Thursday, September 10, 2015

Art Buddy, Family Fun, and an Art Date

(Pop over to Kezzie's and see what Badger is up to!  He's having a ball and learning music at school!)
My blog art buddy, Lisa, sent me some goodies!  Isn't this lovely?
 She made me some friendship bracelets.  Love!

A bookmark!

 SO cute, right?
Book club was GREAT!  We sat together for three hours, drinking coffee, eating cupcakes, talking and talking.  I like getting the house clean.  Why don't I feel so inspired more often?

Jenny spied a praying mantis at her house!  A bit different than Katy, don't you think?

 We had a lot of fun getting together on Labor Day.

 Once a month, one of my friends and I are going to have an "art date".  We had our first one this week. I picked her up at her house.  First we read Philippians 4:8:  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things.
Then we prayed that God would open our eyes as we went on a "flower field trip".  
 We began at a garden center. We both LOVE pretty things and we saw SO many pretty things that day!  

 A fairy garden!

 We both bought pansies and produce.

 It felt right and good to treat ourselves to some real beauty.  We then went on to a flower shop.  I sort of got caught up in the toy corner.

We soaked up a lot of beauty there (closer to town) and then headed south for a final flower destination. We were getting hungry so we stopped at a bakery for sandwiches. 
We enjoyed great conversation about how we can love what we look at and receive that as a gift from God.
I packed us each a "kit" that included pens, pencils, Sharpies, and journals.  The plan was to sit at the park and reflect, but we ran out of time.  
Next month it's my friend's turn to plan our art date.  I'm looking forward to it very much!
Do you ever go out on art dates to simply look at what you find beautiful?

I'm going to knit for a while and then get ready to go for my yearly mammogram.  Jenny and I might walk at the state park after that.
I hope you have a cheerful day today!
Thank you for coming by to say hello!


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Thank you for commenting on my latest rant. ,-) I appreciate all views, and again, thank you for giving me yours.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Got a chuckle out of you saying about how it feels good to get the house all spiffy....

I say this, every 2 weeks, when our cleaning lady comes. I get everything neat, and she cleans. And it is marvelous. :-)

Why don't I keep it up, all the time?????!!!!!?????

Well I do keep things mainly neat, I have to. It drives me crazy, having un-neat-piles around. But still let little things, get not neat. :-)))

Farm Girl said...

The sun is barely coming up over the smokey mountains. I am so glad my morning started with you. I love all of the colors and the happy thoughts. You always think of such fun things to go do. Nope, I never even heard of a art day but it sounds wonderful.
I hope you have a lovely day today. A walk sounds incredible where there is good air. :)

Betty Wood Fairy said...

Only by myself, I do like garden centres, the ones here stock things for the home, for preserving and even have a pet area so there is lots to be tempted by! we don't have any good craft shops around here so if I do find anything inspiring I snap it up! Lovely to see your art day and purchases - isn't it fun just looking and browsing, not even necessarily having to buy everything to enjoy it?! Betty x

Jayne M said...

Looks like you have been having a wonderful time. What a great idea the art date is - we so often forget to simply delight in the wonders of God's creation. Your photos are divine - I so enjoyed looking at them all. said...

I love that idea of an art date with a friend! Beautiful. Your Labor Day gathering was filled with good things, too. That salad is making my mouth water! Have a wonderful Thursday.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Your book club sounds like it was a lot of fun.

I love the idea of having a set time to create art, creating really is
so important..
Loved seeing all the beautiful photos, especially seeing all the
cute toys.
Have a great day!

Kezzie said...

The art club is such a good idea!!! I love all your beautiful inspiration! God made so many beautiful things and gives skills for people to craft beautiful things too! Your gifts were an example of beautifully crafted things! I love them!
And your kitchen is JUST BEAUTIFUL!xx

Happyone said...

So many pretty pictures. : )
My book club was great too but we didn't get to eat.

Happy@Home said...

Your art date sounds like such a fun idea. I enjoyed seeing the many pretty things you saw. There really is a lot of beauty around us if we open our eyes to it.

TexWisGirl said...

such cute stuff! loved the bookmark!

Granny Marigold said...

There are so many lovely things to comment on in your blog today ( as usual). First of all...I love your kitchen with the whimsical cupboard handles!
I have never seen a praying mantis. Don't think we have them here.
I adore the "birds on a line" pillow and would love to find one just like it.
I just know I would have spent a lot of time looking in the toy corner. So much cuteness.
An art date sounds like fun. I think Julia somebody, maybe Campbell, talks about art dates in her book. I used to have it but passed it on to my daughter.
Wow. That is a long comment.

Gumbo Lily said...

Your Art Pal gave you some special gifts. What fun!

I enjoyed your art day very much. I love flowers and I do see them in an "artsy" way, I think. It seems I am giving thanks to God often for the gifts of beauty He brings me on a daily basis.

Aren't we blessed?!

Nana Go-Go said...

Wish I could go shopping with you. Such lovely things. That pic of your kitchen through the little heart hatch looks straight out of 'Country Living'! Have a great weekend, my friend. x

Aisling said...

Thank you for taking us along on your art date. It was fun, fun, fun. I have a friend with whom I go to an iris farm in the summer, and some fun resale shopping jaunts.

Henny Penny said...

Such a pretty, colorful, interesting post. I love your kitchen cabinets, especially the red heart cutout. I also like the idea of the art date. That would be fun.

Lisa Richards said...

Glad you like the little things I sent. :)
I just love your green cabinets with the colorful knobs!
Thanks for sharing your delightful family pics and all the pretty things you saw on your art date. What a good idea! I especially liked the bird pillow. I can see that on your denim couch. (Or mine, someday!) So many beautiful things in God's world. Good to think upon. You are having one busy summer!

Heather LeFebvre said...

Now this is a most wonderful idea!!!! I'm going to do this when I get older and have more time. :) Sounds like something my mom would love too!!!!

M.K. said...

Thanks for all those lovely photos, esp. that last one with the flower arrangement -- gorgeous! I haven't had much time for that kind of a beauty-hunt but I'm so glad you had a grand time with your friend. And thanks for sharing. The stitched dolls are quite cute. I want to make some of those.