Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paths and Sweaters

Hello with a green green glove! I dug a bit today! WOW! I realized that my gardening is going to be baby steps gardening. I am not the farmer I thought I was. I did plant the sunflower house! Hooray! I planted some summer bulbs and potted two geraniums. It's a glorious day today. I took a walk this morning.

Do you like the two paths pictured above? I do. I like trails, paths, roads less traveled.

Here are more bears. Yes, I am a bit stuck on bears. I sprayed a bit of patchouli on my bear and he's getting a lot more hugs because he smells like a woodsy bear now.

Look at this fancy three! I like the chair. It must be mama's.

Okay, below are photos of another something of a certain sort that I like to look at. Fair Isle sweaters. Silly? Yes, sort of considering the weather will turn hot and dry very soon here in Denver. Do really fine knitters knit sweaters in the summer time? I think they do. I thought looking at the sweaters below may make you feel warm and cozy, too.

So, there you go. The world is a creative, useful, surprising place.
If you lived close by, I would like it if you could come over for a cookie or two. No eggs in the icebox here, so I am about to venture off to the store.
It's a cookie day. A tea day. Day one of a three-day weekend. JOY!
I wish you could have seen the three handsprings I just did to celebrate.
Thank you for coming by and having a little look. I pray this day would hold zippy and uplifting good news for you.


Angela said...

Your gardening may be 'baby steps' but I am sure it beats my feeble attempts by miles!
Love the cozy sweaters - it has been unseasonally windy and cold here today.
weekend blessings xx


Wishing you a zippy day too dear. The flowers look lovely. I'll be in for cookies later xx

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Happy zippy, sweet friend. The flowers in your garden are beautiful and I do love your green gloves! Sooo happy and cheery. Hugs to you xoxoxoxo

libbyquilter said...

i'm looking forward to when your sunflower house matures.

the flowers in your post look beautiful and the rock path irrisitable.

wishing you a lovely long weekend Pom Pom~!!~


wayside wanderer said...

What a beautiful view and so many perky posies to enjoy. I love, love, love those beautiful green gloves. They BELONG in the dirt. Mine are pink and don't seem so worthy of dirt. I think I need new gardening gloves. =) What kind of cookies are you making? Oh, who am I kidding. Does it matter? NOoooo! Not at all. Hugs from Texas.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love the sweaters! I used to wear Fair Isles in the preppie eighties, but now they make my neck itch. Still, they're lovely to look at.

I do my gardening in twenty minute spurts. I can get a lot done in twenty minutes before my muscles start crying out for relief. They are very small muscles, but they are very loud when they're unhappy.


Betty said...

Yes I do like paths, especially in the woods, I always take the twisty wonky, narrow ones. I like little alleyway paths in the lanes of Brighton and I like the paths that aren't really there but have been worn by feet going over the same ground over and over and making that ground a path, there is one behind my house like that - the walk into the woods - a self made path caused by many eager footsteps. You have inspired me to do a post soon on paths! Oh to be able to knit and fairisle is such a work of art I guess it takes people all year to make one. Gardens should be done in babysteps I think, so they can be savoured. Bettyx

♥ Tina said...

Love the fairisle too, and we need it right now...brrrr! May has turned out to be cold!

Love your new pink and flowery blog too, so pretty, like all the lovely floral pics you have shared!

Hugs, PP xxx

(three handsprings eh? woa.) :)

Michela said...

Your garden is lush!
Happy Sunday xxx

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Oh yes, I'd love to amble down those less-trod paths with you and then enjoy some cookies and tea! Enjoy your long weekend!

Lisa Richards said...

Did I ever tell you that I lived in the Boulder area for about fourteen years? From 1966-80. It was more small-town and hippyish back then and that's how I love to remember it! Thanks for sharing the things you love. So often I see a picture or something that makes me feel happy and I just want to share it with someone. That's a great thing to do! Keep it up!

Catherine said...

Hello dear Pom Pom, thank you so much for your lovely comments last week. They really gave me a lift. What great gardening bright & zippy! I do love euphorbia. It is such a great foil for all the pretty colours & doesn't mind shade. Gosh it's a long time since I did a handspring..I think my arms would probably break these days : ) Thank you for the sunflowers. I'lll look forward to seeing them in a month or two. Much love Catherine

hip-chick said...

beautiful gardens and beautiful sweaters. I don't like even thinking about woolen sweaters in the summer time. But, I love the mountains as almost as much as I love the sea.

Gigi said...

Love your pretty new header! And all those pretty flowery photos of your neighborhood make me homesick for Colorado -- soooo beautiful there. And I think knitting up a fair isle sweater during the summer is a very smart idea -- it will done just in time for cold weather months or maybe to put in your stash of Christmas gifts, you think?
I wish I could have seen the 3 handsprings you just did too ;). I'd break my neck ;)!
Happy day off to you Pom, and I hope you're through with school soon -- if not already!

Gumbo Lily said...

How do we ever do anything without starting out with "baby steps?" Inch by inch we can accomplish much.
I'm looking forward to seeing your sunflower house. My hubby and sons just built a lovely, big, deer fence around my veggie patch. I'll have to do some flower decorating around the wire.

Thanks for taking me along on your walk.


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Lots of love for a happy new week my friend o xx o xx o

Catherine said...

gorgeous peonies my friend. I am on Pinterest. Yahoo come & find me...I'll see you there x

Kerri said...

Your garden plans sound amazing! Can't wait to see the sunflowers when they are blooming.

Barbara said...

Enjoyed the walk and the flowers.

Gardening comes from a life time of trial and error.