Saturday, October 31, 2009

A List

Today I was reading Living the Creative Life: Ideas and Inspiration from Working Artists and one of the exercises suggested making a list of all the things you loved as a child. Here's my list:
Barbies, books, paper, crayons, paint, cookies, cakes, cats, rings, fingernails, elbows, tulips, swings, shoes, quilts, the beach, the woods, rain, swimming, my bike, gum, candy of all sorts, Coke, hair, lipstick, little chests of drawers, flannel, coffee smells, troll dolls, gnomes, tiny furniture, doll houses, Snoopy, Archie comic books, trees, tree houses, the golf course, pie, apples, cheerleaders, pom poms, stationery, letters, perfume, sewing, embroidery, pickles, foam pillows, walks, races, plays and acting, dancing lessons, Camp Fire Girls, writing in journals, butterflies, cows, fields of crops, strawberries, taking pictures, doodling, clean smells, saddles shoes, Van Gogh and Grandma Moses, dolls, fabric, wall paper, fresh sheets on my bed, tidy cupboards, and sack lunches eaten in the woods. The thinking is that you like all the same things as an adult. I do. You should make a list of all the things YOU loved as a child and share it with me. Do you want to?

The sky was SO blue today!

The leaves are tired.

A little look at "pretty" in the midst of the frozen icebergs

More pretty.

The grading I haven't done yet. Oh no.

A funny little friend I drew and colored this afternoon. Bill said, "How's that grading going?"

Here's a little chicken who came for dinner and some trick-or-treating!

A pink butterfly who "fraps" her wings went out with Grampy

Tomorrow = NOVEMBER!
Bye bye October! You were fun and very lovely! See ya next year!
Oh, I love you, my blog readers. You are so quick to give of yourselves. I appreciated your comments on my last post. You're so smart, so wise, so real. I wish you soft love and tingles in your mind, the kind that make you feel bright and cheerful. (BIG HUG!)


Bradley Maston said...

Lovely! Happy Halloween!

åslaug abigail said...

Oh, I really liked that prayer at the bottom of the page!
And I did like your post a lot =)
When I was little I loved dressing up, reading, hugging, pancakes, licorice, Barbies, writing, singing, drawing, playing with my little sister... and I still do like all of it (maybe with the exception of Barbies) =)
Thanks for sweet comments on my blog, makes it such a joy to post!!

åslaug abigail

Gretchen Joanna said...

I think I WILL make a list of childhood things I liked. Thank you for the idea!

MamaF said...

Hello !

When i was a kid i used to love to draw, play with dolls, cut and glue 'paper families ' ( i am the only child of a sngle working mother, i spent my childhood dreaming of a big family... byt the age of 28 i already had 4 kids, my dream come true ), write stories,cooking and work with my hands ( crocheting, sewing .... ) I still do :) but i've been blessed enough and the paper families have gone and my own wonderful family is here with me.

Have a blessed week !


Left-Handed Housewife said...

When I was a kid I loved the way Barbies smelled when they were fresh out of their boxes, I loved ho hos and Fritos, I loved stories with witches in them and Peanuts and Archie and Christmastime. I loved painting my nails with magic markers, I loved the smell of magic markers. Really, the list is endless, and very fun to think about!


libbyquilter said...

hhhmmmmm . . . i loved to read and would literally read ANYTHING just to be reading. (my mother once found me in the basement of one of her friends' houses reading old newspapers~!~) i especially liked books or stories about animals and anything with fabulous illustrations. i was known to sit and read the a dictionary or from the set of world book encyclopedias that my parents purchased just for the fun of it. i loved words and playing around with them within poetry. i loved drawing and art supplies. i enjoyed a few pen pals. summer time and being in the sunshine . . . and i only liked to play with dolls if it meant that i could sew something up for them such as clothes or other useful dolly things . . . i loved being in my great grandmothers garden and remember thinking it was like a jungle.
i loved my grandmothers fried chicken and must have amazed her with how much of it i could eat~!~ i have to say that i still have many of the same interests today except that i'm now a vegetarian and really miss chicken.
this was fun~~!~thank you.


Kerri said...

Gosh, that's so amazing that you can remember that much about yourself as a child. I love that! How wonderful to have such clear memories x x