Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Brown Horse

While out walking with a friend yesterday morning, we came upon this pretty horse. All alone, searching for tasty grass to chew, the horse completely ignored us. My friend said, "Do you think that horse is supposed to be there?" We had never seen a horse quite so close to the trail before. He was perfect and a delight to my eyes. His simple mission and the way he ignored us seemed somehow encouraging.

Later, I met a friend for lunch at a scruffy little deli in old Littleton. Sometimes where I live and where my friend lives further south, there are only "cool looking" people and it gets a bit tiresome. At the old deli, there were customers of all ages, a blind young man, construction workers, young mothers, and us. I ate a very ordinary tuna sandwich and drank a glass of lemonade. After we ate, we walked up and down Main Street, popping into the shops where lovely handmade things are sold.

I'm reading Nella Last's War. Lynn from All Things Bright and Beautiful told me about it. Things had to be simple and spare during World War II. With rations and shortages in the 1940's, it makes sense that in the 1950's people wanted to live with abundance.
But what about now? Is all our materialism choking us? Are we missing the simple free pleasures and gifts? Lately, I've been longing for simple. What does simple look like to you? A free spirited brown horse? A beat up old deli?


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I'm ready for simple...today I'm doing simple laundry and hanging it out in the slight breeze and warm..hot..hotter sunshine. It always reminds of my Mom doing laundry before dryers and the wonderful fresh smell of line dried sheets. Later this evening HiHoney and I may go do some simple fishin off the bank of the Rio Concho River. It won't matter if they are biting or not....is a pretty simple thing to just enjoy the simple life....because pretty soon it's libel to get complicated again.

All things bright and beautiful... said...

At the moment simple for me is empty - empty cupboards, diary, mind - I am decluttering everything!

SusanB-knits said...

Simple things, enjoying each day no matter what comes along. Making things with my hands (knitting, baking, other crafts). And enjoying the company of good friends!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

What a lovely post. Between you and me (and your many followers!) I am a simple person - I don't actually like them parks, water slides etc! although I am on a holiday doing lots of that! I would love to wander off and find a brown horse and sit in the shade and read a book - I am doing lots of reading - at the moment I have with me Hopping by Melanie McGrath(about people in the UK who worked the land in the old days). Also just finished Lorna Byrne's book about angels. Betty x

libbyquilter said...

your photo of the "free spirited brown horse" is wonderful and does capture the idea of simplicity so very well~!!~

thank you for sharing the "simple" within your day. i will look quietly about me for a while and ponder simplicity and wonder why i don't take more time to embrace it. i think i'll have a tall glass of iced sun tea while i do this . . .


wayside wanderer said...

What a beautiful horse and such a treat to spy along the trail. I love it when things like that happen.

I was driving over a bridge today and it was all I could do to not drive into the lake for looking at the large bird nests and water birds that were perched in there bare trees where the lake doesn't totally cover the tops of the trees. I need a bumper sticker that warns people about me. :)

Lunch sounds just like something I would order! Keeping it simple to me means slowing down, taking notice of what is natural, being quiet and entertaining myself, and being content with where God has put me in many ways and places.

magsmcc said...

A simple walk up to and back from the corner shop for milk, over the brow of the hill with all of Belfast Lough laid out in the golden dusk light. And who cares how many yummy mummies drive past in their BMWs. Long live the scruffy diner- sounds like my kind of place!

Bradley Maston said...

That is a pretty horse! I love it! I like the simplicity of walking. Walking is so nice and slow, foot in front of foot in front of foot. That seems like a nice refreshing break in the world where everything never seems to be going as fast as it wants to. Step, step, step. Yes, walking is nice and simple.

♥ Tina, the quiet homemaker said...

Comfy, loose clothes.

Earthenware mugs of steaming hot tea.

A lap full of crochet or knitting.

Freshly laundered bed linen to sink into.

Watching a field of wheat blowing in the wind.

Oh yes, simple is delicious. Lovely post Pom Pom. :)

Gumbo Lily said...

I love finding surprises like your brown horse while out walking. I'm a walker and find it to be a simple pleasure. I can think, or not. I can pray, praise, be quiet, or just walk.

I notice nature. Another simple thing that we can learn so much from if we will take time to see, hear, feel, smell, touch it.

I have as a mantra: Do the next thing. And it keeps life very simple for me. And now I must do the next thing -- hang out another load of sheets on the line.

Nice post.

Firefly said...

Hi there Missy!
Love the horse photo -- what are those pretty trees?
And yes, isn't there a lot of coolness in some parts of CO ;-)? Austin has the same vibe and it can be a little tiresome too. But, still gotta love your beautiful state!
And love your Weasley house -- so charming and homey!

Amy Danielle said...

This resonates with me. I crave simple, too. I think when we want too much stuff, it is a good indication we are really needing something that we can't buy. Jesus. :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

The horse is beautiful and the picture of the horse is beautiful. Simple to me is taking a walk. Just stepping out the door and going, and the whole world is right there. I like the green, leafy parts best.


The dB family said...

I love the simple. It makes me happy! Your writing of the horse and lunch at the little deli sound simple and delightful. Thank you for sharing!