Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Toadstool Grew

 Another toadstool grew and even though the green one I showed you fell to the floor and broke into pieces (yikes!) this shiny little "stool" came in the mail to replace it, I guess. When Birdie and Miss Bug played here, they found the toadstool Lynn made and moved it.  There's just something about a toadstool house, I tell you.
 It's still very dark outside this morning.  I need a yellow cup to "sunshine up" this Wednesday.
 I'm wearing my new corduroy "big shirt" which is a delicious "robin's egg blue" and WARM!  Yahoo!
 Bunnies on my feet.  I am very thankful for the bunnies.  I glanced through my gift list (you know about 1000 Gifts, right?)  It's encouraging to read what I've been thankful for.
 I'm dabbling in I Thessalonians these days.
 January is almost over and the LOVE month waits.  Hearts.  Valentines.  Roses.  Birthdays. (We have three in February!)  The baby has not chosen to arrive yet.  Maybe today!  
Somehow it seems like this week should be a bit further along than it is.  I'm a bit droopy.
I'm definitely going to look out the window more today.  I need the light.
What's outside your window?
Where do you see hearts today?
"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."  John 16:33.
(God be with you.)


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Cute toadstool. Love your house shoes... comfy

Rain here today...a lot of rain, and a heavy heart over a little one that is arriving in heaven, so praying for her family...your scripture goes with the issue of today...thanks for sharing.

♥ Tina said...

I bet no-one else says this...look at your lovely tanned legs!! Mine are a shade of bluey-grey-white from lack of sunshine. :( Hurry up Summer! (although I don't think lots of sunbathing is a good idea) but I want to feel the warm sun!

Your toadstool is cute! Still praying for your new baby to arrive safely soon! :)

Lots of love, xxxxxxxxxx

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

What a great post! It gave me smiles, especially those big lips on the wall. Hope you have a great day!

Lisa Richards said...

Love the cozy shirt and slippers, and the painted tabletop! Did you paint that? How whimsical!

I also love your 1000 Gifts list. I hadn't heard of it before, but it's a wonderful idea.

I also like the idea of "dabbling" in the Bible. I tend to put off reading the Word until I can "do it justice" with a large slice of time, which seldom happens. Dabbling would be good for me!

I used to bemoan the fact that I have a pear shaped body instead of a thin one. Now I thank God for my "sturdiness"! I see you did that on your list.

Joy to you and strength for the week!

Betty said...

Lovely toadstool, cosy slippers and a kind cuddly grandma waiting to hold that new baby! Blessings to you all.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

You do look so warm and cozy in your bunny slippers and your BigShirt. Yellow coffee cup is a nice way to start the day...I used my Pink Heart cup for mine this morning and it reminded me that February is just around the corner.

I like your calendar and the LIPS clip! It's true...LOVE STAYS!

Farm Girl said...

I wanted to visit you this morning, but I had my three grandsons come early so Momma could go see the baby doctor. We did flashcards. The two oldest are 4 and the soon to be not-the-baby, it was so much fun to hear what they would say, but then to see that the two year old can read letters because he always tries to keep up, just shocked me. :) One of my grandsons when we were looking at X for Xray said, you can't take the skin off to look at your bones, it would hurt." I tried not to laugh.
I hope your new baby decides to come soon. My son who will be 19 on Feb.3rd was due Jan 15th I keep reading all the notes I wrote in my Streams as I waited. Such a neat diary to see how God walked with me. He did deliver me in His time. :)It is hard waiting though.
You make me smile and you make my day. I found a lovely red and white mushroom and I was going to take a picture of it but a little boy played with it and now I can't find it. :)
Have a great week.

The dB family said...

The heart month stuff will go up here on February 1. I'm still enjoying some wintery stuff for now. I hope you had a good, cozy day!

Love and hugs!

wayside wanderer said...

I noticed your tan, too, and I am sooooooo jealous! Today we had a LOT of much needed rain. So much that we now have flooding, but the lake where we get our drinking water is still 10 feet low.

Outside of my window has been a bunch of ducks eating all day long in the pools that have formed in the yard from all the rain. They love the rain! And so do I.

hazelnut said...

Poem on your calender..says it all, really!

Hope you hear sweet little cry very soon :)

Pom Pom said...

Hi Alex! When are you going to start your blog? Smile!
Leslie and Tina, Sometimes I use a light self tanning spray on my legs. I rarely sit out in the sun because I am fair and I have freckles. It must have been the light that made my legs look tan!

Gigi said...

Okay, you're going to have to rename your blog "Pom Pom's House of Toadstools" ;)! Love your growing collection! And aren't there some great diy's for making them out there - crocheted, knitted, felted, - so many crafts, so little time ;(. And I'm still envying your bunny slippers - must gift myself some one of these days, but I'm always buying yarn -- hee hee.
♥ ♥ ♥

Sara said...

Your new toadstool is lovely. It's Thursday now and I hope your week is moving along at a comfortable pace.

Love the bunny slippers! And the glimpse at your 1000 Gifts...yes, I've got one of those amazing lists going too.

Blessings to you today.

Gumbo Lily said...

Hi Pommy!
I'm popping in on my coffee break. I thought that maybe the new toadstool would have a lil baby underneath, but not yet. I'm anxiously awaiting his/her arrival.

I hope you get some sun to cheery you up. Love the color of that corduroy shirt!


Patrice said...

Your toadstool looks like it needs a woodland fairy sitting under it:)

Catherine said...

"scuse me can I please have a turn on your toadstool?
Your corduroy looks cozy. I love the comes in such great colours. I could easily have missed your reference but I have just come across A 1000 gifts. I like your list...a lot. I have watched the video...delightful! & read excerpts from the book..did you love it? It sounds like us..I hope that you suddenly found yourself at the end of the week...phew. Dark & cold & winter is draining. I just got some sunflower seeds in the post..I'll plant them for you this time! x0x0x

Attic Clutter said...

HI Pom~
Oh yes almost Valentines Day (:) Love red and all hearts..the toadstool is darling love it ~!!
the new jacket and slippers too.. and especially the darling blues on that sweetie in your banner(:)

no spring chicken said...

I LOVE my corduroy 'big shirts'! But I don't have robin's egg blue...

Hearts to you my friend!

Blessings, Debbie

libbyquilter said...

it's a beautifully written book and continues to encourage me to "see" my many daily gifts. some are cloaked in camoflauge but yes, they are still there for the taking and appreciating.

outside of my window this morning i see quite a number of doves gathered around the bird feeder pick, pick, picking at their bountiful breakfast . . . i see frosty dormant grass and imagine the greening of it as it begins to wake up to our lengthening and warmer days . . . i see the light from a bright sun in a blue cloudless sky . . . so much to see . . . thank you Pom Pom~!


Mrs Thrifty said...

I had a great aunt who always gave Beatrix Potter for our early birthdays. I still have my copy of Mrs Tigglywinkle along with Apply Dapply nursery rhymes in which I have attempted to write my name! I simply love her books and read them to my own children when they were little. I have the complete set now. Did you watch the film 'Miss Potter'? It is one of my all-time favourite films. x