Monday, March 13, 2017

March Stuff

Noah is growing like a weed.  Isn't he handsome?  Six months old!
 The sky is pretty in the morning and when I grab the camera I realize again that the pink changes in the blink of an eye.  It'll be a few months before there are leaves on the trees.  Sigh.  
 Last Tuesday I made cinnamon rolls.  I tried to roll them up very tight like my grandmother used to do.  I doused them with frosting and nobody complained about their sugary flavor.  How do you like your cinnamon rolls?  Big and doughy or tight and sticky?
 And it's Easter candy season and will be for weeks to come. 
 We have our resident Easter bunny.  Aw!
 I walked to Bible study last week (huff puff) and there were ducks in the creek.  
 I'm still reading Smoky House.  It's sweet.
 I'm working on the big bat wing/shawl/sweater/wacky colored knitting project.  I'm not sure I'll wear it out in public but it'll be a warm wrap for cold homey mornings.  
 Tim's pretending he's in a tree.
 James likes to talk to Batman and Superman on the "phone".  
 Noah grew a tooth.  Isn't this a cute banana toothbrush?
 These cutie pies are having spring break!  They went up to Estes Park to enjoy the great outdoors!  Aw!  Don't you love those precious smiles?  I do!

James and his daddy flew a kite, but I haven't.  I saw some tiny ones at the drug store.  Maybe I could manage one of those.
The wind is cold so I haven't been feeling very friendly toward it.  
Are you going to buy an Easter dress?  I am not.  I have too many clothes and I rarely wear dresses, but isn't it fun to think about Easter dresses and hats?  Maybe we should just draw pictures of Easter dresses.  Would you like to?  I'll work on that and let me know if you are going to design a dress or two.  Don't forget the shoes and hats. 

It's time to put supper in the oven.  
Thank you very much for stopping in!  


Marcie said...

I like to shop in my own closet... pull out something i haven't worn in a long time and try to "doll it up" with a scarf or a new piece of resale shop jewelry. We are having a "black tie" Easter again this year. I do this so my grown children can meet their other commitments and traditions earlier in the day, and then come to my house for appetizers and fun, glitzy clothes in the evening. I can't decide between the emerald green gown (only worn once on a cruise) or the sapphire blue.

Deb said...

Pom Pom ...Noah is one of my favorite babies in blogland; absolutely adorable. The bird collection on the shelf is cute. And I love Timothy's toes, too. I look forward to keeping the windows open for Annie and Audrey but it's just a bit too cold yet. I don't think I'll be buying an Easter dress but maybe something new for spring. Can't wait. :) Deb

Julia said...

Pompom, those kids are precious, the little ones and the big ones. They grow up so very fast.

Your knitting looks very even, I always have difficulty keeping a steady tension, not enough practice.

I'm not sure that spring is coming as we are getting another snow storm warning. My girls both made it to Canada from Glasgow Scotland just missing the windy storm. One is flying in this evening on the last leg of her trip just ahead of the snow storm. I'll feel a big relief when she arrives here. Can you tell i'm not a fan of airplanes.

Take care and stay warm and safe inside.

Farm Girl said...

My goodness, Noah is already six months? He is growing like weed. I like that tooth brush. Even Timothy is growing fast.
No, I never buy dresses. I wish I wore them more but out here I just get too dirty.
I hope you have a lovely evening. I love your posts.

ann said...

The boys are just so cute. You have had a busy week. I don't make cinnamon rolls. I think I would like the rolled tightly, but probably couldn't get it done. They'd be good anyway.

Kim said...

Oh I think a beautiful Easter dress demands a matching pair of shoes and a sweet hat....oh and then there are a pair of gloves. Your Noah is terribly sweet and how wonderful that James has direct contact with Superman and Batman. You never know when he might have to call either one or indeed both, to get you all out of a spot of trouble. Love your coloured woolly project.

Anonymous said...

Noah is really growing and very handsome! Those smiles on your grands are all fabulous. Growing up we always had a fresh frock and shoes and sometimes a hat for Easter. These days I try to find a fresh top with some Springy colors. I only wear a dress if it's required. Hope you have a lovely week!

GretchenJoanna said...

Timothy's bunny feet are quite cuddly. Looking at just his feet makes me want a kitty!

Beca said...

Noah is a cutie. My kids are home for Spring break this week too. I hope yall are able to enjoy the week even with the snow. I don't normally buy Easter clothes but a hat sounds nice.
xx Beca

Elizabethd said...

Your knitting looks so warm and cosy, lovely colour too.

