Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sweet Saturday

Saturday is full of happiness! It's still early. The magic of free time is before me and I'm HOME. Ahhhhhh! Don't you LOVE the feeling of appreciation? It really is a delicious sensation. Tromping about in the garden today = a simple pleasure. I appreciate it more because I've missed it.

The bird bath is hosting tiny birds

The sunflowers are spreading their wild selves all over the yard, encroaching on other things (like Bill's VERY green grass!) and simply showing off to the fullest extent. Don't you adore them?

Red. Tomato red has to be the loveliest expressions of one of my favorite colors. Pink ties red for me, but these red tomatoes excite me!

But what about blue? I love it, too!

This little lady is hugging the drain pipe. If you were a drain pipe, wouldn't you be honored that a morning glory wanted to wrap herself around you?

I admit to whining to myself, "I love the fall and I'm going to MISS it! I'll be in the classroom for eight hours a day and it will all happen without me!" I must have forgotten about the weekends. Silly me. Autumn is a feeling, isn't it? Smoke smells outside, cool nights with refreshing air blowing in on my sleeping head, pretty squash in the produce section of my local grocery store, Halloween merchandise EVERYWHERE, and football games on television and in stadiums around Denver. I'm not going to miss my favorite season. I'm so silly sometimes.

I'm looking forward to taking the fairy props inside for the winter. I'm going to suds them up, dry them and place them around in the Pom Pom room so I can smile at them all fall and winter.

Wouldn't you like a fairy godmother dress this color? Speaking of dresses, what am I going to wear to the wedding tomorrow? Yikes!

I'm a bag lady again. Yep, I already have papers to grade.

Guess what? Thursday I drove up to Golden, Colorado to meet up with Debbie from Artful Aspirations. She was vacationing with her family and we met at the Capitol Grill. When we were emailing back and forth, setting it all up, I asked her if she remembered what I look like. I told her: white hair, chubby, weird clear plastic glasses and a denim shirt. She came out to greet me so I guess my description was apt! It was amazing how we sat right down and started gabbing. It was so fun to look at a blog friend across a table! I wish I could sit face to face with all of you. We ate chili and talked about kids and schooling, church and family. I met her husband and her youngest daughter, too! Thanks, Debbie!

Can you tell me an end of the summer thing you do? How about telling me what you LOVE about fall? Oh, friends . . . you are so rich with wisdom, love, thoughtfulness, and generosity. (BIG HUG and a caramel apple!) Thank you for stopping in to check on me!


melanie said...

Hiya Pom Pom, what a lovely post! I love autumn because it is the start of the dark nights, which I love as they are so cosy, because of all the gorgeous and rich colours which this season brings,and because Christmas is not far away :) xxxxxx

wayside wanderer said...

Beautiful picture of two very lovely ladies. Seriously. You are both very beautiful. Inside and OUT.

Yay for simple pleasures and Saturdays and friends and beauty in people, bags and the flowerbed. Blessed be.

libbyquilter said...

that single blue morning glory photo is so beautiful ~!!~ rich with saturated color ~ yummy~!

what i like about fall is that it's bursting with color and all of that color contrasted against a beautiful blue sky makes me happy.
around here the fall is sometimes VERY short so i really try to enjoy every minute of it.

enjoy your weekend Pom Pom.


Green thumb said...

Hello beautiful Lady!!!
Did someone said "Halloween merchandise"?! I would go literally mad! (not popular here)
I'm in love with your garden and your Morning Glories!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

I think picking blackberries signifies end of summer for me, I picked more today and really enjoyed myself.

magsmcc said...

Your flowers ar elovely and your fall is going to be too! I was just thinking about end of summer rituals yesterday as we headed for the beach where the water was cold and the waves at cross purposes, but that is the end of my summer! I'm thinking of blogging it tonight- with a link to a most melancholy poem that I wrote this time last year about the end of the freedom of summer! How you will laugh!

magsmcc said...

ps did you say toffee apple? Mmmmmmm....

Gumbo Lily said...

What good, simple pleasures you shared with us. The morning glory is so glorious! Love that blue. I'm so glad you posted a pic of you and Debbie -- pretty ladies. Joy radiates through you.

End of summer things.... that would be canning. The girls and I are going to can Colorado peaches and pears (just got our boxes) and my tomatoes are so abundant that I will be canning those too.

Enjoy your weekend time at home.


GretchenJoanna said...

It makes me happy to see the two of you together. And thank God for weekends--He started that tradition, didn't He?!


I love your garden, that beautiful bird bath, those summery sunflowers and your enthusiasm. I love Autumn leaves ... all the colours ... acorns and sycamore wings that fly and red, red berries. Autumn is just on the turn here and I'm so excited. I am gradually feeling calmer now the weather is cooling and I'm enjoying my nature walks again. Counting my blessings and loving everything I see. Lotsa love to you x


ps. can I tell you that I love your new hairstyle. That doesn't mean I didn't like the old one OK :o)

Bradley Maston said...

It was great to see you at the wedding! What an amazing blessing. I love you so much my mamasita!


The dB family said...

What would the world be without colour?! SO glad you will still be able to enjoy fall on the weekends! How fun to meet a blogging friend in person! Papers to grade already!?

Prayers and hugs!

debbie bailey said...

We had a great time together, didn't we!?! I would have commented sooner, but my old computer died. I had to replace it with a new Macbook; poor me!

I love the morning glories this time of year. The cicadas were still singing when I hung out my laundry earlier this morning.

Our weather is now about the same as it was in Colorado; only with 100% humidity. At least I can breathe again! That altitude would take some getting used to. Beautiful state, though.

I'm looking forward to making my annual fall trek up to my parents' house in Tennessee and pick apples. And there's muscadines waiting to be made into jam, and pears to be canned.

Kerri said...

Don't you dare call yourself chubby! I've always thought of you as slim and gorgeous! Enjoy your autumn, it's such a lovely season xx