Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to you! The morning birds are chirping their Mother's Day tunes. This mother is all filled up after a day of kids and grandchildren! We are a big crowd and we had fun celebrating Aria's first birthday yesterday! More on that, but look at Jeff's newest photo art. He took this picture in India. I thought you would like a little elephant hello on this particular GOOD DAY!

The spring tulips are still showing their glory around here!

And now . . . the owl party! My talented daughter-in-law put together the sweetest owl birthday for little A.

The goody bags were owl themed and April made each cousin an owl softy. Isn't this adorable?

Princess LOVE

Miss Bug!

April also made this fantastic owl pinata! The kids pulled strings at the bottom to make the coins and treasures come out. Brad (my first owl baby) supervised!

April also made owl hair clips! Enlarge the picture so you can see Aria's clip up close.

Finn likes Aria's new owl puppet.

Little Millie enjoyed the sun and the fun!

Samantha Blue Eyes kept her parents hopping! She wanted to drink the water out of the water table toy. She liked seeing all of her cousins!

I am going to have some orange juice in a wine glass and toast all the mothers who take their job seriously. I shall toast this happy and friendly month of May, too.
Thank you for coming by and thank you for leaving such rich comments. It takes thought and time to acknowledge blog visits and each word is loved and savored. A bonus!


Michela said...

Happy belated birthday to Aria and how fun to arrange an owl party!
Happy Mother's Day PomPom!

Betty said...

Happy mother's day pompom and happy birthday beautiful Aria. I thought the pinyata was really good - would love to know how to make one. Bettyx

Aisling said...

Happy Mother's Day. The party looks SO fun! I miss throwing those themed parties for little girls! I LOVE the owl softies. Wonder if I could find a pattern for that online? That would make a sweet gift for a special little girl in my "not related but family anyway" circle. :)

May the day be beautiful for you, my friend!

hip-chick said...

Happy mother's day to you as well. Such cute little children you have pictured

Angela said...

Happy, happy mother's day to you PomPom - we have our 'Mothering Sunday' during Lent - but I honour you, and all my good USA Moms today. God bless you and yours.
your Owl Event looks like a Real Hoot!
Blessings xx

laruelapalooza said...

Pom Pom you are so kind! Perfect words for a perfect day. The owl party looks adorable. You are so lucky to have such a great family! Enjoy your Mother's Day!

Kerrie said...

Such a great post! Beautiful! Thank you for visiting and your comments. Have a wonderful Mothers Day, Kerrie

M.K. said...

Hoo Hoo!!! Looks like lots of owl fun was had by all. What a great party!! And I like your little bee picture :)

April said...

It was a joy to have you at the owl party!

The dB family said...

Happy Mother's Day, Dear Pom Pom!! Looks like a wonderful weekend. What a sweet party for your beautiful Aria! You have the most precious grandbabies! Enjoy!!


Gumbo Lily said...

What a happy day! All the little owlets looked like they had a fun time. Your DIL did a lovely job of the party.

Happy Mother's Day to you, Pom Pom. Look at all these wonderful people who came about through you being a Mom.


wayside wanderer said...

April is very creative! What a festive and fun time!!! I love your spring flowers. Many Mother's Day blessings to you, Pom Pom.

Anonymous said...

Cute little owlets! Your grandbabies are growing up so fast PP! What little cuties they are! :)

GretchenJoanna said...

Pulling strings to get the candy to come out of the pinata -- that sounds so much happier than some pinata parties I've been at, where the poor kids can't whack it hard enough...oh, yes, now I remember, the very worst, though it was a beautiful Humpty Dumpty, was a pinata that I made myself from paper mache...He was hard as a rock.

What a blessed Mother's Day!

libbyquilter said...

what fun ~ and that CUTE owl softy is just wonderful~!!~


Kerri said...

Oh where did the tiny baby go? I cannot believe Aria is one! How time flies! I adore the owl softie! So super cute x x