Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Johanna and Ann

 Look at Johanna with her Annie!  She loves her!  Mission accomplished.
I actually went for a walk yesterday.  Our neighborhood is looking a little parched.  There were still lovely sights to behold.  Isn't this bench pretty? 

 See my goldfinch?  Isn't it pretty?  They love the cosmos and the sunflowers.
 This girl is doing her job, reflecting the light.

Two strings of words I leave with you:
1.  The stairway to the kingdom is within you, secret in your soul.  (Way of the Ascetics by Tito Colliander)
2.  O Lord, make Thy way plain before me.  Let Thy glory be my end.  Thy Word my rule, and then, Thy will be done.
(King Charles I)
  Out the door I go, walking in my green shoes, smelling good summer smells, thinking a million thoughts, blissfully unaware of the passage of time.  You come, too.


libbyquilter said...

Johanna looks quite pleased~i think an Annie does that to all of us~!

love the sunflower and that hanging bench under the tree looks quite inviting.


Farm Girl said...

I was just thinking about your Annie and how she was, I am glad you showed a picture of her now happy home. I am sure she will be told lots of secrets.
So do you read books by Mystics? My favorite is Francois Fenelon. He always gets me right between the eyes.
I hope you have a lovely walk in your green shoes. I have dillydallied long enough I am afraid, I must get upstairs to my school room to go through books.
Have a lovely day,

Anonymous said...

Yes please, I want to come and walk with you and be "blissfully unaware of the passage of time". I feel like everything in my life is changing and I'm not ready!

Glad your sweetheart loved her dolly! :)

Hugs PP, xxxx

Elizabethd said...

What a sweet dolly, my daughter had a similar one made by her loving Gran.
I'll come walking with you but dont have any green shoes!

Gigi said...

Love Annie! Maybe when I move to Colorado and become your neighbor, we can go into the Annie making business and become very successful entrepeneurs ;)?
Sorry to hear your pretty neighborhood is getting dry too! But the flowers are still looking so very pretty.
Enjoy your walks and contemplations Friend,

Bonnie said...

Is there anything more joyous than seeing the fruit of your labor so appreciated. How happy she looks. And might I add that Annie is bigger than Johanna. She will be loved for a long while. I love the goldfinch!!!!

no spring chicken said...

Oh goodness, I am definitely inspired to paint my tree swing now! And Annie looks happier than before... I think it has a little something to do with the new duds and those sweet arms wrapped around her!

The world may be a bit parched but as long as there are happy sunflowers and goldfinches... I'm still smiling on my walks!

Blessings, Debbie

wayside wanderer said...

Little girls hugging baby dolls has got to be one of the sweetest sights ever and this one is precious. Baby love. And what a colorful bird! I have only seen goldfinches here once and that was over our this past horribly cold and frozen winter when they stopped at my feeder. I keep trying to remind myself of said winter and how miserable it was as the sun beats down baking everything in its path. Texas doesn't really do moderation in anything. =P

The Provincial Homemaker said...

HOw lovely to see the doll being loved after you tender care for it.

Oh, and I love that swing. I can just imagine the hours of joy which have been had swinging on it.

magsmcc said...

I wish I could come- we're down off the mountains and I'm feeling decidely fragile- fine excuse to go to bed and ignore dishes, again! You are lovely!

The dB family said...

Johanna and her Annie are just precious! She will be well loved!

I love that swing. The deep burgundy looks stunning with the greens of summer.

I should be walking along with you. I need to be walking, but alas my children need me more right now.

Enjoy these last days of summer holidays!


Lisa Richards said...

My daughter and new granddaughter are visiting for the evening while her hubby is working. We're enjoying holding the baby and feeding her! Glad to see that your little granddaughter loves her new dolly!

I just picked up about 100 pounds of books for my two nursing courses that start in two weeks. I'll definitely have to start walking when school starts, otherwise I'll be spending too much time sitting down! :)

I love the bench hanging from the cool, shady tree! And the bright sunflower!

Enjoy your walk and the delightful scents of summer!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Annie is bigger than I imagined from previous photos! What a sweet treasure for little Johanna. Love the views from your walk. Green shoes sound marvelous!

Happy@Home said...

Awww, such a precious photo of Johanna and Ann.
I'd love to go for a walk with you in your neighborhood. It looks so pretty. Love the picture of the goldfinch.

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Oh, I love your Johanna with her Annie! So precious. What a lucky doll. You can just tell that doll is going to be "truly, madly, deeply" loved. And that staircase! I am on my way up those stairs. And I'm thinking about you so much as your summer draws to a close. xoxo Kari

ann said...

Annie went to a good home.

Belly B said...

Your neighbourhood is SO PRETTY!!! Every single image is gorgeous!!

Belly B :)

Aura said...

It does look like love at first sight between Johanna and Raggedy. Sure is a big doll now that I see her next to Johanna. The pictures in this post are magnificent; I especially love the gold finch and the sunflowers. The ones I planted from seed this year did not sprout. :-( My yard has really decayed and declined as Fall draws near. It's always sad to see the Black eye Susans go.

debbie bailey said...

I LOVE your green shoes. Your students will too. I'll come for a walk with you and wear my red ones. Won't we be a sight?

Kristi Burns said...

Johanna is at Family Camp this week and so is her Annie! She is dragging her everywhere and she probably won't be shiny clean at the end of the week of Camp on Sunday. Thank you wonderful PomPom for making Annie all new for Jo Jo!
I love you,
Your sister,