Thursday, April 28, 2016

Scattered Joy

 We had so much fun visiting our Ft. Collin's kids this week.  Their yard and the outside of their home is so pretty and it looks like a nice family lives there (because they do!).  Inside is so cozy, too.  April has added so many sweet touches.

 We walked Atticus to preschool and the blooms along the way were breathtaking.
 Finn was walking with us, but here are the other three zooming down the street on their scooters!  Cute Atticus can keep up!

 Here he is arriving at school.
 Getting organized!
 We headed back to the house for lunch.  More pretty blooms!

Miss grown up CB!
And the chickens!  April's dad made an amazing coop!  Lucky girls!

 Old Pugs!  He's a good boy!
 Today my lovely brooches from Heather at Blackberry Rambles arrived.  She added this cute freebie to my order.  You know, I really NEEDED more posies to wear!  Pink, blue, purple!

 Plum Cake came over today and we ate some jicama.  It's tasty!
I have purchased my first geranium.  
 And we had to do a little shopping, Plum Cake and I . . . a bargain bag of chocolate. 
 Miss Bug said to her mother, "I wish we lived right next door to Granny so we could have chocolate whenever we wanted."  Huh.  Well, they are disappointed if it isn't here waiting for them! 
 We do have SOME healthy offerings as well.  
 When we were shopping today I had to spend $1.50 on a skein of dishcloth yarn.  Had to.

 The bulbs we bought from Sam's school are blooming!

 And when flowers grow weeds grow.  It's SO cold today, so I can't weed.  Darn.
James has a tractor parked outside.  Maybe I can get him to work in my garden. 
 This is random,  but I bought some very purple-y sheets.  They are kind of old fashioned, don't you think?  They are not as warm as winter sheets.  Oh well.  There is more cuddling going on in order to keep warm and that's ALWAYS good, right?
My letter writing supplies were diminishing.  Somehow having stickers makes me want to write letters AND journal.  
 This post is getting long (and I hope not TOO boring!)  I ordered this book.  I'm interested in Wales.  I loved the television show titled Stella (I watched it on Hulu) AND Indian Doctor.  I like the way people from Wales speak, do you?
 Elisabeth Luard was featured in British Country Living quite a bit.  Aren't the photos and the watercolors stunning?

 I forget where I saw this (somewhere on the web) and I ordered it (used) just for me because I love ballerinas and ballet stories.  I really love the illustrations in this perfect book.

 I know some of you said you liked the wood angel girl in my last post.  I moved her upstairs. She's flying under the wall map.  I had to move my kitchen window shutter to make room for the birds, remember?
 Sweet Julie from My Threadbear Life sent me the lovely heart in the background.  Aw!  She is SO crafty and clever.

 Teatime again.  Do you know if that green thing is a papaya or a mango?  I forget!

Our Jenny loves her four baby chicks.  Do you think she might be spoiling them?
 PC and I played with Legos today.  She's too little to follow the directions and I am a very unskilled builder.  I thought, "When I am older, I might take up Lego building because it is good for the brain."  

 I've been sitting on the sofa with little girls lately and I find them extremely good company. PC is a bit of a ham, don't you think?
It's after five and I haven't made the bed (yikes!) so I'll put the pork chops in the oven and head upstairs to smooth and tuck that dreamy favorite place.  
Thank you for stopping by today and scrolling all the way to the end!  (BIG APPRECIATIVE HUG!)


TexWisGirl said...

such cuties. and pretty blooms. :) the chocolate made me laugh. :)

Julie said...

A beautiful rambly post dear Pom Pom. That vintage clock hanging from a bracket made me gasp ... it is just soooo gorgeous & would look fab in my home :-) I love the tulips popping thru .. one of my favourite flowers. My Dr is Welsh & I just love listening to him talk. Have a super weekend dear friend x x x

Henny Penny said...

You always have the sweetest posts, but then you have lots of sweetie pies in your life. My flower beds have grown more weeds than flowers. I've just got to start pulling some.

Farm Girl said...

Always a total treat to come and visit with you!!! I always enjoy my visits and I love looking at each of your pictures.
You have such a nice life. Your photos make me happy. I am glad you have had a nice week.

Marcie said...

Lovely, colorful post! The book about the Cooks Year in a Welsh Farmhouse looks wonderful. I have a bit of Welsh in my ancestry, so that culture fascinates me too!

