Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Weasley's House

Hello! Hello! Look at this robin who stood below the washing line yesterday morning, and cheeped and cheeped. At first when I heard the churp, I thought a mouse was in my house! After that I considered the possibility that one of the skunks we've been admiring while out on their early morning slinks had taken a shine to our window wells. But no, just this fine young robin, listening to the sound of his own solid churp!

I added two little crosses to my bedroom cross wall. I gathered a few choice sticks from the beach at Guemes Island and wrapped them and hung them yesterday. The rocks are from my visit to that same beach last summer. I like having natural things from magic places right by my sleeping spot.

Now for the reason for the title of this post. I have spent the last two days cleaning my house. Jeff 's church friends from Hawaii needed a place to sleep for the night. There were five of them: one leader, three young men and a young woman. I wanted the house to look like "we're so glad you came and we'd LOVE to cozy you up for a bit" and I think . . . mission accomplished. I didn't meet them because they arrived late last night after a day at the amusement park and I wanted to offer an extra bed, so I went over and slept on Birdie's slumber party bed. Jeff said that when they came into our house they said, "This is the coolest house! It's like the Weasley's (you know, Harry Potter)! Well, I have to tell you that this is the highest compliment they could have paid me. You know how I like movie set houses? Do you know that the best part of the Harry Potter movies for me was of course, the houses? I thought I'd give you a little tour so I can get just a bit more mileage out of all my hard work cleaning! Do you mind?

Welcome! I keep messing around with the golden wall. The lavender in the crock smells SO good!
You know the chairs Bill and I sit in when we have coffee and pray in the morning? They are so old, so shabby so I ordered some inexpensive covers. They are a bit big and saggy but still, they ARE an improvement!

And look at this sweet sham I found at the W store. It matches (as much as I ever achieve matching) my sofa! Someone slept here last night. Sweet.

I found some old white curtains in the linen closet. They make the dining room look lighter (and cleaner!)

And the kitchen says good morning! Come have some juice (they are Hawaiian so they had green tea) and muffins!

More rocks from the beach circling the light. Ahhh. I'll put the kettle on for you.

Finally, I took a silly print out of a cheap frame and inserted my bird picture. I have no idea how I got this shot of a bird perching on the roof. I love it though. You may have seen it in a long ago post.

One friend slept on this sofa.

Here is the seldom used door, with all the knitting books and my basket of crochet. Notice the ancient wallpaper border. I know! It's weird but I still like it!

Because the young woman slept in our bed, I tidied my bedside table. Hmmmm. Why didn't I do this earlier?

Two somebodies slept in the "Pom Pom room" because it is one of the very few places in our house that has carpet. The Pom Pom room is where I keep all my stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. Books, yarn, paper supplies, do dads, and my ironing and sewing machine. I love it and it cleans up pretty well, don't you think?

They WERE so sweet to leave me, Mrs. Weasley, some chocolate. Hawaiian chocolate (and coffee) no less!

This is a not so tidy corner of the Pom Pom room. Let's play I SPY. Can you find the Raggedy Ann frame that Sue Knit Witty sent me? How about the beautiful silk screen that Kerri from Songs of Light made? Do you see the mouse I ordered from Cottontails Baby? Favorite books, little snapshots of the kids when they were young and my brothers and sisters, and knitting needles. Good stuff.

And speaking of blog love. Aslaug sent me the sweetest letter. Do you see all those colors on the right? She is a person that goes above and beyond your wildest expectations. Her letter is full of love and happiness. She is getting married! She's marrying Jewels' son. Have you ever met the blog Eyes of Wonder? Oh, it is peace all over. Aslaug is taking a break from blogging, but she is in my heart, my dear little Norwegian friend.
Good Maggs from Ireland sent me the July issue of Country Living and she also sent me many postcards of Irish beauty. She is a lamb and such a fun friend. Gretchen Joanna from Gladsome Lights said that Maggs blog is full of high culture and I must agree. Her blog is on my side bar.
Betty from Mrs. Yappy Dog is holidaying in Florida and SHE took the time to send me the August issue of Country Living! Can I just tell you that I am in Country Living HEAVEN? Wow! So many nice people live in the world. Charlie from Heart Felt sent me a letter from New Zealand! He's four years old and is my idea of the perfect Christopher Robin.

