterday we had meatball sandwiches.  I also had a scoop of canned green beans.  Some of the kids chose cheese sticks and marinara sauce.  Buying a school lunch saves me a little time in the morning, so I'm liking THAT! Do you remember your school lunches?  I do.  Alice was the cook at my elementary school.  She made delicious orange rolls served with homemade vegetable soup.  I liked her mashed potatoes, too.  Please share some memorable lunches with me!
 Yippee for November!  It's officially cold enough to scuff around in my bunny slippers when I get home from school.  I do worry about slipping on the stairs, so I'm extra slooooooow when I have the bunnies on my feet.  
What does November hold for you?


Betty The Wood Fairy said...

Um, can't think of anything positive to say about school dinners of the 1960s and 70s! I liked rice pudding with jam in the middle a lot but have absolutely no recollection of eating anything more appetising than this!

Angela said...

Those kids don't have any cutlery! It is very different from the school where I work.

My favourite school meal was on fridays [fish, chips, beetroot followed by chocolate sponge pudding and chocolate custard]

Now I take a packed lunch - but they do a great Christmas lunch at the end of term, I'll buy one of those

blessings x

M.K. said...

Oh, thanks for bringing back Jane and Lucinda's doll's house! I love it. Well, when I was in elementary, our house was just across the street from the school, so I was allowed to walk home for lunch each day, and I mom had something waiting for me. I remember once I put too much milk in my tomato soup, and I wouldn't eat it. She saved it for me, and then I had to eat it, cold, for supper. I didn't do that again! I also remember her placing a hard book on my head, and having me walk slowly around the oval woven rug in our dining room, to improve my posture. But I totally missed out on the "lunch room" experience.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

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no spring chicken said...

I'm going to be careful not to break my blog-fast by not commenting today on your adorable slippers... or on the inspiring way that you love on your students (even during your lunch break). I'm also not going to be tempted to tell you about my favorite turkey gravy over mashed potatoes and chocolate milk when I was in the 3rd grade. Nope. I'm strong enough to just do what I came here for this morning and tell you that the Willows are on their way to Minnesota! I hope they are better for their extended stay here in Oregon. They should be much rested and better suited for travel than when they first thought about leaving. They send their love and well wishes to you their dear Pom Pom, as do I!

Blessings, Debbie

Anonymous said...

The dinners at our little country school are home-cooked meals with china plates and cutlery. They have things like chicken stew with potatoes and veg, followed by ginger sponge cake and custard. I worked there for a while in the kitchen, it was fun!

I'm curious...don't you have to ask permission from the kid's parents before you put their pictures on your blog? We're not allowed to even photograph children here without parental consent.

Loving those bunny slippers! Are they still white and fluffy? Mine would be grubby so quickly with our coal fires!

debbie bailey said...

My favorite lunch at elementary school was on Fridays. They made peanut butter and honey sandwiches with vegetable soup.

My grandma worked in the cafeteria, and every afternoon I'd sneak in there and she'd give me a quarter to buy an ice cream. I usually would get what was called a Treasure Chest. It was like a push-up, and when the ice cream was all gone, there was a little plastic figurine left on the stick.

Darcie saw your bunny slippers and said, "My friend has some just like them!" That makes you totally cool, I hope you know.

Farm Girl said...

You always bring back so many good memories. We loved the cafeteria food too. The food was so good and the lunch ladies were so nice it was always fun. Every single thing was made from scratch. My favorite were their homemade yeast rolls and this stuff the menu called Apple Betty, but it is not like any recipe I have ever found I have tried to copy it with no luck. Always the most wonderful lunches for 50 cents.

Oh November, I think that we can finally burn a fire in the fireplace, I can stare into the flames, I can sit with a book and a cup of tea or a stitchery project.
My husband will sit and play his guitar and all is right with the world.
I hope you enjoy your snow this week.
We might get rain so I am pretty happy.
You are such a dear Pom Pom.

Cordelia said...

All I really remember about my school lunches is that I found out I really didn't like Macaroni cheese. Also I remember my teacher helping to cut up my food (this was primary school so I was about 5ish) and whilst he was doing that, his tie was hanging in my face.


Bonnie said...

My father was our custodian and he tells me that all the maintenance workers in the district came to our elementary school for lunch because our head cook made the best lunch. Her sweet cinnamon rolls were to die for and she even made homemade fried spudnuts. That was in the 60's before schools were nutrtition conscious. I still remember eating lunch with my Dad sometimes and having fish sticks on Friday.

Kerri said...

Oh this brings back memories of my time in junior high in Michigan! It was a new experience to have lunch provided. In New Zealand everyone brings their own lunchbox. There were lots of foods I had never tried before. I remember refusing the corn chips at first because I hadn't had them before. Everyone thought I was mad! I remember the pizza and sloppy joe's too. Thanks for this trip down memory lane!

wayside wanderer said...

Wow, I am impressed with your Alice and her homemade soup. Tuesdays was a very smooshed flat chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. I always had them scoop the potatoes on top of the steak and I went without gravy. Friday was chili day (or fish which I never ever chose). We crushed a ton of crackers into that watery chili. In high school I remember eating burritos and recess peanut butter cups a lot. My mom never made our lunch.

I can't remember what sorts of food was being offered when I was doing my student teaching and substituting. Sure wish I could though.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I usually brought my lunch to school, except on the very special Pizza Day, when I always--and with great anticipation--bought lunch. This was in the days before Domino's delivered, or probably even existed.

I think it's wonderful you eat with the kids. When I visit schools, I always ask to have lunch with students; much more fun than eating in the teacher's lounge!


ann said...

Oh yes, I remember our school cook. We went to school at a country school on the corner of 32nd Ave and Youngfield. Now I-70 flies over that intersection. Do you know? Out near Golden. The lunch room was in the basement. We had the best food. All home made with lots of love. I'd have call my best friend from those days to see if she remembers her name. Good memories. Thanks for inspiring them.

Lisa Richards said...

Ah, school lunches! I don't remember all the way back to elementary school, but in high school I loved the peanut butter brownies with chocolate frosting and the pizza! I also loved cabbage burgers. I don't think we were SUPPOSED to like our lunches, but I wasn't picky.
It would be too bad if you couldn't take pictures of your kids, but I suppose all teachers aren't as upright and great as our Pom-Pom!
Your slippers look so comfy! Be careful on the stairs!
I'm glad to hear the Willows are on their way! I'll be watching the mailbox with great anticipation. I look forward to seeing what the ladies have added to the book!
Thanks for the lunchroom memories!

The Provincial Homemaker said...

We don't do school lunches here in Australia. The closest thing is a lunch order which you place at the start of the day - when I was allowed to have one I always ordered a vegemite roll; the exact same thing my Mum would have packed in my lunchbox anyway:)

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Last year I mentored and had lunch with a little girl. I was amazed at the memories that came back. First one..fish always on Friday

Gumbo Lily said...

Our hot lunches were always served with homemade buns and butter. They were THE BEST! Also, their peanut cookies were to die for. Our lunches then were much more homestyle than they appear now.


MW said...

I think this is the most amazing idea ever. I love love love walking to Dutell's room each day because it is right when my 7th graders eat lunch and they are always so excited to see me. It makes my heart melt EVERYDAY. I just absolutely love it. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I actually ate with them. Oh my. I wouldn't want to leave anyone out. You are amazing and wonderful and perfect. ) Love you.