Lynn said...

Lovely post as usual. You bring much joy ☺

Gill - That British Woman said...

love the photos of the little ones......

Melanie said...

Noah is certainly a cutie! I do like his banana toothbrush. I don't buy a new dress for Easter either. I remember that was a highlight when I was a little girl, complete with hat and shoes, and even gloves! I like cinnamon rolls anyway they are made! Yum. Have a lovely day.

Amy at love made my home said...

Lovely as always to catch up with your news. I haven't thought of new Easter dresses for years, or hats too! Wonder if you will get one. I won't!

happyone said...

Noah sure is getting big. Hard to believe he is 6 months already.
I like cinnamon rolls best tight and sticky but like them any way the come. : )
No, I don't get new Easter dresses and don't wear hats either.
I did just get a couple new skirts the other day. The only time I wear skirts or dresses is to church. I much prefer my jeans. : )

elizabeth said...

so fun!!! Love your beautiful family! that tree/cat picture is lovely! Elizabeth Goudge is such a beloved author!!! Have a great day!!! (did you like how your cinnamon rolls turned out? were they like your Mother's?)

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh your grands are to cute.. Noah is growing like a weed. Won't be long until he is walking.

I used to look forward to a new Easter dress, hat, shoes when I was young. Thought I was HOT Stuff LOL. Now they go to church in jeans, shorts and whatever. We NEVER would have dreamed to go to church looking like that. But I am from the South and then Ohio and we always dressed up for Easter and Sundays. My how things have changed.

Have a wonderful week and stay warm. We have been having 80's and cools off at night for sleeping.


Julie said...

Little Noah sure IS growing up fast !! He is such a cutie. And the other resident cutie is Timothy - he has such beautiful markings Pom Pom. Have a lovely week my friend ... cooling off here so must be getting warmer in your "neck of the woods". xxx

Granny Marigold said...

It's Spring break here too. It's raining ( what else is new?) so it's inside projects to keep the littlest guy occupied.

Your grands are adorable. Cute toothbrush Noah has!

magsmcc said...

Oh, it's too cold today to think about Easter dresses! Though the sun is trying to break through, just in time to save my mood, so maybe I'll venture outside for a quick cuppa, maybe even of soup! Hope your supper was lovely x

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh those sweet kiddles! When I was looking at the Easter candies, I noticed a pink, fluted, glass bowl. I think I have the exact same one. It was my mom's.

My grandgirls were drawing dresses after listening to the book The Hundred Dresses, read by their mama. I loved seeing their designs and wish I could have a couple of them made into REAL! I just ordered a new summer dress from Garnet Hill. I hope I love it. I plan to wear it instead of shorts.

Happy March!

Wood Fairy said...

Lovely toothbrush for little ones, what a nice idea! I got your letter, thank you - it was such a nice surprise to come home to proper post :) I might draw an Easter dress. I bought an Easter bunny for my neighbours little girl and a little basket to put him in, there are some delightful things in the shops here for Easter. I am glad you have found a church you enjoy.

Kit said...

Ahhh, he is so gorgeous! I love his rosy cheeks. You and your Easter candy, you crack me I love all the different kinds! Chilly and sunny here. Most of our snow has melted. Yay! :) Kit

M.K. said...

I LIKE the idea of drawing/painting Easter dresses and hats. I could just see yours, Pom! I also have too many skirts and only wear them on Sunday mornings, so don't need any more. As for cinnamon rolls ... I take them any way I can get them, haha! They are delectable big and doughy and fluffy, or tight and sticky and chewy. I've never met one I didn't like. Stay warm, Pom! We have leaves on our trees down here.

SpicingUpIdaho said...

I love the little peeks into your life. Noah is just precious, squeeze him an extra one for me! Well, all your grandkids are too cute! Love Mr. Tim... I bet he would like to climb a tree! Designing an Easter dress sounds fun, I should talk to my sewing friend about it! Hard to believe Easter is now upon us, seems like the year just got started! Time sure is flying by :) Hugs to you today!

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

Noah is so cute and I love his banana toothbrush xx

Deb said...

Happy Spring to you! We are up to 96 or so here in Arizona. Hope Colorado warms up soon - but I remember growing up in Denver and sometimes we had snow in May and even June! Noah is a cutie and that little banana toothbrush is so clever. Have a good weekend!

Attic Clutter said...

cute :) kitty feet and Noah :)
fun stuff POM..

Cat Lover said...

Love the kitty feet! Your grandkids look adorable!
Have a good day.