Monday, September 28, 2015

Another Old Treasure and September Goodness

(Check on Mr. Badger! He's singing British songs and playing with party poppers at Kezzie's!)
 Here's another great old read from my youth!  Smile!  Have any of you read this?  My sister-in-law introduced it to me and I loved it from the start.  The two authors really delve into all the happy aspects of motherhood.  I like the buoyant way they approach the order of a mother's day.  I'm going to dig in and enjoy it again and remember how interesting it was to mother our kids.
My friend Reve gave me two fun books for my birthday!   

 The last few days have been VERY warm and I have been telling myself, "It's late September.  It's late September.  It is NOT too hot to walk the neighborhood streets."  It sort of works.
The men are digging a new water line down at the park.

 There is a squirrel that comes right up to our picture window and stares at us.  Bill captured him yesterday.  
 Yesterday I went to Jeff and Christie's to make pickles.  Jeff is a serious pickle-maker!  He let me taste one of his ginger pickles (from a previous pickle-making day) and YUM!  It was SO good!  Ginger pickle is a lovely little term, isn't it?

 I'm so jealous that a barred owl perched in my brother Dan's tree!  They have a lovely woodsy garden up in Washington.  Isn't this a sight to see?  He put in on Facebook. 
 Kelli gave me this delightful set of flashcards.  I know!  I had no idea that fairies appeared on flashcards!  SO CUTE!

 And Jenny gave me my favorite toys!  PENS and PENCILS!
 Christie and Jeff gave me FUN paper products!  I'm thrilled!  We are going to have a tea party soon!  I found my favorite scone mix at the grocery and I bought two boxes.  

 Kelli gave me the teapot and teacup above.  Aw!  They KNOW me.  Reve found the delightful little skeins of yarn.  They are tiny and perfect.  What shall I make?

 Bill's roses are still going strong.  They smell rich and delicious.
 Reve wrapped the books in this cute calico. Isn't it a fun color combination?

 I'm still coloring a tiny bit.  It's fun!
I'm off for a walk with a friend.  We'll meet at the trail and view the leaves.  After that we'll pop into the closest Starbucks.  James is getting his hair cut today so Christie will bring him over.  I'll take a picture of the big boy!
Oh yay!  It's Monday!  Mondays are high and happy!  Happy Monday to YOU!


Farm Girl said...

What lovely birthday presents you received!! They look like you full of bright colors and lots of fun. I love seeing how you are loved.
I like your coloring pages. I guess that is why I hook rugs, just coloring in wool.
It sounds like a lovely Monday. Mine will all be out of the house today. It will be nice I think, I stay home too much I think.
Have a lovely day.

Terra said...

I enjoyed Mothers Almanac too, when our kids were little. I just bought my first coloring book for adults, titled Enchanted Forest. It is a fun pasttime. You sure got a lot of goodies for your birthday. May your year be filled with blessings.

Gumbo Lily said...

Lots of fun birthday goodness! They do know you!

I do not know the Mother's Almanac, but it looks like it would be a good book. There is so much seriousness that goes into mothering that I think some lightheartedness needs to be mixed in too.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'd forgotten all about the Mother's Almanac. I wonder if I still have it ...

What wonderful birthday presents! I especially love the tiny skeins of yarn.

I had the same thought as Jody--your family certainly knows what you like!


Jeannette said...

I think, Miss Pom Pom, you might be the original cheerio color bomber of the internet!

GretchenJoanna said...

Your birthday presents sound pompomishly splendid!

It was from a library copy of *The Mother's Almanac* that I learned to do "Blitzes," a quick and sometimes wild tidying-up that is timed for only five minutes, so that the kids can get back to whatever play and projects they were doing as soon as possible, and the mom can reverse the entropy for a while.

At this distance it's the ONLY thing I remember, but I do have this image of myself poring over that book for several days... said...

What a fun bunch of birthday presents you received. Love that shot of the squirrel. Lots of good things to see in this post. We like our pickles here at this old house. I'm jealous of that owl spotting by your brother, too. Have a wonderful week!

Jayne M said...

Gorgeous post! I love your books - I wonder if I can get a copy of the Mother's Almanac from somewhere? And the mini skeins are so cute - look forward to seeing what they become.

eclectichomelife said...

Just popped over from Amy's blog. What a wonderfully happy positive voice you write in. Happy Monday to you too and belated birthday greetings

Granny Marigold said...

I would love to see an owl again. I did once, while on my walk. Crows were making such a racket so I looked to see what they were going on about and there was a Barred Owl just sitting quietly in a tree, not paying any attention to the noisy crows.

I love all your gifts. The tiny skeins of wool are so pretty I don't think I'd be able to even use them. Just keep them to look at every day.
If I find a nice colouring book for adults I think I may get it. Colouring used to be fun so why not now?

Sue McPeak said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Your gifts are so YOU! Everyone knows you so well and are very thoughtful with their gifts. Hope you are having a wonderful fall.
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

Lisa Richards said...

Fun presents! They really DO know you! :)
Enjoy all your new toys, and that beautiful Colorado weather. It's still summery here, too, though a little cooler. :)

Lisa Richards said...

Squirrel? I thought it was a capybara!!!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

"There is a squirrel that comes right up to our picture window and stares at us."

I remember this from Instagram. But you didn't explain it there!!! Now I know what was going on!!!

On IG, it looked like a close-up of a shadow. And I couldn't imagine getting that close to a squirrel, to take that close up of his shadow. Eeeeeeek.

Amanda said...

Wonderful owl sighting! They are one of the few ones that are out in the day, so most likely to see. What a treat! Great coloring book, too. Next week we are going to a lesson at the art museum on Zentangle - the art of grown up doodling. Grown up coloring is really "in". Glad you had a wonderful birthday! Here's to another great year. :)

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday! It looks like you had a lovely celebration and many nice gifts from your loved ones. It has been very warm down here in NM lately too but it looks like it will break this weekend. I'm so excited for it to finally feel like fall! I hope you're having a good week so far.

Amy at love made my home said...

Lots of lovely fun things happening at your house right now! I love a bit of colouring in for grown ups myself! xx

Aisling said...

Love the pretty calicos and Felt So Good looks so fun. Are those fox and rabbit finger puppets I spy?! I love finger puppets for some silly reason!

M.K. said...

That rainbow of yarn skeins looks so sweet! I hope you make something delightful with it. I'm assuming that you have seen the gorgeous coloring books in Michael's of mandalas and other neat books for adults -- they are SO cool. I envy you your time with your pens and pencils. Coloring and painting is so relaxing! The roses are pretty and romantic :)