Thursday, August 18, 2011

Red Pictures

 Well, hello!  I've been working at school and had oodles of meetings.  I'm not in "school shape" yet!  I'm pooped when I arrive at home.  I must add that so far, being at school has been FUN!  The teachers are so nice and the meetings haven't been boring or frustrating.  Hooray!  I'll take some pictures of my classroom and show you what the first day of school looks like in Pom Pom's room.  For now, let's look at a bird's house.  Or let's go to the quilting store and look at gorgeous colorways of fresh smelling cloth!
 When I went to the quilt shop, I didn't buy anything.  I don't have the quilting bug.  I made patchwork quilts when I was a teenager, but I don't want to make quilts now.  Weird, huh?  I want to make skirts, curtains, wacky pillowcases, and bunting.  I still like to look at all the colors, the order, the books.  Do you? I made the curtain below for Jenny's first house.  It might still be there!  Don't you love polka dots?  What's outside your window?  What do you WISH you could see outside that window?  I wish I could see the sea.

 Notice the red theme?  This time of year, I like red stuff.  Red is smart.
 I have been meaning to show you this assignment my arty/blog buddy/art exchange friend Lisa sent me.  She suggested I color the images she drew from pictures on my blog.  It was fun!  We're both starting school now, so we'll slow down the frequency of our snail mail missives, but I have enjoyed getting to know her better and looking at her wonderful art!  The link to her blog is on my sidebar (Pen and Ink and Maybe Some Paint).  I am going to try to draw more at school and encourage the students to draw more, too.  I'll let you know how it goes.
Here's the dress I'm wearing on the first day of school.  Doesn't this teacher look serious?  This painting is called "The Governess" and I like it.  Do you?
I feel slightly overwhelmed when I list the "yet to do" tasks.  I AM excited to meet my students and to get to know them quickly.  
What did you do today?  
Thank you for stopping by, by the way!  


M.K. said...

Okay, I'll only take on two of your questions :) What would I like to see outside my window: the sea, JUST like you, and the mountains. I've always wanted both. So I guess I'd get a rocky shore. Maybe something like Maine or the NW shore. I love the dark breakers at night.

And, what did I do today? lots of schoolwork prep for homeschool next week, wrote/rewrote the first chapter of my book, cooked spaghetti, did laundry, talked with my daughter at college.

wayside wanderer said...

That dark dress does not look like you at all. Do you ever wear black? I just don't see it.

Our homeschool co-op starts tomorrow (it meets once a week on Fridays) and so I have been busy, busy today figuring it all out. I am a bit scattered and not really ready. Hopefully I will be by tomorrow. =P

ann said...

What did I do today? Had an English faculty retreat/meeting with a lousy lunch, bad ideas from the administration, great conversations with co-workers whom I hadn't seen all summer, shopped for a new outfit to wear the first day of school--a long tradition, got new prescription sunglasses ordered, stopped at the doc's to have my blood pressure taken. Aren't you glad you asked? As you, I am beat at the end of day until I get my wind.

Out my window? Today: Rain. Snow. I like the view from my bathroom window: holly hocks and a yellow horse. Have a great first day of school.

April said...

I celebrated my baby boy's 3rd birthday! Can't wait to see pictures of your room. I'm sure it is very cute and cozy.

Farm Girl said...

I love your dress!!! Especially that collar. Does it come in red? I think you need red. :) I love all of your red pictures and the art pictures. I also always enjoy what you have been doing. I can't wait to hear all about your day to day adventures.
I know what you mean about quilting. I need to make some for my grand babies, well two more but I just can't seem to get in that mode. I am not a good seamstress and I have to really think and rip out more. I am a good ripper outer.
I did my post today of what I did. It would take up to much of your comments. :)
As always it is such a joy to me when I get a Pom Pom fix.

Kerri said...

Oh i love that little house so much! I'm so glad school has been fun for you! I can't believe you are back to school already. Sorry I haven't been visiting much, I had a little blog holiday but I think I'm back now :)

Anonymous said...

Pom Pom, you are back in school again already?? The holidays have surely flown by! Big hugs, xxxx

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

Hi PomPom - I would love to look out of my window and see your lovely house next to mine, and Floss next to that one and Nana Go-Go next to her ... and so on so that all my blogging friends were nearby! then looking in the other direction the beach and behind me? the woods of course. Today I have a day off for woodland walks and um, ironing (well, it's the real world, after all. I went to the chiropractor this morning and he stretched my back - so much better - we are working on posture. Swim and sauna tonight - so a lovely day. Hope your's is too. Bettyx

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

p.s. the picture and colouring looks fun and pretty, it's a lovely thing to be doing with a friend.

