Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, BILL!

Yay! It's Bill's 54th birthday today. He didn't want a party, but you don't get to decide that for yourself in this family. The kids are coming over tonight and soon I need to get out the door to prepare for my most precious one's special evening.

I'm so thankful for my mother-in-law's baby. I'm sure she was filled with gratefulness 54 Thanksgivings ago when she spent her turkey day in the hospital.

When I first saw Bill, he was leading songs at college Young Life. I loved the looks of him and I was drawn to his bouncy personality. After a few dropped hints and begged for "chance" encounters, thanks to my sister and her husband, we finally met and it really was love at first sight and now 31 years later, it is love at every day sight! I am so thankful for a husband who sits with me every morning and asks me questions, fills my coffee cup, prays with me and believes in me. He cares ACTIVELY for so many people. He's the friend you long for and a voice that soothes your heart. He's hard-working, SUPER sensitive, a passionate lover, a loud laugh-er. He gets terribly homesick when he's away and he prays and prays for friends all over the world when he's here in Denver. I am so crazy about him and I love growing older with him. So, happy, happy, happy, Honey! This is YOUR day!

Susan Branch draws such lovely little things and I'm wondering if you are feeling the holiday lift in spirits like I am! Are you? I think it is time to pull out the red and green, so I am ready on Friday after the turkey is cooked and the meal tidied away. I'm ready for pine smells, candle fragrance, all the old Christmas stuff I was tired of last year when I put it all away, but now I want again.

. . . and not a creature was stirring. Well, don't ask me why but I Googled mouse and found this picture. I hated the "caged pet period" when we had them in all their smelly glory, but I like to LOOK at hamsters and mousies and isn't THIS photo amazing? Little creatures WERE Beatrix Potter's models!

That same day, I Googled cozy cabins and I wish I could invite you to mine, but I don't have one. Bill wouldn't want to come if there wasn't cable tv, but I do love the thought of cabins this time of year. One of my praying friends at school takes her big family to the YMCA of the Rockies at Christmas. They don't do the big present thing. They spend time at the funky roller skating rink, eat their meals in the cafeteria, and love each other in the mountains. Isn't that awesome? Margie is a smart, smart mama and I am learning a lot from her. She is one of the security staff at my school. I'm THANKFUL for her friendship.

This photo was taken by somebody IN CHINA. Look at the beauty of plenty here! Racks and racks and stacks and stacks of the honored vessel: THE TEAPOT! I'm wishing you many pretty pots of tea this holiday season! I know when I quiet myself to sit with my tea, I do some good thinking. I purpose to take tea a bit more in the next weeks.
So, dear blog friends and family friends and good hearted people who move in with interest to my roaming posts and scattered thinking . . . may you feel love today. May you look up to thank the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE. May you whisper some humble prayers. May you FEEL and KNOW that you are good.


Aisling said...

Happy Birthday to Bill. It is nice to read how authentically you love and appreciate your husband! Enjoy the weekend and the family togetherness in the days ahead.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday to Bill. There's nothing to compare with a loving happy marriage made in heaven! Bless you BOTH as you celebrate xx

Kerri said...

How lucky is Bill to have you, and how lucky are you to have Bill! He sounds so delightful and I'm so glad you have so much love in your life!
Oh and by the way, that is the cutest mouse I've ever seen!

MamaF said...

Happy birthday to your husband !
How special the love you show for him. I wish that for me as weel!

Have a blessed sunday and a joyful new week !



I hope that Bill had a good birthday and that as a family you all had a wonderful time celebrating

Have a wonderful week

Carolyn ♥

Mrs. Bee said...

Happy belated birthday to your hubby and thank you for stopping by my blog! We share alot of likes.. we can even have tea and listen to the same music as well!
Glad to meet you and please come and sit a spell anytime :)

theshepherdshouse said...

Hi Pom Pom ~

I am looking forward to some Christmasy things too!! I even wrapped my first present today! :)

Happy Birthday to your husband!!!

Blessings to you,

Baley Petersen said...

Your romance with your husband is so refreshing. It's so good to know that love can and does remain.

Deborah said...

Lol! That photo gives new meaning to the phrase "all the tea in China".
And the little mousey is just the sweetest little creature! Those big ears and soft brown fur.

A very happy, but belated birthday to your sweet husband!

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and all that the holiday season brings!


libbyquilter said...

oh~!~ squeeeeeeeee~!!~ i LOVE that cute shot of the tiny mouse~!!~

wish your Bill a happy (belated) birthday and may you both enjoy many many more years together~!!~