Friday, August 5, 2011

Presents, Books, Flowers and Questions

 Mags from  fraise lachrymose sent me a sweet little treat!  She made a lovely cozy, didn't she?  And she sent me an autographed copy of Babette Cole's Princess Smarty Pants Breaks the Rules!  LOVE!

 Darling Jody at Gumbo Lily sent me this peach.  Isn't she cute? 
 This old book also came in the mail.  Prayers for every day.  Elizabeth Goudge.  Nice.
 The months, one by one, again.  Thank you, Gladys Taber.
 Little flowers from my garden!
 Do you like this little brown jug?  I have no idea how the corn whiskey tasted (sour face) but the jug is a keeper!
 Another quote on the kitchen white board.  A good one, yes?
 Jeff is very angry at the magpies that swooped in recently.  They ate a few of his tomatoes.  I went right out to buy Joe the Scarecrow and Jeff proceeded to protect his crop.  Do you think it'll work?
 Look at all my sister-in-law's birds!  Aren't they sweet?  She had one bird per table at her daughter's wedding and now they are all waiting to go back to various perches throughout her house. 
Here is my mom's overflowing pot of pretty.  The flowers in the northwest were so lush and big.  
It's Friday and Fridays are good, aren't they?  I am going to draw a name for my little giveaway today.  I'd do it right now but I'm all nice and comfy (and a bit sleepy from getting up way too early) so I'll post it on the sidebar later.  
I have a question that some of you might have the answer to.  What's the big deal about IKEA?  Kelli and I went to the new store in Denver last night.  They had parking attendants directing traffic.  People appear to be crazy about IKEA.  We had Millie Rose with us and trying to steer the shopping cart and baby through the crowds wasn't fun.  We saw all the furniture because we were looking for drawer pulls, but what else do they sell at IKEA and why is everyone going so bonkers over it?  Please enlighten me.  
I think I'll iron today.  Maybe I'll vacuum and mop the family room.  I love the smell of lemon cleaner.  Maybe I'll draw and color.  I'll get the giveaway box ready.  Plan instruction for the entire school year (just kidding).  Go back to bed and take a little nap.  What are you going to do?


Farm Girl said...

First of all you have a book of prayers by Elizabeth Goudge. How wonderful, have you read her books?
Like Green Dolphin Street? I love her and I read her when ever I can find her books.
I love all of your wonderful pictures today.

I hope someone can tell me what the secret is with IKEA too. I just don't understand either. It isn't my cup of tea.
Have a lovely day today,

Lynn said...

Stephen hates IKEA - I like the market place section - the plants, candles and bits and bobs. Stephen once said in a very exasperated and loud voice in the middle of IKEA " I hate this place , it's so tacky" and the whole place went silent as he said it and all the husbands nodded!

Elizabethd said...

Well...standing up for Ikea here! Maybe the French ones are different? we bought our entire kitchen from them, very helpful, and very good quality. I think a lot of their furniture is for the young starting up home , but there are some good things to be found.

What nice presents you have had!

wayside wanderer said...

I heart IKEA, but I really need to know WHY I am going there or it totally overwhelms me. I've been twice in the past week and could easily go again. Not good.

Go, Jeff, go! I hope it works!

no spring chicken said...

The quote made me tremble...

A bird on every table? I love that idea... note to self.

You are obviously one LOVED lady. What a bunch of beautiful (and thoughtful) gifts!

IKEA~ I've never actually been myself but from what I understand, it's the idea of one stop shopping with a HUGE selection of household decorator items (ie furniture, linens...) at good prices, and they are popular for style! At least that's what I understand.

Blessings, Debbie

Betty-thewoodfairy said...

I love the idea of the birds on the tables - I would like to collect birds I think. Gladys book looks good - Ikea has arrived in your world at last! who knows what it is - just a bit of Scandinavian - I think because it's cheap it means people can try new things and be different without feeling guilty - you can completely accessorise or refurnish depending on your budget - my brother has their bright red and chrome shiny kitchen, I have their wooden picture frames, our kitchen is all white Ikea crockery, our bedlinen is all Ikea - it's affordable and their fabric department is yummy - I bought calico in their recently for pennies - on the other hand it is a nightmare to get around quickly - if they sell it, you must try the Daim cake - layers of chocolate and icecreaminess - we can but the whole cakes here in the Ikea food shop attached to the main store. Happy shopping xxx

Angela said...

I like Ikea because much of their stuff is designed well and made well, and I can afford it. And I love the mad quirky things - at Christmas and Easter and Summertime. And I adore the Ikea Hacker website where you can find the most random ideas for using their products in unconventional ways. Meatballs with lingonberry sauce are fabulous in the restaurant.

And those HUGE trolleys full of scrap wood for just £1. It is a thrifter's paradise

pS love the cosy - IKEA do nOT sell them!

magsmcc said...

