Thursday, September 17, 2015

Outdoor Sights, Alison Uttley, and Binge Watching

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 I've decided to walk more and do it in the morning before it gets too warm.  I have some good and cushy walking shoes with purple shoelaces.  They are just the shoe for me, but I spilled Coke into one of them when I was riding with Jenny in the car yesterday.  Drat.  It's okay and easily remedied.   I enjoy the neighbors' plants like the sassy grassy one above!  So green, so good.
I picked up quite a few fallen leaves and placed them in the pages of the House Blessings book.  There is nothing quite like finding a leaf in a book.
 One of the neighborhood parks (there are four!  Blessed!) is still so green and lovely.  Millie Rose was gleeful as she took some spins in the tire swing!  JOY!
 The beautiful Front Range!  Our mountains are so magnificent!

 Because we pulled out all the riff raff in the garden, the roses are saying, "THANK YOU!" and blooming again!
 The jolly geraniums are doing the same!  
 My old car is breaking down.  The swirly indicator that tells you that your brake pads are going out has been lighting up.  The locks don't work.  The trunk won't stay up and it's heavy.  I can't hold it up with my head while I place bags of groceries inside.  The mirror adjustment knob has disappeared somewhere under the seat.  It's been a good old car but it's time for a new one so I am excited!  Today we are going to go buy a shiny station wagon for Granny!  Woo hoo!  

I'm glad you guys are interested in Alison Uttley.  She was VERY spunky and smart.  Here's a link to the diaries.  I am very nosy so I love reading diaries. She's extremely frank and sometimes crabby, but I read every word.  She did not illustrate her books but her stories are soothing and homey.  Just my style.  She had nice illustrators.  Don't you love the picture below? 
The hedgehog!  The red shoes! The bunny face!  The quilt!  Yes, I love her books.  I just read Little Grey Rabbit Goes to the Sea.  She, Squirrel, and Hare have colds and the owl suggests some sea air.  They travel in a gypsy wagon (the horse knows the way so nobody has to drive) and they have a wonderful day at the ocean.  They all fall asleep on the way home and they leave their sniffles behind.  So darling. 
I do believe in reading oneself picture books regularly.  It's good medicine for soft squishy hearts.
Thank you for coming by and saying hello today.  After we buy the car I must go to the post office and mail my mom a box of books, an art package for my art buddy,  and some socks for my new friend Clover.  She's gathering socks for the homeless. 

Yesterday at the grocery store my favorite "checker" was telling me that she has been binge watching on Netflix.  Isn't that a funny newer development?  We used to have to wait for our shows to come on television but now we can watch whenever we wish.  Do you binge watch?  I know my students did because they talked to me about their "shows".  My favorites are old "Keeping Up Appearances" episodes.  I find Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet, ha ha) so funny, so predictably bossy.  I LOVE "Doc Martin" and I watch the seasons over and over.  I watch "Miranda" on Hulu (she is so funny and I loved her as Chummy on "Call the Midwife").  I sit down to read and write and fiddle on my laptop so I don't watch a lot because that's too much sitting but now that I am knitting more, I might. Any suggestions?
Take care, good human.


Farm Girl said...

What a lovely early morning post! I am so excited that you are going to get to go car shopping. Your flowers are wonderful I love Chummy too. I think it sounds like fun to binge watch shows, but I don't think It would make me feel very good inside. Like eating a whole red velvet cake with a fork.
I haven't really watched anything lately. I have been listening to Railway Children on headphones as I hook.

I hope you have a lovely day today. Full of fun things. I am glad you are walking more. I love the idea of purple shoelaces.

Bye for now

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Beautiful Autumn in your area!

Used to have Netflix but didn't watch. So got rid of it.