Sherry from Alabama said...

Oh, I think you should wear a RED dress!

I'm going to be doing some substitute teaching this year. It's hard to just lay it all down after 16 years of homeschooling my own children so I signed up this summer. I'm looking forward to my first assignment!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

no spring chicken said...

The dress is exactly how I picture you... NOT! Of course a few rainbow colors, maybe something that goes with green shoes, and lets see? Clown ruffles on some pockets? That's better. And the kids will definitely be better for it!!

Blessings, Debbie

Pom Pom said...

Ha ha! Only joking about the black dress! I'll be all bright and shiny at school. There are not very many artistic renditions of teachers on the interwebs!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

When does school actually start? I need to send you books! I love red this year, too, and as I like making quilts, I'm planning to make a red and white quilt one of these days soon.

Hope you're excited about sixth grade!


Aura said...

Hello Pom Pom - Greetings from Millville Delaware where I'm staying with my Mother and Father in Law to celebrate his 90th. I like red too, but not orangey red...Barn red, crimson red I do like. My kitchen has touches of red and I especially love my Kitchenaid mixer. Wish you a terrific school year and look forward seeing pictures of your classroom.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I see you are getting All RedRevedUp for School! I think a Red Wrist Corsage would be perfect...for sure a good
Gettin' To Know Kids' Ice breaker! Have a GRRRRRR8888 START BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Ooooooh, red! One of my favorite colors too..nearly every day of the year. Love your governess dress....probably not too practical for today's schools however. Too many constricting undergarments for one thing. Hard to catch your breath while tightly corseted.

What did I do today? Well, the day has only just begun but I was up about 5:30 for my God-time and cat-time....they love to nap nearby while I am reading and praying...breakfast (a cheese sandwich and lots of cherry tomatoes cut in half with a little salt...very odd breakfast I know, but tasty! I don't think I've ever had cheese, bread and tomatoes for breakfast before...or maybe on my visits to Israel, the Israeli's eat amazingly diverse breakfasts by our standards...) and now I've been reading blogs for an hour so till I came to your cheery words which beg a response in kind.

Thank you for a good start to my day, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend with your usual verve and sense of fun.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Here's to a wonderful New School Year, a whole new Adventure is waiting for us!
Love to you xxxx

Catherine said...

Hello Pom Pom..ooh I love your shabby red roses!!!! And Mary Poppins..I always loved them giggling around on the ceiling..wasn't that so much fun..imagine that in your classroom : ) What gorgeous pictures of a happy, happy birthday. I love the brown paper bags on the washing line. Aren't the simplest ideas sometimes just the best. I am so pleased that you are encouraging your students to wonderful! Thanks for finding the time to post in amongst all your other life : ) Much love Catherine x0x0x

Jean said...

I love your reds. I'm attracted to red as well.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi dear,

I am a redaholic too. Good choice.

Love the drawings! Keep it up despite school.

The black dress? Not really YOU.

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Sharon Lovejoy said...

P.S. Yes, about the sea. Although I see it every day when we're living on our island I NEVER tire of it. I often sit on a porch rocker and watch it for hours.


Gumbo Lily said...

I cannot imagine our Pom Pom teacher in a long black dress looking very somber and serious. Nope. Not our colorful, cheery Pom Pom. I like red too. I just picked out a bright laminated fabric to use as a chair seat cover on a garage sale chair I recently bought. It needs some paint first.

Best wishes for the First Day of School.


Lisa Richards said...

Love all the red items! And I enjoyed seeing how you colored the drawings. Hopefully we'll both find time for some drawing while we're doing school. God's blessings on your schoolyear! :)

Bonnie said...

I love red any time of year. It's cheerful...and optimistic. It says I'm ready for adventure. And you are... a new school year filled with new possibilities.

I am catching up after a vacation. I think I might go find myself some red.

The dB family said...

Up until this spring I had two red walls in my house. I loved them! I still miss them.

Today I went to town and back no less than five times. I'm a Momma taxi service. Somewhere in there I also did a load of laundry and put some fruits and veggies in the freezer for winter. I'm also reading a really good book, so productivity was a little lower than normal :o).