I think IKEA with children is a completely different building to the one that you don't take children into- or you book them into the picnic basket place at theeentrance, only it takes me 45 minutes to get to the Market Place, thus defeating the drop-off! We never had one here, and would all go off on day-trips to Glasgow with Ulsterbus and comeback with hundres of pounds worth of flatpack and tea-lights! Now Belfast has the biggest store in Europe, and I can go in and spend nothing at all. I like to look at all the lovely things I don't have room or style enough for, drink tea beside the airport runway and watch the planes go in and out, and help my friend Alison load another large and bulky item into my boot! Like Angela, I like the seasonal stuff- though our big bookcase for DVDS and artbooks and our two ancient breakfast bar stools are faithful IKEA friends.

I love seeing that cosy and thinking about it travelling all the way down to the South Coast of Ireland in our yellow wicker beach bag, and then flying transAtlantic for its next apple! Pomme pomme!

April said...

IKEA is really good for smaller furniture, like if you have a small house or apartment. We had one in Prague that we loved going to. My silverware is from there. People also like their Swedish Meatballs. Doubt I'll take a special trip down to Denver just to go to IKEA, though. For you, yes, for IKEA, no.

Michela said...

Ha ha, LOL at you planning your school year!
Never been to IKEA in my life, despite there's one 30 minutes away from where I live..
I love your scarecrow! It makes your garden looking a bt "Halloweeny" granny uses to protect her crop by recycling shining Easter eggs' wrapping paper..they looks more like kites rather than scarecrows!
Happy weekend Karen!

M.K. said...

I love that bird collection! Julia needs to see that. She's always loved birds. What a grand idea!

I'm not really fond of Ikea -- too big, too industrial. I think the younger set likes the clean lines of the furniture. They don't mind all the walking, but it wears me out. It was a novelty the first time, but I'm not really into it :)

Pom Pom said...

Wow! Thank you for all the good IKEA input. Now I get it. It IS huge and because it just opened in Colorado, people are coming from miles around. I'll have to check it out again when the frenzy dies down.

Shirley in Washington said...

Hi I have been reading your blog for a few months and have enjoyed it! Looking at your vacation pics and realized that these places are not too far from where I live. I think I even know where your sister-in-laws pie stand is - fun! I love Washington and it looks like you had beautiful weather while you were here. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Shirley in Washington

Pom Pom said...

Hi Shirley! Wow! How exciting! You live in a truly wonderful place. I'm so glad you left a comment. I wish I could travel to Washington more often. You'll have to stop by the stand and buy a pie. We had a raspberry open-face wonder and it was delicious. The shortcakes are heaven, too!

Lisa Richards said...

Good to "hear" your voice again, Pom Pom!

My son LOVES IKEA, and I think it is for many of the reasons given, such as being an inexpensive way to furnish an apartment. I've never been to one!

Fun to see all of the gifts your friends have been showering you with! You're a fun gal, and the exchanging via snail mail is always fun.

It's late. Time to sleep. Zzzzz.... :D

Gumbo Lily said...

Fun pics today. I especially like the one of Jeff working diligently on fencing out the birds. I think it will work!

IKEA...went to one in AZ and liked some of it. Lots of choices, lots of stuff and overwhelming for a country girl.

Glad you like the peachy!


The Provincial Homemaker said...

What lovely post you have been receiving.

I think Ikea can be a time suck - it can take a long time to find the one or two things you want - following their 'pathway'.

Hope you have a lovely pottery weekend - it sounds like that is what you have in store.

Aura said...

I do like going to Ikea and have purchased a few things from them including my craft lamp, some linens for the grand kids beds, a crib and the red Hemnes cabinet which lives in my kitchen. I agree the store is so big it can be overwhelming and it is a maze. Click here to see the cabinet:

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

They have the best meatballs at IKEA, with lingonberry sauce...yum! It's funny you mention it here; I was just on another blog (Jill at Jill's World...) and she is raving about it too. I agree with her. It's a fun place to visit (except when there are big crowds)...and I think you'd love all their fabrics...curtains, comforters, wall hangings...lots of color and pattern.

I love EG's Diary of Prayer and treasure my copy. I'm glad you have one too!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

We're going to IKEA on Monday--my first time. Tonight the Man and I are sitting down with the catalog and making our plans. I think everyone has explained IKEA very nicely; I for one am a little afraid of being overwhelmed.

Love the Scarecrow! Wonder if it scares away bunnies and squirrels?


debbie bailey said...

Never been to IKEA, so I have no opinion. I missed your drawing because I was at my own parents' house for a few days! Your parents have a beautiful place. Glad you got to spend some time with them. I go see mine whenever I can. Something I've recently discovered is that I love being at my parents' house by myself without kids or husband. It's so fun being the 'kid at home' and having my parents all to myself.

Gigi said...

Such good looking books -- never seen that one by our friend Miss Goudge.
And such lovely gardens and flowers -- jealous, jealous, jealous! We're fighting this awful drought and heat with all we've got, but everything green and pretty is trying to die on us
;(. Moving to Colorado (or WA or OR or NC) is crossing my mind more and more these days.
Hearts & Flowers ;),


libbyquilter said...

love the peachy towel~!!~
i've never been to Ikea but your commentors make it sound pretty fabuous.


The dB family said...

I would like a nap too.

I do not get Ikea either.

The apple cozy is beautiful. I LOVE the yarn on it!

Is Jeff winning the war with the magpies? I sure hope so!