Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sweet Day of Thanks

This is a day of great smells! I hate to use cleaning supplies for fear of overpowering the hot oven pie smell and later the turkey roast fragrance. I'm thankful for the zip to prepare the meal. When it's completed and eaten, I marvel that I actually pulled it off. Every year.
I hope I'm not TOO relaxed. It's lovely to prepare for just us. No, we're not sharing with anyone else and I'm kind of relieved. The house is looking lived in, with crowded counter tops and magazines strewn all over the bathroom. The laundry goes on. There are big chunks of old snow scattered in the back garden. I need to go downstairs and iron the table cloth and maybe move a table for the buffet. I'm so impatient when it comes to passing the food. I don't want to feel mad when the gravy boat is stuck by someone oblivious to my gravy need.
When I was a child, we went to church on Thanksgiving. My mother always had company. I didn't like it when she was too busy to give me a taste of turkey or refill my tasty cranberry drink.
I guess I've lost interest in traditions and now I just want to smell the turkey, wear old jeans, watch a movie, squeeze Birdie and Bug, smile as our kids that are at the table gobble up their favorite holiday dishes, scoot on over to Jenny's house later to cradle brand new Samantha Rose.
I'm good at the cooking but not so great at the presentation.
I'm glad this day is about the bowed heads, the devoted hands of praise, the humble and simple gestures of adoration for a Creator who bears with our flighty and ridiculous impulses and aims HIS grace our way.
Happy Thanksgiving



Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Relax in your "olds", be comfy with your favourite people around you, enjoy your wonderfully prepared food and give thanks for all the simple things in life!

Thanks so much for always taking the time to pop over and see me. I love your visits Pom Pom xx

scrappy quilter said...

Happy Thanksgiving. May our Lord richly bless you today and in the coming year. I so enjoy your wonderful blog. Hugs to a dear friend.

Aisling said...

Your way of spending the day sounds just perfect to me. I've got my favorite jeans on too (though I did pull on a pretty shirt and long sweater vest after I got the meal cooked.) I hope your time with family is relaxing and rejuevenating.

Robin said...

Sounds like a great day! Congrats on your newest grandbaby! Precious!

Andrea said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds perfect! Isn't it nice to forget about all the unimportant things for a while and enjoy the simple pleasures of family?

I have enjoyed my sons and their children! My husband and I are in baby heaven!

Many rich blessings in Christ to you, dear friend!


Bradley Maston said...

A great thanksgiving, thanks for sharing! Love the norman R.'s!

libbyquilter said...

ours was a simple day and very quiet this year but i loved every minute of it~!!~ and what a treat to get to stay in comfy clothes for the entire day~!!~