Thursday, March 2, 2017

March's Beginning

 When I'm knitting in the family room I notice that this basket of books is a big mess and in need of a clear out.  I've saved so many books for the grandkids and now I'm realizing (I guess I'm slow to notice such things) that they are getting older and they have their own books.  I think I could fill my car with junk I need to take to the Goodwill.

I WISH I could fill my car with the spring blooms I'm seeing at the grocery store.  Do you think people buy that many flowers?  I snap photos and rarely purchase posies. 

 It's been cold in the afternoons lately.  I've been out walking and I find myself cutting my walks rather short because I'm cold.  There really isn't much to look at this time of year, but I think this ornamental grass is a lovely wheat color.  Maybe I'll buy some when I begin the garden season.

 The robins come in March, I guess.  Can you see Robby hiding in the bare branches?
 I was tidying up for Sam and Plum's recent sleepover and I got sidetracked by yarn.  I made a little stash storage spot.  
 Timothy is about eight months old.  He's a cat teenager, I think.  He is starting to look like a wise old guy.
 Kelli's family is in Hawaii.  Miss Bug looks cute with a tropical background!  
 Aw, baby Noah.  He's such a bundle of cuteness. 

 I finally hung this canvas titled (by me) The Popsicle Brigade.  Plum Cake was a babe in arms so she's not in the photo.  
 More striped loveliness . . . aw, Tim.  
 Craftsy was having a yarn sale.  I'll be making socks until the cows come home.  

Sometimes Tim makes it hard to read but I'm enjoying Eve in Exile by Rebekah Merkle.  I was mesmerized by The Devil in the White City written by Erik Larson.  It's about the Chicago Worlds Fair in the late 1800's.  It isn't a novel but it IS a page-turner!  
 The pink hyacinth I DID buy at the grocery store has provided a lot of joy, good scent, and photo ops.  
 We went to the mall early today.  Frankly, I get bored walking there but I entertained myself listening to the audio version of Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild.  It sounds so beautiful.

This strawberry that sits on top of the smoothie store at the mall is cute, isn't it?  
 Isn't this dusty chandelier fancy?  It hangs at the Italian food booth.  I think it would look nice in our dining room.

Are you happy that it's March?  I am.  I don't mind if the wind blows or if we get a big snow storm.  Do you have a kite?  It might be a good idea to buy one.

Thank you for stopping in. 


Beca said...

It's that time of year when the seasons start to change and the wind blows like crazy. The red chandelier is a pretty one. Have fun with your new yarn. xx Beca

Deb said...

Your posts are always so delightful. Pom. I love seeing your family gathering and your creations. And Tim...well, he's kind of the highlight with me. =^..^= He's getting to be a big boy and so handsome. I think I need to buy me some store-bought flowers for the mouse-house. Enjoy your day, Pom.

Susie said...

I enjoyed your photos. Are little ones precious? I love the popsicle picture. I am glad it is getting close to spring. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Melanie said...

So much fun visiting you today! I like the yarn cubby. Keeps them all organized and easy to see. I sure would love to be in Hawaii right now. Tim is such a handsome guy. He must be wonderful company for you. Love the daffs in the store. We see tulips occasionally for sale but I've not seen any daffodils.

Nana Go-Go said...

Oooooh, silky socks, how utterly decadent!! Love all the colours. I asked my boss the other day if I could pick a bunch of daffs from her garden but she said they weren't ready yet. Then she said 'anyway, they're only £1 a bunch in Tesco(local supermarket)'!!! I'll pick some tomorrow when she goes off to the hairdressers! Your grandbabies are all cutesy-pies. I love hanging pics of my two as well though I'm seriously running out of walls. Your kitty-cat looks very much at home. Much love. xxx

Marcie said...

Love your storage solution for yarn. As I am taking knitting back up, I am wondering where and how I will store the inevitable yarn stash. I need to pick that knitting back up, come to think of it!

Love all the cherry color that you always offer in your posts. I sometimes look at my own, and see such a narrow color palette. Until summer anyway, when the flowers bloom! Thank you for sharing all the color and light of a Pom Pom Life!

Cat Lover said...

So many great photos. Your yarn is so pretty! Love the photos of your grandkiddles and Tim. All so adorable!

Farm Girl said...

