Sunday, March 19, 2017


 I found the bunny ears I bought for myself last spring and I've been trying them on different grands. 

Our Jenny took her family to the alpaca show in Denver this weekend.  It was free and she loves animals.  

 I didn't go but I received a treat!  Warm alpaca socks coming right up in a few months!  

Meanwhile I keep working on the big Stephen West design.  It is fun and exciting, but it takes up a lot of space on my lap.  Somebody else does, too!  

Here is Plum's Super Girl.  I think she exercises regularly, don't you?
 The views out the (dirty) windows are glorious this time of year.  We have the kind of windows you can take out of the frames and wash, but have I washed them?  No.  I fear getting them back in but they are so dirty that I can hardly stand it.  One day I will risk it and make them shine.  One day. 

 I've been knitting outside.  
 My leg is actually fatter than it appears in this photo, but it IS pretty amazing that it is MARCH and the temps are so warm.  Thankful. 
 Oh!  Here's the knitting mascot again!  

 Oh, and even a little MORE comfy.  
 Plum comes to visit on Thursdays.  She enjoyed a junk food lunch out on the beat up picnic table.  

Tim is a super napper.  We have not trained him to run and jump and carry out crazy capers.  He follows our lead.  Yes, I guess we're lazy nappers!  

Here I am after walking down to church this morning.  Bill and I have been enjoying the church at the bottom of the hill.  Anyway, during church my sister was messaging me, asking about a dress she just bought and was wearing to church.  Is it too artsy/smock-like? she asked.   I told her I liked it (it is very cute and looked so pretty on her) and that I was wearing a denim dress-ish thing, too. I told her I'd send her a photo so I'm sharing it with you. Sisters think alike.  Sorry for my squinty eyes and reluctant smile.  The sweater I have on is very old.  I ordered it from LLBean a long time ago.  One of my eighth grade students LOVED it and wanted one for herself which I thought was funny since it seemed kind of like a bright granny thing to me.  It has crabs and lobsters printed on its pinkness.  That's why I like it even though it's a bit too small.
I'm wearing one of Heather's posies as is my custom! 

I have a very ordinary week planned.  I always have plenty to do since I dabble in a little bit of everything.  I've been reading a chronological version of the Bible.  I try to stay a day or two ahead.  The Holy Spirit is shedding new light on the old stories and I'm very grateful.  Remember my Rule of Life?  As I get older, I don't want to be weighed down by so many irrelevant possessions.  Do you think your possessions weigh you down?  If I aim to fear God and know Him intimately, what am I doing with a bunch of books that don't point me in His direction?  I'm thinking on this because I have too many books.
I am not motivated to purge our house so that it will look nicer or cleaner.  I am motivated to remove distractions.  I have a lot of distractions. 

Thank you for popping in to say hello.  


Jennifer Hays said...

You look so cute! It's very warm down here in NM right now too. We just came in from a walk and I'm all sweaty. 80 degrees on March 19, almost a record!

Gumbo Lily said...

I like your chitter-chatter. So many interesting things around you. I think your legs look nice! I've been sunning mine today, it's so warm. It's going to change again so I'm taking the sunshine while I have it. You always look so cute, Pommy!

NanaDiana said...

I think that is a great picture of you! I do like the sweater-it is springy and pretty. Thanks for sharing all your handiwork. You do a great job with your yarn!!
Those alpacas and the grandbaby are just darling...ALL of
I hope you have a good Sunday night. It is cold here--too cold for just a sweater yet. xo Diana

Julia said...

Your little Bunnykin is so cute. I think your cat love to lay on your warm knitting listening to those needles click as you knit. Lucky you for getting some nice alpaca yarn to knit socks for next year.
Enjoy the warm weather, we still have lots of snow but I saw some tulips poking out by the chimney where the snow melted and the sun has thawed the ground.

As humans, it's difficult getting away from distractions, there's just so much of it.

Deb said...

Your grands are so cute. Easter is such a fun celebration; my favorite of all. We are still digging out here but the snow has been melting all day and the robins are back and singing up a storm. Spring has sprung. :) And Timothy, you win the award for being the most laid-back, cozy little kitten ever.

Granny Marigold said...

Your knitting mascot is too cute! So is Plum. Her doll definitely must work out a lot and not eat ice cream like I do.
You look nice and Spring-ish in the photo. Happy first day of Spring on Monday.

Kit said...

Look at that kitty! He is one cozy fella. You are looking great! :) Kit

Julie said...

I'll bet timothy just loves it when he sees you bring out your knitting Pom Pom ??!! I love the photo of you - so pleased you are having such warm temps. Our autumn (so far) has been lovely too. Have a super week dear friend xxx

GretchenJoanna said...

I like your outfit - it seems very perky and youthful.

Doesn't Tim like to pull on your yarn and run away with it? If not, how did you get a cat like him? I remember trying to knit when I had kitties, and it was a bit of a challenge!

