Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day Glimpse

It's snowing on this fine Saturday morning. I have a lot to do cleaning-wise. We have some house guests coming tonight. Australian house guests! Fun! But, I just want to sit here and look outside and watch my favorite tree across the road get an icy dressing.

I'm all hunkered down in the old yellow chair, tea waiting, candles glowing, pens and pencils (and stickers!) at the ready doing this . . .

Drawing and writing - praying. So peaceful. Yesterday WAS noisy and busy and today gives silence.

A dishcloth on the needles and the help of an old type written set of patterns - a gift from a nice lady who shared with me a long time ago.

Cold weather, just outside the bedroom window!

Love inside.

A pretty little display in Bill's home office.

A scroll from Taiwan - flowers in fall for Pom Pom

Have some fruit today. Help yourself. Your heart is good and sweet. You like pretty things, and open people. You seek beauty and appreciate images that greet you, reach you and soothe you. I'm so glad you come over here to see me. (BIG HUG)


Karol said...

Love the new background. I love the crispness in the air. We still have a bit of sun. Saw Mom and Dad last week they are doing wonderously well. Love you thanks for the love and hugs.

Aisling said...

Ah! You beat me to the snow! We have a "wintry mix" expected tonight. Brrr!

I love you scrabook/journal (not sure what you call it yourself.) What a wonderful, very personal, way to express yourself.

Immerse yourself in that quiet you've mentioned and you'll be filled with inner-peace for the week ahead!


Elizabethd said...

What a cold photo! I hadnt realised it was so wintry already in your part of the world.

Deborah said...

Big hugs back!! I'm really hoping we don't see the white stuff too soon though. Have a blessedly wonderful weekend!!


scrappy quilter said...

We had snow yesterday with cold temps and winds. I love the first snowfall and admit winter is my favorite season. Love this post. Hugs..

Bradley Maston said...

beautiful, peaceful, life-giving. Thank you!

Gretchen Joanna said...

Thank you for sharing your notebook with us, Pom Pom! It is inspiring. Reminds me to go write in mine right now!!

Kerri said...

How funny! It was snowing here on friday! Surely neither of us should be getting snow at this time of year!

SuKnitWitty said...

SNOW!!!Yippee???Makes for a nice cozy, quite time with your tea, journal and candle light prayer time. Your journal is sooooo neat and inspiring. And Knitting??? You go Girl...mine is Sitting and Thinking about when is tht SuKnitWitty going to Sit and Finish. I'm on a quilting spree...getting ready for a Blog Christmas Show! Wanna know more?....later...Sue

libbyquilter said...

seeing your art journal certainly sparks up my own creative fire . . . so happy that you are enjoying that activity and sharing some of it with us.

the weather here is definately taking a slide towards much cooler temps . . . we had our first winter snow about a week ago~winter is rushing in with icy cold breath and darker days~!~


Baley Petersen said...

It's too early for snow!!! Although, it's so cold today here in Oregon, it feels like it could snow!

I love that you collage your journal. I do the same thing! I write, draw, color, artfully express. Isn't it wonderful?