I did think of buying a kite the other day. I am so glad you mentioned it. I have always loved flying kites.
I love the flowers and I always enjoy looking at flowers but rarely buy them. They always make me feel so happy. Tim has grown a so much. My stripy came home at sundown. He was a explorer kitty who is grounded.

I love seeing the babies Noah is adorable. I think all of the grands grow up too fast don't you? I love the color of your socks to be. Very nice.
I am hoping for cold weather again.
Have a lovely rest of the day.

Julia said...

A hodgepodge of colorful photos. That baby is so precious. I love your yarn storage solution and all those pretty spring flowers. I never buy them in the store but grow them in mass in my spring gardens. They do cheer me up.

GretchenJoanna said...

My husband really liked that book The Devil etc - It sat on my shelf for a couple of years, and then I passed it on to one of the children, I think. It did sound fascinating!

The tone of your post reflects how I feel right now - I like March well enough, but it's still too cold to feel totally comfortable with nature :-). April will come soon. In the meantime, I can go out for a few minutes at a time and feel refreshed a bit.

We saw some people flying kites on the beach recently, when I was with my grandkids. It made me realize that it's been many years since I had my hands on a kite string.

happyone said...

Always enjoy visiting here and seeing all your pictures.
Try walking in layers, you can always take a layer off if you get warm.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I am glad it is March and it is windy here. It has been warm, then cold, then warm again, back to cold-- Texas can't make up it's mind! The last couple of days would have been great kite days here. Kiddos are cute, Noah is squeezable, the flowers are doing better there than here -- I found some daffodils in the grocery store -- miniature ones -- but there were just little bitty tight buds and the plants were so little. Even the tulips were all closed up. Maybe next week!

Granny Marigold said...

Hyacinths fill the room with their sweet scent that is almost overpowering. I like them but then I seem to like all flowers, don't I !! I never used to buy many for myself but I do more so as I grow older. Time to spoil myself I guess.
I am very happy for March and will be even happier to see April!!

Wood Fairy said...

No kite here, too many trees .. but I would like a handful of windmills, maybe I should do something about that. I saw first snowdrops in the woods this week but it is very muddy and grim out there. Lovely picture of the popsicle kids.

Elizabethd said...

Ballet shoes brought back memories! Only recently I bought a good used copy from Amazon just to relive the memories!

Marcie said...

I meant CHEERY color, not cherry. Lol

Debi said...

I am glad it's March! February was a tough month for me and March is one month closer to warm weather and longer days! I love your photos... I've thought of planting ornamental grass but then when spring comes I forget to do it!

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm glad it's March! Closer and closer to spring! The neighbor kids have a kite or two. And they get them out and fly them quite often. I like your hyacinths. I'm hungry for some pretty flowers.

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

Timothy and my Kit Carson could be twins...Kit can be a terror though. Mr. Molly is the real terror...he likes to chase everyone and, in general, make their lives misery.
Hawaii, eh? How lovely, especially this time of year.

Kim said...

Love your colourful yarn storage and baby Noah just keeps getting more adorable by the his rosy red cheeks. Oh, I think that fancy chandelier would look mighty fine in my humble abode. It seems you will be knitting socks forever and a day, but then you have a lot of lovelies to knit for and keep their tippy toes toasty and warm.

Attic Clutter said...

Hi POM..:)
Love the heart garland cheery..

Lisa Richards said...

Noah's little phone reminded me of something. My grandgirl, Audrey, was practicing her reading with a new Scholastic Beginning Reader. In the story "dialing" the phone was mentioned. She was trying to figure out the word "dial". When we helped her she said, "What does DIAL mean?" Ha ha!! We reminded her of the little pull-toy phone at my house and told her about good old-fashioned dial phones! I tell you, the new generation is missing out! :)
I'm so glad it's March. Winter has sped by, and I look forward to some walking in nice weather. We need to throw open some windows!
I love your yarn storage and Noah's rosy cheeks. And you always have some good book recommendations!
God bless your cozy home and your beautiful family. :)

M.K. said...

I do have a kite! We've had it for nearly 20 years. It was a very good one Adam bought online that can fly in very little wind. It's colorful with a long tail. I took it to the beach last week. It doesn't have sticks and such inside it.

Survive March, Pom! We're getting to spring soon.