I got rid of a few dozen books last year :-) I hope to do the same this year. The older I get, the less time ahead for reading, and the less interested I am in reading things that, as you say, don't bring me closer to Him.

Nana Go-Go said...

I love denim too! Love your dress and card I and love that pic!!!!I'm Apollo jealous of your alpaca haul! It's so squishy isn't it. I squished lots at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival last week. That baby is so squishy too!!!Love when all my favourite people come out to blog!xxxx

Elizabethd said...

I love Alpacas and I've always thought it would be quite nice to have one. With our small garden I don't think it would be too practical!

Cat Lover said...

Hi Pom Pom, love the photo of Noah in the bunny ears, very cute! Plum is so adorable too.
You couldn't ask for a better knitting companion, Timothy is very sweet.
So nice to see you in your denim dress, it looks lovely on you.
Have a good week!

Kim said...

Oh, can one ever really have too many books?? =) I think you have found the perfect person for your bunny years. Noah looks adorable in them. Sweet, sweet photo of you, lovely lady; sweet dress and the cardie is so pretty....AND...what a lovely flower brooch. 'Tis the perfect accessory. How adorable Timothy looks resting on your lap. LOVE that colourful woolly.

Marcie said...

I don't know how you knit with a cat on your lap! Even one as restful as Tim would interfere with my "iffy" and awkward knitting skills! lol

Love the denim dress and happy sweater. I think it is sweet that your student wanted one too.

Happy Spring, dear Pom Pom!

Wood Fairy said...

that's a lovely picture of you, I like your dress and flower. I think your need to get rid of distractions is interesting. Some years ago I began this, I cannot abide clutter and tend to throw out things that aren't serving a purpose, including clothing. I will write you about it in my next letter. If you can get rid of the clutter your mind is less cluttered I have found! plus housework only takes a short time, bonus!

Farm Girl said...

Your posts always make me happy. I love your kitty and your happy bright knitting. I love seeing the Llama show. It looks like fun.
I think you socks will be nice.
Cute little bunnies you have.
Your sunrise is pretty. Don't you love seeing the sunrise. I love your sweater and your dress. You look so nice.
Have a lovely Monday.

happyone said...

Maybe some of your warm weather will find its way over by me. : )
How do you find knitting with alpaca yarn? I've heard it stretches out of shape.
Always a delight to visit you. Your posts are full of color and happiness!

M.K. said...

That looks like very comfy thing to wear to church, esp. when it's close enough to walk there. What a treat! I think maybe Timmy is asking you, "Please, Mommy, teach me to knit too!!!" The wool is very pretty. I am so very slow at knitting socks that it takes me years. In fact, I may never finish the pair I have on my double pointed needles right now. They've been there a LONG time, waiting for the 2nd toe :)

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Hi, Pom Pom! Just popping by to say hello. Why don't you have on the bunny ears in the photo? Yes, I have too many possessions. Mostly in my kitchen. I will be packing those up for some body else to use as I don't use them. Too many "stuffs" makes me grumpy!

Kezzie said...

The Alpacas are adorable! So fluffy and comical! I look forward to seeing the soft socks!
Tut tut, SMSing during church! You do look cute in that dress.

Anonymous said...

You're so cute in your denim and pretty print sweater.
Those bunny ears on Noah are so cute! I think it's Noah. The views out the windows are beautiful. Oh boy...I need to wash my windows and blinds! Yikes. I'd much rather buy new blinds LOL!
Have a good week!

Beca said...

Well aren't you the cutest thing. I like what you said about the distractions. I think we all have them. Something to think about for sure.
xx Beca

Attic Clutter said...

OH Pom..
u look so cute the bunny ears, your pretty knitting and all the grands..oh and the leg..ha (:)
thanks on my pic too (:)

magsmcc said...

Oh, so lovely to see all of you as a final blessing at the end! You do so make me smile from very far away. You are joy and thankfulness in a basket x Outside knitting- hooray for outside everything in Lent! Outside with the cobwebs of the mind blowing away, and the promise of good things breathing in. Very you x

elizabeth said...

lovely reading this! it is hard to know how to balance things RE: distractions! God bless you!! thanks for this lovely post!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Always love your collage of pictures and thoughts! Your knitting projects seem to go better with Timothy's help, I think! And how wonderful that you and your sister had the same idea on the same day! Lovely picture of you too... glad spring is coming your direction, it is coming here, but slowly, lol!

Lisa Richards said...

I'm impressed with Super Girl's muscles and your ability to knit up a pair of socks!

I agree with removing distractions from our lives. I often look at my bookshelves and ask myself if I really have enough time in my life to read things just for entertainment. I don't want to overdo the asceticism, but I do need to focus on Jesus more.

You are an original! LL Bean sweaters are always tempting! ;)