And last (long post, I know! Thanks for hanging in there!)
Sam loved your comments about her rainbow hat and she just happened by this morning sporting her new tutu. Daddy loves to buy cute stuff for his girl. Note the last photo. She stuck out her tongue. Do you think she was saying, "That's enough flashing, Grans. Take the camera away!"?
She's a good sport. Have a lovely day and thank you SO much for visiting me today. I love it when you come by.


Saleslady371 said...

Truly, the home is so cozy and welcoming;your goal was reached! Your attitude is so hospitable and friendly. Cute grandbaby! Love those big blue eyes.

All things bright and beautiful... said...

Your home is so warm and welcoming :)

Lisa Richards said...

I loved snooping through your cozy home, Pom-Pom! Thanks for the tour. I especially love your Pom-Pom room and the overflowing bookshelves full of wonderful stuff! I also loved your bedside table with the stack of books leaning dangerously to one side. The books at the back of the desk look like The Charlotte Mason series. Is it? (Maybe I should have clicked on the photo to make it bigger?)

Thanks again for a delightful look inside your home!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

yes I too like to have a good look round peoples houses! yours is very cosy, I especially like the crosses on the wall, really homely and welcoming, peaceful. So glad you are enjoying country living. I have been shopping today, I went round matching party dresses to blogging personalities as I find shopping a bit boring! Yours is a black number. Betty xxx

Sara Padrusch said...

Thank you so much for the tour of your cozy home! I love the Weasley's home too, and when my children are being particularly messy I imagine myself as Mrs. Weasley managing the Burrow and all of those children.

I love the red desk with the fold down front. Red desks are my very favorite!

Thanks for sharing, especially sharing that baby who is getting huge!


wayside wanderer said...

What a wonderful, beautiful, cozy, and interesting home you have. It speaks of all things Pom Pom! Have you ever been in a home where there is not a picture or book in sight? I have and I can't help but look at the person and wonder if they are in the witness protection program. :)

I love the color of you bedroom wall and I spied your CMason books!!

The Weasley compliment is the best!

And I laughed out loud at the tongue picture. Spunky Sam!

SusanB-knits said...

Love it! Your house does look inviting and very cozy! (and I love Harry Potter so it is a great compliment to get)
Sam is as cute as ever!!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I have strained my eyes trying to read the book titles on the bedside table and in the "messy" side of the Pom Pom room. I love to know what people are reading! And I loved seeing your lovely, cozy house. Yes, having your house dubbed as the Weasley's house is high praise indeed. I love the Weasleys. I'm reading Will The Chamber of Secrets right now, and I'm always happy when one Weasley or another--and especially Mrs. Weasley--shows up.


libbyquilter said...

hi Pom Pom~!
the new color on the walls is quite warm and cozy looking and the tour through your charming home delightful~!

Sam's blue eyes never fail to astonish me~!!~


The dB family said...

Thank you for posting photos of your home! It looks so cozy and inviting. I now understand fully where your blogging kindness and warmth comes from.


Bradley Maston said...

Please do not sleep directly under a hanging jar of rocks.

They are nice. Just not for sleeping under. :)

Great picture or Sam, I love the one where she's making faces at the camera.

It was such a blessing to grow up in a Weasley house. You are the quintessential homemaker. <3

Kerri said...

Oh, I don't know where to start! Everything is so cozy and joyful! I love that Charlie has sent you a letter. Isn't he the most adorable little boy? It was fun to see my birds too! Your pom pom room looks like it's full of delightful things, and of course Sam is always gorgeous! Love the tutu!

magsmcc said...

I would be too embarrassed to tell even you how many times I have replayed the scene where Harry arrives at the Weasley house for the first time! Of course you live there; why did I not think of it before! I'm glad you got a Country Living sequel- I haven't bought another one yet! But soon there will be Autumn Editions- yum yum cosy yum!

Gumbo Lily said...

I like your house. It's full of the things that tell your story. That, to me, is very welcoming. Glad your company enjoyed your home too.

Sweet Sam! I want to kiss her chubby cheeks and nibble her toes.


Heart Felt said...

That's funny, we have the same bird pic on our wall! We love it Karen, it's gorgeous. xx

Patricia Torres said...

Your little baby is so so cute.. I love the pom pom room... I love the plates on the wall... and your golden wall is gorgeous..