Granny Marigold said...

I bought my first Geranium yesterday. It has pure white blooms with one little streak of pink on each one. I think it's lovely. DH likes red Geraniums. Must buy some soon.
That Plum cake is a hoot, Hope she never changes. I'd love to have chocolate available all the time but my waist would not. Too bad.

Elizabethd said...

My geraniums are just beginning to flower and it is nearly warm enough to take them from the greenhouse out into the big wide (cold) world. Your tulips are so pretty. I do agree with you about writing supplies, we need them all the time! I'm suggesting a stationery swap on my blog.

ML Brinkley said...

Lovely post -- your photos are always so lovely and interesting! It is a mango, I believe and I am very interested in that book on Wales -- I might order it if you enjoy it. My great-grandparents came to Pennsylvania from Wales in 1890 -- they had three kiddos in tow and my grandfather was one of their first born in this country. I fully identify with my Welsh ancestry more than anything else (Almost all my ancestry is English, Welsh and Irish with a tiny bit of German thrown in) so I find the book very enticing. Again, love your posts -- I enjoy visiting every day!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Such a fun post! I really like those posy brooches, so you! Wonderful photos, too. It feels like spring for sure.

Happyone said...

Enjoyed seeing all your photos. Never Boring! Favorite photo is the little chick coming out of the doll house.

Gumbo Lily said...

Lots of good things to look at and be happy about here today! The kids are so cute. They're growing up from when I first tuned in to Pom Pom. Golly!

The Cooking in Wales book looks fun and interesting.

Chocolate -- my Littles love to find it in my cupboard drawer. They know right where to look.

Chilly and cloudy here today too. I'm looking forward to a sunny day soon.

Danette Bartelmay said...

What lovely times you always have with your precious family Dear Pom Pom! I love those brooches... and OH! That Baby Chick!!!
Such sweetness all the way around, as always :-)))

Side note... I decided to purchase the domain on my blog so now instead of the URL being it is
The only issue is that ALL of my followers have disappeared on me!!!
Any ideas as to what to do???
Would you try to REFOLLOW me and see if that works?


Wood Fairy said...

I am always so pleased to see a new post from you. The felt brooches are pretty. I think you would like Wales (so would SB!) Your climate is so up and down I don't know how plants survive there, yet you have some lovely things in the garden. Yes, geraniums are rife here in the shops, we put the trailing ones in hanging baskets and tubs and there is rarely a British garden that hasn't a geranium somewhere in its borders - I don't like their smell but they flower for ages so good value. Betty x said...

Glad you enjoyed sunshine and walking after so much snow. I like how you find joy everyday in the big and little things!

Melanie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed all your photos. I think every self respecting chick should have a little house! How cute!

Nana Go-Go said...

I hope this comment publishes! Always such a pleasure to stroll through your life with you. Brings my heart rate back to normal!Trying times here!Much Love. Xyz

faith76 said...

Great post:) And it's a mango ;)

Amy at love made my home said...

Love your brooches, so very pretty!!

Lisa Richards said...

I enjoy these long rambles through your life.
You reminded me: I would like to knit a dishcloth AND I need a gnome for my balcony garden!
Time to shop for tomato plants and annuals to decorate my balcony. Maybe a shallow dish of water for the birds to bathe in?
Thanks for sharing some of your joy! Hugs, dear friend!

magsmcc said...

Looks like a mango to me. Bed is one of my three favourite things- with food and holidays! My favourite community support worker at Corrymeela is a Welshman. Very interesting guy, and the accent helps! He is married to a Texan and they are bringing up their boys on the windy North Coast of Northern Ireland. Interesting folk indeed! I am making a blanket for Mattman's bed, but must find myself a more spring-like project to thrill the colour-starved soul.

Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely things happening in the Pompom (and associated Pompom family) home. What fun. There is a tree Zentangle on its way to you. I hope it gets there soon!

Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely things happening in the Pompom (and associated Pompom family) home. What fun. There is a tree Zentangle on its way to you. I hope it gets there soon!

M.K. said...

What a fun post! I love the beautiful blue posie that was sent to you. Your grands are growing up SO much. I remember when your oldest girlie (forget the names, sorry!) was so much littler -- how could they have shot up so fast? Glad you're having fun with them.