Monday, November 6, 2017

Sewing Moved and Nature Journals

 Timothy loves to lay around.  This is the landing upstairs.  I picked the floor out about twenty years ago and even though it isn't cool or groovy anymore, I still like it.  Bill and I walked by a cute little house in our neighborhood (a ranch style house) and then we came home and looked up the price.  YIKES!  It's a fortune!  No wonder it isn't selling.  You know how it goes.  Someone buys it, fixes it up all shiny and "up to date" and then tries to sell it for a huge amount of money.  We thought it would be a lot less than our house, but not so much. Oh well.  I think we shall stay in this house until we are VERY old.  Yay! 
 When the friend was going to come for lunch last week I bought two little pots of mums.  They look so cute in the basket that used to hold all my junk in the bathroom.  It still has toothpaste marks on it.  
 Guess what?  I finally moved my sewing!  I had fun putting up old Susan Branch calendar pages!
 Here's another wonky floor.  The young wife who lived in this house just before us was a hair dresser.  She operated out of her home and this square in the basement was where she had her sink and all the other hairdresser-ish stuff.  I didn't want to be dropping pins on the carpet, so it's just right for my sewing (I have not actually sewn down there yet).  I am waiting for the mood to strike and then I shall sew like a whirlwind because the patterns are easy peasy and I'm actually a pretty good seamstress. Just saying. 

 I wonder if the pansies will survive the next snow . . . 
 Here's my old red tablecloth.  I have had it for absolutely AGES.  
 It's perfect for girlie girls like the adorable sweetie pies pictured below. 
 This morning I drew some birds in my nature journal.  MK made me laugh when she said in an email, "How many leaves and pumpkins can one paint?"  TRUE!  I thought you might like to see my eraser.  It smells so school-y.

 This morning I was sitting in my study/office that is more spacious now that the sewing is gone but it still needs some sorting.  I had this nice warm rice bag on my lap and I thought it looked pretty next to my nightie.  I've decided that flannel nightgowns are a good thing and I'm going to sew some flannel pajamas and nighties because there are such cute flannel prints at the fabric store.

Here are some nature journal posts:
Gumbo Lily
Granny Marigold
Heather at Blackberry Rambles (her drawing of breakfast while camping is fantastic)


ellen b. said...

That looks like a nice sewing space waiting for you to get in the mood. I have so many olden things that I still use and like. I enjoyed your journal pages. Have a good week!

NanaDiana said...

I always love your posts, Karen. I feel like I am sitting and talking to an old friend. We are half-heartedly house hunting now that ours is sold. I am not sure what I want OR where I want to live. Hubby is pushing for a condo but I don't know if I am ready for that yet. I have my little sewing room and Etsy area combined but it is tight right now. I really want to get sewing, too, but want to get rid of a lot of this vintage stuff first.

Hope you have a wonderful week! xo Diana

Thistle Cove Farm said...

A room to sew...lovely!

Farm Girl said...

I like your nice, neat sewing area. It looks all ready for you to zoom though your patterns. How nice that you are a good seamstress. I am only fair to middling. Mainly Middling. I finally found my knitting needles today. I have been looking for them for two weeks.

Still not the ones I wanted but I want to do a wash cloth.
I love your nature journals. I always enjoy seeing your art work.
I am always shocked at how much houses are too. I would like a little cottage someday though.
Have a lovely evening,

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Karen, I just love your posts. You really stay busy and that's good. Your sewing room looks good. Wish I had a place to sew, have to set up the machine when I want to sew and then clean up the mess. I like to leave it and then go back the next day.

Have a great week.


Granny Marigold said...

Oh, I like your new and improved sewing area with the SB calendar pages ( what a great way to use old calendar pages too) and the flower banner. So many pretty things to admire. Including your bird-y journal page. I worked on some pages for my journal today in between loads of laundry. Have a pleasant week and keep cozy!!

elizabeth said...

that's so very nice!!! I won't have a sewing space in the home we are in now but one thing at a time, right? it's a nice space you have! the basket and red table cloth is really great too! :)

GretchenJoanna said...

My goodness but your grandgirls are growing up!

I'm excited for you about the new sewing area. Some day I will have a new sewing area... I think. I can't really sew where my machine is right now because it's too cramped. But I don't have time to sew anyway, so we'll just trust that when the time is right, something will work!

I don't need to worry about making doll clothes because the older granddaughters don't play with dolls anymore, and the young one only likes stuffed animals!

Julie said...

Your sewing area looks cosy & inviting Pom Pom. I love the things you have hung above your work area. Hello to Timothy Xxx Love your Mums in the basket ... just gorgeous.