Our library system has many, many offerings... But same way... Take them out and don't watch them. -sigh-

Oh well... :-)

Betty Wood Fairy said...

how exciting to get a new car! a station wagon sounds big, with 4 wheel drive? good and sturdy with plenty of room for lots of grandchildren. I love Miranda Hart, she's funny in everything she turns up in. I am getting excited as a new series of Poldark will be coming to the UK later this year and the last series of Downton Abbey - but I don't binge watch, I can't sit still very long and get fidgety. Betty

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Such a beautiful view you have of the mountains, I miss them.
And the parks, four of them? That must be a lot of fun.
I have been getting out and walking as soon as it's light enough
to see to beat the heat. Today it is overcast and cooler, but I
saw that 90's are back in my future.
Enjoy a wonderful Thursday.

TexWisGirl said...

coke in the shoe made me laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here nodding my head about how I should be out walking and yet here I am still sitting here. Oye! We've enjoyed Miss Fisher on Netflix. It's an Australian detective series...
Now I'm going to my library page to see if I can get some Uttley books.
Have fun getting a new car!

Happyone said...

An early morning walk sounds great to me. : )
I like the shows you mentioned too. Have you ever seen As Time Goes By? It is one of my very favorites. Judi Dench is in it.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Thank you for reminding me of Mrs. bouquet, re Bucket! Will watch!

Aisling said...

Love this perfectly Pom Pom post. So chatty and warm. Love the image of granny in the station wagon! :)

Elizabethd said...

Lovely Alison Uttley. I had all her books as a child, and in fact still have some of them!

karen said...

beautiful flowers and I hope you found THE car that will make you happy!! I do love to shop for new to me things :)

Julia said...

I do not binge watch TV shows anymore but I've been binging on comments on followers blogs trying to catch up. I didn't even post anything on my blog yet.

It's impossible to sit very long as I have curvature in my spine that causes problems if I sit too long so today I went walking for about an hour just to loosen up. It felt so much better.

I hope that you like your new car. I always hate to change cars as I get used to drive one and then I have to get used to drive another.


Granny Marigold said...

I'm excited for you that you get a different vehicle. It's nice to have a reliable everything-works kind of car Recently I saw a 1948 Dodge coupe for sale. It was red, my fav. colour in cars. DH dashed my hopes by telling me that it had no power steering and was a standard. I never mastered the whole let-out-the-clutch gently thing.

Your Roses are so amazing! Still blooming like that in September.

Debbie Mitchell said...

Beautiful post!! I love the idea of putting the leaves in a house blessing book :-)

Kezzie said...

I like 'Keeping up appearances' but I can't stand Hyancinth- SO obnoxious!
Those illustrations are brilliant! I love them!!x

Lisa Richards said...

I can feel that Rocky Mountain air and sunshine!
I had never heard of Alison Uttley, but I will certainly check her out. The illustrations remind me a lot of Beatrix Potter's art.
Congrats on the new car! Exciting!
I find myself binge watching YouTube videos of people doing flip-throughs of their journals and sketchbooks. Imagine spending time doing that! Some of them just show their stacks of blank journals. They have a journal hoarding habit, lol. I must admit to being drawn to the office supply aisle at Walmart. :)
I also like Doc Martin and watch him on YouTube, also. I don't have Netflix.
I love reading picture books! Yay!

Gumbo Lily said...

It sounds like you DO need a new car! I hope you find just the right station wagon. Do you ever remember riding in the car and a group of kids piling in the back of a station wagon before seat belts were mandatory?

I don't really watch much TV, but sometimes I get into a mood for British movies like Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, North & South, and others.

Catherine said...

Hello Pom, hope you're liking your new car.
I do so love the darling picture....the little red shoes indeed!
I found Butterfly Kisses in little golden book form today. Perhaps I shall read it aloud to myself tomorrow.
I love all of your shows...& Poldark as Betty suggests (you'd love Damelza, I'm quite sure). I am enjoying Grantchester here on television (fancy that!) ever so much. It's charming, British, witty & warm.
Much love Catherine x0x0x