Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cabin Kitchen

In keeping with my three bears' house theme song these days, I searched "old cabin kitchens" and found some very pleasing images.
Many cabins are ULTRA fancy. My auntie entertained her very large extended family in a one room cabin at the beach. Why does everything have to be so big now? We don't need big.
Little is good.
Snug is fine.
Rustic is very THREE BEARS.

This cabin is in my home state, Washington. Maybe this is why I have such cabin urges. I have loved some great cabins in the Pacific Northwest.

They are dark but the woody smoke smell makes up for that.

This is very Colorado/three bears. It's a bit much for me.

Do you like this one? I do. Log walls = vacation from the real world. Do you think so?
Yesterday I found a perfect Three Bears table and four chairs at a used furniture store. Bill is going up there today to buy it. It is maple and very storybook. It does not match my kitchen, but I don't care. I am on a cabin quest. I'll show you where Mama, Papa, and baby bears shall breakfast as soon as it's delivered.
Off to school. Four more days with kids.
Then, home to scrub, shine, tidy, and tend my house (cabin).
I wish you coffee smells, dusky evenings, a picnic or two, and friends to sit with and love.
Thank you for stopping in!


wayside wanderer said...

This reminds me of a book I am reading right now about a boy who grew up in Alaska. His father built their cabin and trade store and when it was time to move he gook apart all the logs, made a raft to float down the river, got to the new place and rebuilt everything. Can you imagine? Makes me tired just thinking about all that hard work. But it is a fascinating book and I love reading about adventures like this that I know I will never have (and am okay about not having). =)

Can't wait to see your new table!

Mary said...

oh yes, love the last one. we are heading to the beach in August. i looked for a small cottage on the beach...nothing fancy, in fact i love one's that have been in the family for generations with not much change.
alas, those are hard to come by, but i found a nice one, not overly decorated and simple and right on the beach.

post pics of the table and chairs when they arrive. :)

Elizabethd said...

A cabin in the woods...how lovely! We once stayed in a cabin on a fishing lake in Canada, it was great!

♥ Tina said...

Lovely and snuggly. I'm seeing rag rugs, patchwork quilts, a red coffee pot and smiling faces. xxx

Gigi said...

Love them all! I'm having 'snug' (isn't that a good word ;)?) cabin in the northern woods (or a beach would work too ;) longing at the moment too. It's getting hot here, so it's time to think of a way to escape! I may be calling on you to recommend a cosy cabin in CO somewhere soon, k?
Can't wait to see your new table and chairs and can't wait for you to be freeeeee in 4 days ;)!

GretchenJoanna said...

I can't wait to see your new table and chairs. But the one you pictured here, "very Colorado/Three Bears" I really thought was dollhouse furniture at first, not being able to get perspective on the size.

It's funny, the cabin in the mountains where I get my retreats is not cabin-y at all - it's just a fairly modern-looking house!

libbyquilter said...

can hardly wait to see your new table and chairs.

cabins are cozy and many years ago we stayed in a cabin in Carmel, CA while we poked around for a few days . . . it was lovely to come back to it's warm embrace at the end of a long day sight seeing. it was during strawberry season and we bought fresh picked strawberries and brought them back to the cabin to wash up and eat for one of our light dinner desserts.
nice memories. thank you for prompting them.

wishing you a beautiful day full of sunshine and laughter.


Brad M said...

Ooh! Yes! Picnics and Coffee smells are always so pleasant. I can't wait until you are out of school so I can call you during the day. xoxo brad

Betty said...

how lovely, you're planning a three bears corner, can't wait to see. Your grandchildren are going to love this! Bettyx

Lisa Richards said...

Hey! Where did you get those pictures of my house? LOL! I feel very blessed to live in a rustic log house that we built with our own hands. We have lots of big windows so it's very sunny(when it's not raining as it is now) and we can sit in our favorite chairs and enjoy the green pastures and woods around us. Have fun with your three bears/cabin phase! :)

BTW, our local Dairy Queen has some chairs like the ones in your Colorado/3 Bears picture. They aren't very comfortable, I'm sorry to report. Cute...but not comfortable. :(

Gumbo Lily said...

I like the last cabin kitchen the best because it seems to be what I think of as a "cabin." If I'm going to a cabin, I want it rustic with very few modern amenities. It must have a place to make a fire outside so everyone can sit around it at night and sing and talk.

Looking forward to your storybook table and chairs.


Kerri said...

Cabins always make me think of Laura Ingalls and that makes me happy!

magsmcc said...

hello, pom pom! i'm a lower case whispering hello wondering if i remember how to do blogs, so long has it felt!! but one and a hlaf posts of yours have my mind and spirit racing inspired! I will stay tuned for the tables and chairs and I would so love muchly to sit there and discuss roads less travelled- whch is so so so deeply significant for me right here right now that I wonder, as I always have, at the God Spirit that breathes through your lovely words! Oh it's nice to be back in your cabin! Can I stay awhile??

Shey said...

Oh we have 4 more dasy too! And we are reading The three little pigs =D
My heart is broken that school is almost out, this is the first year ever. Hope you get some rest. =D

Left-Handed Housewife said...

One of the cabins--the one with the stairs--reminds me of the playwright Paul Green's cabin over in the University of North Carolina's botanical gardens. It's very primitive and rustic, and I imagine him sitting there at a rough-hewn table typing away on a manual typewriter while the crickets chirped outside. Isn't that a nice image?


debbie bailey said...

I want to be in a rustic cabin typing away on a manual typewriter while the crickets chirp outside. The world has been too much with me, and I'm weary. Your blog always refreshes with your uplifting words and cute photos. I'd love the first cabin with the wood smoke smell inside. No electricity either. Can't wait to see your little tables and chairs.

M.K. said...

What a lot of comments your cabin post has brought on! When I think of cabins, I think of them in the Appalachian Mtns. where I was born, preferably in West Virginia. My 3 brothers lived in a cabin once, in the back end of a "holler." Outhouse. Front porch with a swing. See-through floors. A gas line that ran straight onto their back porch from the hillside. It was "almost heaven," as the song says. I hope you find your cabin someday, Pom, b/c you definitely need one!!

hip-chick said...

I like the last one too. And, I like the idea of entertaining in a cabin by the beach.

Barbara said...

Obviously there are cabins and cabins.
We stayed in a great one in the mountains in Gatlinburg once.

Thanks for the comment on my hair. So sweet, especially as I was wondering about having it so short.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I have never lived in a cabin, but I have ancestors who did...cut down the trees and built them and lived in them. Now, I would like to have a cabin, but a more civilized one, with a real bathroom, and glass in the windows. Small, snug and cozy would be just fine. That would be lovely!