Sunday, August 1, 2010

Northwest Pretty and the Butterfly Wing

Now that I've had a little time to think and reflect, I thought I'd give you one last look at some pretty Washington views. This boat hangs in my uncle's carport. It's pretty, isn't it? They have a fine little island home.

The woodland ground cover makes every inch of space around the island (Guemes) look fantastic.

The roof you see is my aunt and uncle's one room cabin. It's been in their family for years. He was a Lutheran pastor and at that time pastors lived in parsonages, so this was the place they could really call their own. They invited my big family over for picnics and I distinctly remember reading Pollyanna as I reclined on a lumpy sofa in front of the fireplace.

The little cabin below is where my brother Dave and his family stayed last week. My family would often rent cabins at this tiny little resort. They haven't changed much in over thirty years. Do you like the way they look? I do.

They are little, but people can fit inside. Here's my mom looking organized (as always) and my dad making a funny face! He makes VERY funny faces.

Do you like the stone fireplace? The utilitarian kitchen serves lodgers' needs. Most people grill outside on the beach anyway.

Dave's rental had two bedrooms. Aren't the log walls charming?

Below is my cute brother, Dave. He worked so hard to catch loads of crab for us. He took the crab traps out and dropped them in the water, attached a float with his name on it, and with sufficient bait inside, the crabs crawl in and when the crab catcher goes out to the float later and pulls up the cage - food!

Mom and Dad sitting on the beach soaking up sun and appreciating the view. I don't think I could ever tire of this breathtaking beauty.

Dave getting ready to retrieve the crab lunch.

My cute niece Sarah and her boyfriend. Do you see the shiny pot where the crabs are cooking? Poor crabs.

Here's my Uncle Jim and my twin cousins. Jim married us all those years ago. He's retired now. I love him and his girls. They are lovely ladies.

Here are some pictures of my brother Dan's house and yard. His wife Susan is a fantastic "cozy home" sort of person. It's always fun to poke around their house.

And she quilts.

She thrifts! Isn't this adorable?

I love her lipstick red cupboards and her Alice in Wonderland floors!

Meet Betsy. She pretends like she can save lives. She's HUGE and slobbery. She makes friends easily.

But, there IS no place like home. I'm so happy to hunker down and inhabit our house twenty four hours a day for two more (sigh) weeks.

Everything GREW while I was away!

Also, I have a "TA DAAA!" Yes, I finished my shawl (which as you know, I am only wearing in the privacy of my own home, with pajamas!)

Do YOU think it looks like a butterfly wing?
Guess what I might do tomorrow? Paint a wall. Yep. I'll show you IF I actually do it and IF it looks interesting when I'm done. It's going to be a sort of buttery gold. Fingers are crossed.

I'm off to the store to buy buffalo burgers, corn on the cob, and watermelon.

Do you know what I thought about today? Christmas. I was looking at a Christmas cookbook that Reve was going to give away (so, she gave it to me!) and I really started getting in the mood. I liked looking at the sweet tips for Christmas warmth and cheer. My mom and dad are going to try to come to our house for Christmas and with little Millie arriving on planet Earth around the 12th of December, we ought to have joy all around. Are you thinking about Christmas yet?


magsmcc said...

We thought about Christmas in the car today because we were working out which day we liked best- and most of our birthdays are gone now, so we thought we'd like Christmas for a while today! This post is full of idyllic! I can't believe the photos, and can't even work up sympathy for the crabs- although the Alice in Wonderland floors make me think of Alice through the Looking Glass (a statue of which we saw in Guildford last week!) and didn't the lobster complain in that book? How's Gilead? We have a Leafing Along Group on facebook where we discuss our reads, my book club, that is!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Oh I love everything, your parents look so cuddly and cosy and the scenery is beautiful, love the little cabin. In Florida it was massive heavy rain and lightening today and we had just arrived at Aquatica - so exciting, so we sat on the fake sandy beach under the umbrellas, read books and rested and went home when the rain stopped as the rides stayed all closed! . Why are there no flowers in Florida? these villas need some seeds planting! Betty x

All things bright and beautiful... said...

How strange - yes we talked about Christmas yesterday!! I also thought about how I must start to get my log store started too!

Barbara said...

I do love the old rustic cabins and the whole place looks relaxing and fun, especially when photos are enlarged.
Well I am sitting here wearing the same style and colour polo shirt as your Mother!

Green thumb said...

Hello PomPom's family, it's nice to meet you! And what a beautiful place you live in!

Christmas..erm..I found some Angels and vintage baubles in the garage just yesterday..


Bumpkin Bears said...

Yay for finishing the shawl and as for that cabin, that place and the location together look like a perfect slice of paradise! Just gorgeous. Catherine x

wayside wanderer said...

It looks like you vacationed in paradise. Such beauty and such a wonderful place to gather with your family. Your shawl turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! I think you should wear it in your classroom...or anywhere your dd is not going to be. :)
Christmas......I'm thinking some folks will be getting knitted dish cloths from me! haha :D

Angela said...

Yes! Holiday Club [VBS] is over and so I have started a file labelled "Ideas for Christmas 2010" and begun planning the gifts to make for people.
I love your holiday pictures - and now that we have our 'own' place as well as a church parsonage to live in, I know how important it must have been to your aunt and uncle to own that home.

Robin said...

Love the pics! Wish I had a little cabin on a beach just like that! That's a very happy colored shawl! Enjoyed meeting the family.


Such a wonderful post. I love all the views of the cabin on the water. Looks like a very relaxing retreat. How nice that you have childhood memories of the place. Love the quilts and the red kitchen.
Blessings and hugs~

Gumbo Lily said...

What fun to "meet" your family and see the sights in WA. Your cabin camping looked like fun.

I love your flowers. I have a similar bunch of flowers blooming around my house too.

About the shawl....I have never seen a butterfly wing look like that, but perhaps in a child's coloring book there are such colorful butterfly wings found! You'll enjoy keeping warm with it this fall and winter, I'm sure.

About, I am not thinking about it. I don't want to. I want to think about summer. Each day, one at a time.


Gumbo Lily said...

I'm painting my entryway walls a buttery yellow. I like it! I will do the mud room the same color. It's so fresh and bright, yet warm. Good luck with your painting.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I loved seeing the pictures of the cabin and your parents and family. And I think your shawl is beautiful and you should wear it out of the house. It will make people happy to see it!

I've had one or two tiny Christmas thoughts. I always think I should get my shopping done a little at a time, starting now, so that when the season rolls around, I can enjoy it and rejoice in it without so much distraction.


The dB family said...

Your shawl does look like a butterfly wing. I think just the pretty colours alone will make you feel all warm and cozy! I would love to poke around your SIL's home! It reminds me of beautiful home out of a magazine. Your gardens are wonderful! Aren't sunflowers beautiful?!

Welcome home! Enjoy your (sigh) two weeks yet!


Kerri said...

Dearest Pom Pom these pictures are so wonderful! I loved everything! I think your butterfly wing is marvellous and you should shun convention and wear it everywhere! Don't worry about your daughter, being 'normal' is overrated!
P.S I love your new background too x