Monday, November 2, 2009

Red Quest

I went on a red quest the other day. Brace yourself for a whole lot of red!

This is my silly brother. He's red.

Here's baby Miss Bug in all her redness.

Awwww! Remember these? I miss them.

I got this big red idea and went around taking pictures of red all over the house. Then I went on a little walk and took some more red photos! After that, I looked through some of my stored pictures and found even more RED!
Speaking of red, you may want to visit some red spots in the blog world. Try Shiny Red Houses and then go to Love Stitching Red, and then try Red Bird Crafts.
If you're like me (and I know I AM) you'll hunt for red this time of year. Maybe you'll buy yourself a new red mug, make yourself a red hat, paint your kitchen red, comfort yourself with tomato soup, read Little Red Riding Hood or The Little Red Hen, play Red Rover, buy a red toothbrush, cheer your friends when you wear some red lipstick or paint your nails bright red, or have a snazzy glass of fine, red wine. I hope you'll tell me about YOUR favorite red thing. Will you?


SuKnitWitty said...

Red is my Favorite Color! My Daddy always said I looked Purty in Red! Girl, you GotsLotsaReds! Neat Post! Like your PomPom StitchMarkers! My favorite Red Thing is 'Ruby', my ChiWenee..she's not red, but her name is, and she was a 40th'Ruby'Wedding Anniversary gift. your new background!

Angela said...

Well, I WAS feeling a little bit BLUE - but I RED your lovely post, and now I am in the PINK, trying not to be GREEN with envy about that cute bag. Hope you're all WHITE!! love and blessings x
PS thanks for kind comment on my preaching blogpost this morning!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I had a lovely bowl with two red stripes that I enjoyed looking at so much--and then I broke it! But right now I have a red leaf for a bookmark, and it's making me very happy.


SusanB-knits said...

I don't have much red (and we don't get red leaves here in TX, just mesquite trees). But, I've been eying some red yarn in my stash. I think I need to start a red knitting project (hahahah)

Deborah said...

Wow! This is so neat to see! I'm going to have to try this soon too!

Thank you for your wonderful sweet words on my blog! The laundry is all done and even put away! Yay! Now to catch up with the rest of life ;o)!


libbyquilter said...

lots of lovely red but i ended up getting hung up looking at your book titles . . . have the Vein of Gold and consult with it often and i'm a fan of Stephen King. but i digress . . . my favorite red item is an antique crumb pieced star quilt that i have hanging on one of my walls. it's not completely red but has a lot of red in it. i should try to get some good photos of it and share it on my blog someday.


Baley Petersen said...

I love it! The beautiful RED! And so much red and blue together, reminds me so much of a comfy, cozy, country home. LOVE!

MamaF said...

What a joyful post :) just what ineeded. One of my boys' favourite colour is red, so i have quite a lot of it around :)

Many blessing !


Dona said...

Every room needs a spot of red to excite the eye and a spot of black to rest the eye! I found you when popping in the 'Eyes of Wonder' blog! I think what might have made me click on you was that picture of the field of tulips...on a clear day I can see those fields out my dining room window! Well, on a clear day in April:) You writings 'sound' like they are written by a truly happy person! So glad I stumbled across your blog!


Sara Padrusch said...

You know I love red! I loved your pictures! Those pillows on the couch are beautiful!

Great post hon! xoxo

Deb G said...

What fun! I love red, have three pairs of red shoes at the moment. :)


As you know I LOVE RED so I see life with "rose tinted glasses"

I see RED everywhere. I look for it. Everything in my world has a touch of RED. I find RED to be so warming, so cosy, comfy, rich, vibrant and classy

I see RED all year round. It's there if you look

I love your RED slippers the best. They look so "homey"

My favourite RED thing at the moment is a little red berry heart I made this week and a gorgeous red loopy scarf - so cheerful


Love your background too!

Carolyn ♥

scrappy quilter said...

You definitely have a lot of red. C is calling her bear factory "Red Ribbon Bears". I'll have to show her all the red you have. Hugs..

Heart Felt said...

What a wonderful collection ~ red is Charlie's favorite color! xx

Lisa Richards said...

In our little log cabin I've painted the plywood floors tile red. My hubby thought it was kind of a crazy idea, but I think it's so cozy. (Though it could use a fresh coat!) I also painted my kitchen cabinets a deep red. I guess I love red a lot.

Like libbyQ I always zoom in on bookshelf photos and write down all the names of interesting sounding books. Thanks for the ideas! I'm especially looking for writing books right now.


Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Alot of beautiful red!!! :)
The VW beetle you have a pic of brought back wonderful memories to me...I had a 67 red VW beetle as my first car....drove it for years. It broke down is stored in a barn for the that I am married with three children...fixing it is not high on the priority list! ;)

Country Life said...

The picture of your brother made me laugh!! I really like this themed many red things in our lives. The new baby, Miss Bug, is so precious! What a blessing, Pom Pom.

~Karen in Ohio

P.S. I think the leaf show we were blessed with this year is my favorite red thing right now. Of course with Christmas coming up I'm sure it will change. ~smile~