M.K. said...

Good morning, Pom! It's nice to come here after being with Susan Branch on her blog, and see you are thinking of her as I am :) I need to go dig out my books by her and peruse them again esp. the recipes. I LOVE your cute sewing machine table, and what fun to see that school eraser!!! I remember how those felt. Childhood memories :) You are bustling and doing so much. Timothy looks quite happy. I also like that flooring on the landing. I think it's the same pattern my mother chose for TWO of her kitchens at different times in life, and it reminds me of her. It always looked good.
Your journal birds are delightful. I want to draw in that whimsical way!! Ah well, we all have our different styles, and we must enjoy others' gifts and be content with my own. Lisa and I were commiserating about that recently - wishing to paint differently. I'm rambling on. Have a lovely day, dear friend!

Henny Penny said...

Looks like Timothy is gaining weight from all that laying around. :) I love your new sewing spot! It looks sweet and cozy. And I really like the brick looking flooring, in fact, that's what I wanted for our kitchen when we built the cabin. Don't know why we didn't get it?? Your posts are always fun.

ann said...

Hi Karen. Your house looks warm and cozy with a lot going on. Love your sewing area--all nice and clean and fresh. Do you have snow this morning? We do. Have a good week.

magsmcc said...

I look forward to your sewing very much indeed. I have been making curtains for the book room for too long now, without actually making any effort at all, and prince Charming is making some very pointed comments! He would love some pointed pins lying around as evidence of action! I'm off to investigate the camping breakfast. I love seeing how other people camp!

Julia said...

I love what you did with the Susan Branch calendar pages. It's so fitting right there in your new sewing space.

Goodness sake... The girls looks so grown up in this photo sitting at the table. Time goes so fast, it's hard to believe. It seems like only yesterday, they were so little.

You art journal looks so neat. Your drawing are very good. I like how you surround yourself with color and things you like. Have a Happy November.
Hugs, Julia

Gumbo Lily said...

Pom Pom, you are a great bird draw-er. I love your turkey, Canada goose, and grosbeak(?). Love them. I have a picture I want to draw/paint today. We shall see how it works. I'm all about just doing it and not worrying about perfection.

Your sewing spot looks just perfect. I've been running the "gas pedal" lately on my sewing machine. I will show off soon.

Are you cold? We woke up to -1*. brrr.

Jeanie said...

I love the drawings in your journal! very happy and they make me smile.

Isn't Susan Branch a little miracle? I love how you posted the pages on your wall. Talk about inspiration for creativity!

Susie said...

Do you sew lots for your family? I used to sew for my daughters all the time. I enjoyed it. You will laugh when I tell you, I sat my singer on a kids' cosco table and sat in one of the little chairs and sewed for a couple years, then I got a nice desk ...just right. LOL. I enjoyed this post. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

Marcie said...

Love love the sewing nook, and also love the birds in your journal! My journal fell a wee bit by the wayside while we traveled to California! (Yippee!) However, I think I made up for it with a plethora of California-Style Autumnal Photos! :D

Heather LeFebvre said...

Oh I love your birds!! And your sewing area with the Susan Branch calendar pages!!! YAY!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! That will be a lovely little sewing space. That was a nice variety of subjects that you posted about. You must be very busy doing all those things. Nancy

happyone said...

Looks like a great sewing spot.
Oh I love flannel pj's. So warm. Love flannel shirts too.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I always enjoy the thoughts you share of the bits and pieces of your life! Looks like you have a new happy place for your sewing, the Susan Branch calendar looks great on the wall with your banner too! It will be fun to get sewing again I'm sure. I wish I could draw, but I can't. However, I do love your journal! I think that is a wonderful thing you are doing. Yep, those pansies will most likely be covered soon with snow, we had our first snowfall last weekend. It was beautiful. Enjoy your week, and give the grands an extra hug for me, they are just all so sweet :)

Kit said...

I love your new sewing corner! Nice banner and of course I love your Susan Branch calendar pages. I use lots of calendar pages at school. Instant and beautiful art. My daughter just sailed thru your area and is headed to Nebraska on business. She said Hi to Denver for me. :) Kit

Kim said...

I am looking forward to seeing the dresses you stitch in your new sewing room, you clever li'l ol' (not so old) seamstress, you! Yay for flannelette jarmies!

Lisa Richards said...

I love the calendar pages on your walls! What a great idea!

The birds are so cute and colorful. A nice thing to draw for fall!

Have fun sewing your clothes. Yay flannel! :)