Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lots of Stuff!

I'm sorry I've been away from this space.  I DID visit my LYS and found the treasures above.  Watch and listen to the video I made while winding the hueloco skein.  Nicole dyes yarn in Boulder and the yarn shop carries her yarn now!  Weeeeee!

 Prince Tim continues to follow us around the house.  He isn't naughty.  He is CUDDLY.  He's the perfect petty pet for us!  
 Lovely Heather sent my posy order in quick time!  Aren't they pretty?
 Nap time for Tim again!
 Another warm day at the park! 
 And another sweetie pie wrapped in Granny's shawl! 
 A late birthday lunch with Miss Bug! 
 A movie watching/sitting on the sofa afternoon.  Millie Rose kept saying, "Keep knitting, Granny!"  I kept saying, "It's crochet."
 A new pink tea pot at the tea shop (mall).  Pretty!  
 Crocus at the Denver Botanic Gardens!
 I tagged along with Jeff, Christie, and the boys! 
 A weird lemon-y thing with the identification signage below. 

 The Dale Chihuly glass that lives at the Denver Botanic Gardens is stunning!  It was a free day at the gardens so it was crowded.  I asked James what he likes best about visiting there and he said, "I like to run on the paths!"  He does!  
 Afterwards we dined at the Saucy Noodle.  My spaghetti and big meatball in red sauce was delicious!  

 I think I already showed you this, but aren't Dutch iris divine?

 Last Thursday Plum Cake and I had a tea party.  We've been having tea parties a lot lately, using my mama's tea cups, but Plum chose a more modern cuppa.

If you want to experience something adorable, watch this video.

 I got Valentine roses from sweetie pie Bill (even though he was in Australia!)

 The weather was warm enough for outdoor dish washing!

 I've been knitting more socks.

 This yarn is for a Craftsy class knitted basket.
 Hyacinths are on sale at the grocery store.  

 We have good candy to eat.

I took Miss Bug to the Polish Pottery Outlet to buy her teapot for her birthday (she picked out a lovely one) and I bought this lovey mug for Bill. 

 Lizzy picked a fairy house for me when she and her mommy were out shopping and my sweet sister sent me the mouse.  AW! 
That's a drink from a firehose.  I'm sorry for so much all at once.  
Today I am off to the fabric store to buy fleece fabric for blankets we're going to make after Bible study tomorrow.  Two friends are taking them to the homeless shelter.

February is waning and soon we'll be into blustery March and Lent!  
Thank you for calling in!  


SpicingUpIdaho said...

I always like a drink from your "firehouse" it is full of interesting and hilarious bits of your life! But I have to say that the hot chocolate contest video was a giggle hit for me! She is just sooo precious, how can you stand it?! Loved this peek into your life today :)

elizabeth said...

so fun! what a lot of nice things! those roses are so beautiful! have a wonderful day!

Farm Girl said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your videos! Plum Cake is just perfect. I love to see what you have been busy with. I love seeing all of your bright colors of yarn. Your crochet is wonderful.
I have my grandsons this weekend. We need to go do something fun.
Seeing the girls really makes me miss my little girls.
Your roses are beautiful. Have a lovely day, filled with lots of knitting.

Cat Lover said...

Goodness, you pack a lot into your days! Love all the grandkid photos and the video is adorable.
Give Prince Tim a snuggle for me please!

Julia said...

I see hearts and love on your post. That has to be the cutest hot chocolate tutorial ever... I want to taste it. haha.
That yarn winder thingie is the coolest. My daughter the artist has one of them too to wind up her yarns she dyes.
Love your pretty yarns. Wow, that little boy sure is growing fast, don't blink...

Deb said...

That' a lot of stir, stir, stir and pat, pat pat. lol What a little munchkin she is. *love* I she around 5 or 6? She is a lot like our Riley who is six now. Very fun and funny age. TIMOTHY!!!!! You are adorkable. I'll bet he is the cuddliest little character ever. You've had a busy week, Pom. Hope you get to be still for awhile and enjoy those roses.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Sounds like you keep busy and so much yarn. The grands are so cute and growing up so fast.
So glad that you have nice weather. Never know about March do we.

