Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pleasing Things

Well, hello YOU! Guess who I spent the weekend with? Yes, the Lark Risers. I snuggled on the sofa with my pen and pile of essays. I NEVER tire of Lark Rise to Candleford. I have all four seasons and I really could watch for twelve hours straight. I do grow tired of reading student writing though. Three more weeks! I must say that I am very proud of the students. They are trying really hard and tomorrow their Hero's Journey stories (they star as the hero!) are due. So, I shall have 120 stories to read. Wanna help? I wish you could!
Anyway, I wish Queenie lived next door to me. She's so wonderful!

Because I like all things old looking, Jeff had this photograph printed for me and then he made a lovely frame. My Mother's Day gift! So sweet! I love it. He took the picture in Belarus a few years ago. I wonder where this lovely woman is going? To the market? To see a friend? What do you think?

The rainy and cold weather kept me from gardening. Drat. I had to buy new gloves because I have spider fear. My old gloves look like handy spider houses and I can't bear to put them on. I'll wash them and hang them on the line when the sun shines. I hate to waste them.

I have two more weeks of poetry class. This book is fantastic. It is full of ideas. I am practicing some of them.

This is my little poetry notebook. I like it because it is not school-y. I have copied a few favorite poems in it. My daughter-in-law gave me the notebook and it's very cool. It has spots for pictures, pockets for papers, and very nice lined pages.

Oh, I DO love Mary Oliver and Elizabeth Bishop.

Poetry lends itself to images and images lend themselves to poetry!

This is one of my college text books and I've been enjoying it ever since!

My treasured blog friend Frances wrote this very good book for kids. This kid enjoyed it immensely! There are references to homesteading, blogging, goats, and teenage angst. It's my kinda book. Frances is a beautiful writer. She's so funny and she doesn't bow down to the trends. You can see the link to Left Handed Housewife on my sidebar, although she rarely speaks about her books.

A few of my UK friends have mentioned Milly-Molly-Mandy so I ordered this. It's very sweet. Oh, I am a kid. I like things kids like. Well, I like things kids liked in the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's!

Another little gift for my inner child.

Speaking of . . . Sam came by today. She had lots of smiles for us!
Birdie and Bug (and little Millie, too!) came over yesterday. We received lots of delicious hugs over the weekend. Perfect!

We are beginning research in the library at school. We'll be at the computers for days. Half the kids are exploring poetry and then the honors students will research a chosen topic and then show their grand knowledge with a multigenre project. You may remember this from last year. I said I wouldn't finish the year with mountains of marking, but I am going to. Sigh.
Well, I DO wish you a toothy smile or two as you walk through your week. I hope you have opportunities to listen to the whispers all around you.
I hope you experience unexplainable joy. It's one of those freebies I'm very fond of.
Thank you for your kind comments and if you don't leave a comment, thank you for looking in on me. I appreciate it.


Betty said...

Hi PomPom - so many books! I am reading a book about how to 'felt' and the lovely allotment gardening book I was given in a recent blog swap. I haven't finished 'Creative is a Verb' I dip into it. I am learning sign language - that's taking up a lot of my spare time. I love your lady on the bicycle, it's the kind of picture that you sit and wonder about. Lots of people here are riding bicycles around to work and shopping (I haven't learned - maybe one day). Bettyx

Angela said...

I have that very same Milly Molly Mandy Book -isn't she the most darling little girl!!!
I loved her as a child, read her stories to my daughters - and one day, if I EVER get grandchildren....

blessings - have a lovely day PomPom xx

Anonymous said...

Another lovely post PP! :) I always leave here feeling better than when I arrived. Big hugs to you! xxx

melanie said...

I love Queenie too, wish she was my neighbour! Like you I could watch LRTC over and over again! So pleased you like the MMM books :) xxx

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Precious post, my friend. A poetry class sounds like fun! Enjoy.
Have a wonderful week o xx o

Gumbo Lily said...

I have the James Herriot Treasury....a must for a houseful of ranch kids. That Smiling Sam is the cutest.

I hope your last days at school go smoothly. I like looking in on you.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, my goodness, that little Sam's face! She looks like you, I think.

I'm so glad you liked Ten Miles! You are very kind to mention it.

By the way, this new wallpaper of yours if mighty fine!


jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet PomPom, such a lovely post filled with inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing all your reads with us. Sam is soo adorable! She made me smile too! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

M.K. said...

Oh my - this post is a buffet of delicious things! Lark Rise, and poetry, and darling-cheeked grandbabies :) I wish Queenie lived next door too -- she could help us so much with our bees! I'd love to have those bee basket hives, like hers. Remember when she thought her husband was dead, and she whispered it to the bees? I was a h.s. English teacher for years, and I remember those mountains of grading: research papers and short stories, and huge final exams. Phew! I don't envy you! But somehow it all gets done, and the kids finish, and you get your summer rest. Keep plugging away! One page at a time!

Brad M said...

It sounds like a wonderful reprieve from the salt mines. I am so thankful that you are only three weeks away from your luxurious summer of journaling and gardening and reading many books at your leisure! I do treasure you, my special mama.


Oh those chubby cheeks and sweet sweet smile ... your grand daughter has your likeness :o)

Beautiful books to enjoy and all this ORANGE AND RED zing zing zing!!!

Hope you have a wonderful week dear Pom Pom ... hugs xoxo

The dB family said...

Sam is such a sweetheart! I have the James Herriot Treasury. I used to read his books voraciously as a child. They're still some of my favorites.


wayside wanderer said...

Watching Sam grow has been such a treat! I have wondered about the books Frances has written and must get to reading one SOON! Both Milly Molly and James Herriot are books I've read with my children and seeing them is always like running into a good, old friend.

libbyquilter said...

"Poetry lends itself to images and images lend themselves to poetry!"
you are so right~!!~

that last shot in this post is absolutely ADOREABLE~!!~ she is such a cutey. i think i'd print and frame this one Pom Pom!

here's to more unexplainable joy in all of our lives.