Monday, September 14, 2015

Such Goodness

The sweet peas are blooming in the messy pine tree garden.  So pretty.
The marigolds are still so stunning, making us all happy!

 Birdie drew her own flowers and gave them to us.
 Brad our bagpiper is thrilled that his pipe band won prizes at the festival up in Estes Park.  Isn't this a sweet photo of them?  April took the photo.  She's good!
 I used the PhotoFunia app to make Sam into a ninja.  Ha!
 There are TWO big golden carriage-ish pumpkins in the back garden!
 And then some tiny pumpkins from the plant that came from seeds.
 This little guy lived in my mom's bird house for a while.  Isn't he sweet, poking his head out to say hello?

More from the House Blessings book:

The First Thought

In the dawning moments 
of each day
my heart
fills with gratitude:
thank you
for my space.
~Joan Noeldechen

A Safe Place

Cherished home,
its pillars and floors,
keep all safe
behind its doors.
Grace the rooms
with peace and love;
let windows pour 
in light from above.
On our porch
amid soft speech,
friends find rest
God within reach.
~Judy Barnes

Houses, gardens, love.
Thank you for stopping in! 


Farm Girl said...

Lovely photos today. I love that last one with the trees beginning to turn. Your flowers are all so nice. It is wonderful to see what everyone has been up too over the weekend. I hope you have a lovely week.

Betty Wood Fairy said...

ooh more lovely words from your new book, thank you! I like your little Toad House - our house is called Touchwood which was named after the pet toad in the magical tv series 'Catweazle' many years ago (uk) (just googled it for spelling and found there is a fan club!), I am very fond of toads, we have one living in the shed at the moment using the old rat hole to come in and out. Well done your Brad for picking up prizes for his backpiping :D

Kezzie said...

Pretty photos!! So impressed by the pumpkins!! They are gargantuan!!!
Oooh, well done to the Bagpiper!!x said...

Wonderful post and beautiful house blessings! It's always so fabulous to hear bagpipes! Congrats to your piper!

Debbie Mitchell said...

Really enjoyed your photos and post :-)

Jeannette said...

Happy autumn to you!

Happyone said...

Oh didn't know you had a piper in the family. : ) I love the bagpipes. When we lived in Scotland I took lessons from an old Scottish piper. Never did learn to play them very well though.
As always I enjoy your photos.

magsmcc said...

Pumpkins in your garden love!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Lovely post! Next time, tho, I'd like a video of Brad playing bagpipes!


Lisa Richards said...

Love the little red barn!
Congrats to Brad! When Bob and I were first married we lived close to Estes Park, right above Lyons in the mountains. Pretty spot!
You're having too much fun turning people into ninjas. ;)

Granny Marigold said...

I like the sound of bagpipes and wish we had one in our family. When DD1 got married ( the first time) she was piped in to the church and it sent shivers up my spine.
Your Marigolds are still so nice while mine are looking very bedraggled
and I think tomorrow I should pull them out.
Your toad houses are so cute.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Those pumpkins! They need a few mice to sit alongside them.

Amy at love made my home said...

Still so many pretty flowers! The pumpkins are pretty cool aren't they! xx

Gumbo Lily said...

I love your marigolds. I'm going to plant more next summer.

The hand-drawn flowers are so special!

Men in kilts -- I like!