Monday, April 4, 2016

Bumps, Beans, and Berries

 Woo hoo for April!  I like it so far!  James has been playing with his cousins at Nana's house, crashed the little motorcycle and came away with a bump!  Doesn't he look adorable?  Like a boy not a baby, huh?
We sometimes take him to the mall on Saturday mornings.  Grampy had to take a little rest!  Ha!
 My job:  hold the milkshake. 
Plum Cake went to the dentist today and the assistant asked her, "Did you eat a lot of Easter candy?"  She replied, "I eat jelly beans at Granny's."  Busted.
 I guess it's dirt digging weather!
 And picnic weather!  Do you like Bill's groovy sunglasses?

 When wearing the glasses they said, "We look like grannies!" (Evidently these are Barbie spy glasses . . . uh huh.)
 I've been reading, viewing, playing, drinking tea, talking . . . but really NOT cleaning.  It's time.  What's your favorite way or room to clean?  
I am ready for warm weather and growing things!  
In the meantime, I'll eat berries and oranges, carrots and cucumbers . . . from the grocery store.
Badger left today.  He's on his way to MK's. 
I finally made it to the post office.
More soon!  I love you for stopping by and saying hello!  


TexWisGirl said...

such cuties. little boy is getting big!

Julia said...

Everyone is wearing cool glasses. The weather looks fantastic. I'm so envious of warm weather. We;ll get ours, I just need some patience.
Have a great colorful week.

Anonymous said...

hello Pom Pom! Fun B theme! A little boy with a bump...brings back memories. I haven't been cleaning either and yes it is time. We did do clean up on the outside...
Hope your week will be a good one.

Happy@Home said...

Such fun pictures of the grands. You and Bill are such good and loving grandparents.
As you know, I've been busy cleaning attics and closets and bedrooms. I'm ready for a break from cleaning. It is a great feeling when it's all done.
Your berries look super yummy.

Gumbo Lily said...

Sweet Baby James is getting so big, so BOY!

I like Grampy's groovy sunglasses -- a lot!

The Barbie spy glasses are cool, but not quite granny-ish.

A funny thing: when I take my glasses of to wash them, the grands say, "Gram, get your glasses back on!" Practically like I'm undressed without them. Funny kids!

Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

Farm Girl said...

So glad you wrote a post. I have missed your happy pictures. I love that picture of Bill taking a rest. That milk shake looks pretty yummy. I like your picture of the berries.
I go to the store and all I want is produce. I do like jelly beans though. I think that is funny you got told on.
Such fun things go on at your house.

Granny Marigold said...

So it's finally digging in the dirt time and even picnic time? That IS good news.
Soon it will be the season for fresh local produce. Yum. Your berries look scrumptious.

Angela said...

Just discovering myself that being a Gran is utterly fantastic! I love your sunny pictures [still cold, wet and windy here in the UK]

Nancy McCarroll said...

How did that happen that James got so grown up??

Yummy berries!

Hope your good weather holds out!

Happyone said...

Lots of fun happening over your way. : )
I like to clean a little each day and then at the end of the week it all gets done. Most weeks anyway. : ) I always start with the bathrooms because they are my least favorite thing to clean!!

ML Brinkley said...

Groovy indeed! Great post and lovely pics. As far as cleaning goes -- well, have you ever watched "A Woman of Substance"? In it, the female lead who is a domestic has lofier aspirations and so she times herself doing her duties so she can get done quickly to have more of her own time to pursue her dreams. One day I "timed" my chores and I came to the conclusion that it takes much longer to grouse about it than it does to actually do it so I settled into a routine of running the duster every day and the swiffer every day. I bought a Bona floor care system so I can mop over the floor daily, in the kitchen, or one in a while, whenever I see it in other areas. The cleaning isn't what is really so bad -- it is the keeping up with clutter. My mom used to "clean house" before she went to bed every night and that is a really good idea. Of course, back then, we didn't have nearly so much stuff (our problem is printed material i.e. magazines and mail and such) but it is good idea. Also, I have made a point of not letting a dish sit and that helps too. The big thing though is recognizing and accepting the fact that nobody is ever going to be able to eat off my floors and I can't keep everything dust free all the time -- this is Texas - dust is our middle name. Also, I have taken to doing laundry every morning and not letting anything accumulate. It is easier for me to do a small load every day than walk in and find that the laundry has multiplied itself in the dark and I suddenly have everything in the house to wash. I know that isn't probably ecologically sound but somewhere down the line, while trying to take care of my family and the planet, I have to take care of me too and my mental health is a priority and I can't tell you what too much laundry does to my mental health.

Amy at love made my home said...

You have been having lots of fun! xx

Jennifer said...

You two are the nicest, sweetest grandparents. I want to come over and play too. :)

Wood Fairy said...

Those children must look forward so much to visiting you! I bet it's hard to get them to go home they have so much fun. I think I would involve them in your spring cleaning project, they would love it. I remember as a child being given wads of rags made into pads and sliding up and down our wooden floor with my brothers to polish the entire floor clear of wax - it was fun but tiring! Would be considered child labour nowadays. I like to clean and this week I will start on the curtains, they are dry clean but I know they will wash if I am gentle with them, should I starch them? I don't know how but they might hang better maybe I should google it. I do laundry every day so it doesn't pile up. I suppose the boring old cupboards in the kitchen need a clean next but I'm putting that off. Betty x

GretchenJoanna said...

Ah, you also find it hard to get to the post office? And to clean? I guess I do have somewhat of an urge to spring-clean, but too many other conflicting urges....even if I can't plant all the seeds yet, the birds beg to be watched. It's supposed to be 90 degrees here today ! but then drop down to the 60's again for the rest of the week. Just keeping up with the weather takes a lot of energy ;-) Love to you, Pom.