We have been getting lots of wonderful rain and I'll take all we can get.

Have a great week.


happyone said...

Lots going on and I so do enjoy all your lovely pictures.
You are blessed. : )

Julie said...

Hello dear Pom Pom .. another lovely colourful post. I adore your new wool AND your flower brooches.Your weather looks great for the time of year. Timothy is growing up soooo fast. He reminds me of Miss Pippi ... Prince & Princess together. xxx

Granny Marigold said...

Timothy does have a regal look about him.

Your red roses are beautiful but the odd lemony fruit is strange.

Plum Cake is so sweet unfortunately my computer will not let me watch the video.

Keep on having a great week!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see your post pop up. You have been busy. Those grands will keep you young! That little sweetie pie wrapped in your shawl looks so comfortable. Have a good week!

Kim said...

Love your adorable Plum Cake's teacup. She is too, too adorable. How lovely, red roses for Valentine's....so romantic. Always love visiting your place to see the little snippets of your daily life.

Melanie said...

First I have to say what an adorable little girl Plum Cake is! Loved her hot chocolate instructions! The yarn winding machine is amazing. I've never seen anything like it. I always love visiting and see all your lovely photos and what is happening in your life. I wish my Tabbie was as cuddly as your guy. She's very independent and will allow me to show her affection when she wants it. LOL

ann said...

I always enjoy your colorful yarns, so pretty. The baby boy just keeps growing and is so sweet. Tim is just a cutie, too. Yes we must revisit the DBG. Their annual plant sale is the first week end in May, I think. My daughter usually goes. A lot of people. Maybe later in the month. Give ma jingle. Great weather we're having.

Gigi said...

Hi Pom! What a happy post -- as always. You're a bright light in this old world!

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

the yarn is beautiful; what sock pattern do you use?

Henny Penny said...

That Plum Cake is adorable! I was wondering, did she ever taste the hot chocolate? That is the cutest video! I always enjoy your posts. Your flowers from Bill are beautiful! Oh, so is sweet Timothy!

Wood Fairy said...

Oh to make hot chocolate with as much sugar as you please! lovely to see all your doings. We are expecting a storm here today so will be huddling in with hot chocolate and cookies ourselves I expect.

Fat Dormouse said...

What a lovely eclectic mix of photos giving us a glimpse into your life! I love (of course!) the photos of Timothy - he looks lovely & contented. The blankies are beautifully colourful. How lucky we are to have access to such glorious wools and yarns!

Gumbo Lily said...

I love the picture of Noah wrapped up in Granny's shawl. Sweet! And the hot chocolate-making was super sweet! Good things you share with us.

Marcie said...

What a nice visit. I loved the video. Oh my goodness. How did you not giggle with delight as you filmed it? She is wonderful! And, you are wonderful too! Thank you for the color and life and vitality of your blog. I'm always glad I came by.

Kit said...

What a wonderful look into your life! I love that photo of the sleeping babies (Tim and your Grandson!) Lots of color, lots of love and life in your post. What is it about little girls and wanting to wash dishes? My little ones loved to go to Grandmas and wash her real dishes. She of course loved it too!...LOL Kit

Lisa Richards said...

Ah, the etrog, used in the Feast of Tabernacles, right?
Don't little girls love to talk? My little grandgirls love to jabber. My daughter is sometimes weary from the ceaseless chatter, but I enjoy it so much. Of course, I get a break from it. ;)
I loved your news filled post!

Janettessage.blogspot.com said...

Delightful post, full of color and life! Fun, fun!!

GretchenJoanna said...

The etrog is another name for citron. Lisa is right. But it's been used for other things throughout history, like perfume... I learned about it after I brought one home from my friend's tree. If you think it is interesting you really should watch the movie "Ushpizin" in which a citron/etrog plays a big part. It's a good movie for Lent, too!

Attic Clutter said...

oh another fun post..love it..
Have a great week..