Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blossoms and Then . . . SNOW

 I found more birds at a different grocery store.  Can you believe they are only $5.99?  What a deal.   They are garden ornaments but I've always liked garden props INDOORS, so tweet!  Yes, we have had a weekend of endless snowfall.  Yesterday I took a two hour + nap because my springy feelings just did not know what to do with winter weather. 

Prior to the big snow, Plum Cake came over.  We found a Barbie for $5.00 so because she wore a swimsuit, PC thought she should take a swim in a bucket.  First, she had to have a swim cap.

 We went to the park for a picnic.  The blossoms WERE so beautiful.  I do not know how they fared with all this heavy snow.  Sad.
 The Foxwood Treasury reminds me of Brambly Hedge.  The stories are not as warm and detailed as B.H. but aren't the pictures darling? I buy used books for dreamy pictures.

A VERY cute badger, don't you think?  Pop over to MK's and see Mr. Badger in all his hygge glory.

I LOVE taking photos of jellybeans.  Just saying.

 James does this when he sees the witch on Little Einsteins.  So cute.

So at least the blossomy beauty was captured.  I shall go on a lilac hunt tomorrow or the next day, to see if they survived.

Here's the star-eyed Plum Cake.

And we have four new grandchicks!  Aren't they precious?  Three days old!  It's really a shame that our Jenny doesn't live on a farm.
We have a good week ahead.  A friend from India is spending a few days with us.  The sun will shine.  I might pull a weed or two.
Thank you for dropping in!  


Kezzie said...

Oooh look at the darling chicks!!!!!! They are so cute!! Your grand-daughter dunking her Barbie is hilarious!!!! Ha! Poor blossom, hope the snow hasn't killed it!!! Sweet birdies!!

Lynn said...

Lovely to catch up with your days. Much love.

Anonymous said...

So many fun things to see here. Oh my that swimming cap! I thought someone was trying to suffocate the doll. I hope the lilacs survived that snow! Plum Cake is such a cutie. Those birds are great. Have fun with your company!

Gumbo Lily said...

We've had a little snow, but not much. More supposedly coming tonight and tomorrow. The tulips and daffs don't mind, but I wonder about the apple blossoms and plum blossoms?

I love the Barbie dip! LOL!!

Cute illustrations in your books. I like storybooks with pretty illustrations to go with a good story.

Stay cozy and enjoy those naps while it snows.

Granny Marigold said...

I buy books for their lovely pictures too. I'm running out of space to put them though!
Too bad about the snow. I hope the trees and lilacs will not be frost burnt.

TexWisGirl said...

love your sweet birdies! good luck w/ snow!

Farm Girl said...

So much snow!! I thought of you when I saw the weather report. I hope nothing is ruined because of it. Just some deep watering. In Farmer Boy, his Dad thought late snow was good.
I love your happy pictures, and how nice to get chicks!! Chicks just make spring so nice.

I buy books for the illustrations too. It was always a must.
Have a lovely new week. Sending lots of warm thoughts your way. We hit ninety today. :((( I thought about laying down on the tile like the dog, I just don't know if I could get up.

Julie said...

Oh I did laugh at Miss Barbie taking a swim in her cap. Just delightful. Your new birdies are gorgeous Pom Pom ... sorry to read you are still having snowfalls when its meant to be spring.

ann said...

I think the little kitchen in the illustration could serve as great inspiration for a dollhouse kitchen. So cute. And cute chicks. And cute Plum Cake. I know, Snow! You received more than wha t we got. Sun is trying to come out. Enjoy your week.

Happyone said...

Oh I love the little chicks. I'd really like to get some. One of these days I will.

Gail said...

Beautiful. Hope the blooms survived the snow.

Melanie said...

Thank you for your visit and your kind comment! I love the bathing cap for the Barbie! I hope the lilacs survived the snow. I am very partial to lilacs Have a blessed day.

Lisa Richards said...

Our colder weather must be my excuse for being so lazy about visiting blogs! Sorry!
I love those birdies. Are they wood?
The Barbie bathing cap is hilarious.
Don't worry. Summer will come.
Enjoy your company!