Friday, October 30, 2009

Calling All Wonderful Ladies!

What I missed most (not who, but what) while we were in Hawaii was reading and writing. I took along a little journal, but it wasn't my regular jazzed up journal. I couldn't fit my fancy colored pencils in my bag, so I substituted some twisty neon crayons (just okay) and I took my Kindle because I couldn't very well load a whole pile of books through security. I hate carrying heavy stuff, too. My back hurt for two days after hiking around the airports with a crammed backpack and a too-heavy flowery bag. So, as we cruised along the strip, walking to dining establishments, I was bored. I delight in the smell of bookstores. I crave stickers, pencils, juicy markers, and sharp felty pens. So, now I'm home to my basket of "fun creative marking materials" and I'm happy. I am reading The Help. VERY fascinating read, I must say. We're starting short stories when school resumes and I want to throw some challenging tales their way. The advanced kids can work through advanced placement strategies and the grade-level kids can use their reading skills to decode some Pom Pom chosen yarns. I want the kids to view stories as life defining. I'm trying to think of a thought provoking unit question - something that will spur them on toward story loving. Any ideas? In the meantime, I can't quit reading The Help. WHAT a good book! I like to read many books at once, so I shall treat myself to book smells and book love for the rest of the weekend.
Okay, I have a question for you. While we were in Hawaii, I saw a lot of people. I studied all shapes and sizes, many hair styles (mine is DREADFUL right now) and funny beachy clothes. I have not figured out completely what it means to grow old gracefully. I mean, I don't care about fashion -it's not that- but I do look for inspiration in an artsy sort of way. I love the way my mom dresses. She's kind of preppy. I like the way my mentor teacher Cyncie dresses - artsy and hippy-ish, but she's tall and I'm short. And now that I think about this, it isn't really clothes I'm thinking of, it's more of a presence and now I'm realizing how silly I am and seeing the light a bit (thank you!) and what I really mean is that I think I'm shooting for a little more gentle, a little less noisy, descending instead of ascending . . . who are your favorite mentors? Tell me about them, okay?


April said...

Two women who come to mind as ladies I look up to and think are aging gracefully are my mom and Nancy (Vern's wife). They are both amazing examples of what it means to serve your husband and family in a Godly way. They are selfless women and always exude love when you see them. I never feel like I am being a burden to them when I am around them, even if they are exhausted. They are both continually seeking to know the Lord and be in intimate fellowship with Him. In addition to their inner beauty, they are both beautiful women physically as well. In fact, my mom is one of the most beautiful women I know, all around. I pray that I age as gracefully as she is. So, I think it is their amazing inner beauty that accentuates their outward beauty. You can meet a very physically beautiful woman, but if she does not have inner beauty, her outward beauty will fade. All that to say, I think that my MomPom is such a beautiful lady as well. I love your artsy spirit and how that shines through who you are. Your face and skin always have a beautiful glow, it reminds me of the sun (life, inviting, rejuvinating, and happy). You wear a lot of color and I love that because I think it portrays the color in your spirit. You are a woman who is aging gracefully.

Bradley Maston said...

Does Mrs. Doubtfire really count as a lady? Mmmm... I'm glad you are back to your creative nooks and crannies. It's so nice to color and mark. I like your style, it's all your own and I like how it doesn't seem to be modeled after anything else specific. It's just you! You are great!

Deborah said...

Tell us more about the book The Help! I'm intrigued!

I've finally found a hairstyle that works for me, but it took almost a year of studying different styles and getting different cuts. I knew I didn't want it really short, but that was about it. As for clothes...I dislike shopping I guess I wouldn't be much help there at all...


SusanB-knits said...

Books! I love books! "The Help" sounds interesting...I'll have to check it out.

I've always liked Cybil Shepherd. And of course my mom! I hope I look half as good as her when I reach 72!


I would have to agree with lady number 1. I would have to say my Mum, my grandmother and my mother in law who is no longer with us and who I miss a great deal. They were all ladylike, make the best of what they have/had in a quiet way, someone who is elegant, does things in a quiet, elegant way. I would love to grow old like that. It's a peaceful style that someone makes their own not accounting for fashion but what suits them as a person - so anything goes - I would say!

So glad you are home safely and pleased to be amongst your faithful belongings. It's lovely to get away but it's so wonderful to come home

Have a lovely weekend Pom Pom, enjoy your reading and marking

Carolyn xxxxxx

libbyquilter said...

i'm convinced that coming home is the very best part of any vacation (no matter how fabulous)~!!~

will have to look into "The Help" . . .

ladies with a sense of humour are always among my faves~!~loved that Erma~!!~


scrappy quilter said...

Tell us about the book "The Help". It sounds really good.

Nice to see you back.. Hugs.

Gigi said...

Well, I don't think you need any advice on aging gracefully. You are a fab 50 -- fun, pretty, giving, smart, gracious, kind -- you're the role model others should look up to, my dear!

Pom Pom said...

Thank you for the gift of your words, sweet readers. Words are so powerful and delicious, don't you think? I love throwing questions out and getting such sweet, satisfying answers. I count this a HUGE blessing!