Wednesday, January 11, 2012

There's an ONION in the Neighborhood!

 Hello!  First off, here is a puppy face for you.  This puppy is big now (he is my neighbor's grandpup) and I'm sure glad I took this picture of Kelli's hands around his darling face.
 Another neighbor gave me this little pin for Valentine's Day last year.  I wear it often.  I love heart brooches.  I wish I had them in all different sizes.  Maybe I should start making some?  Purple hearts for heroic friends.  Golden hearts for kind friends.  Good idea.
 Look at the abundance!  I'm so thankful that God made apples.  What a delicious treat they are, bite after bite.  I like how noisy they are, too!
 I did go for that Sunday walk.  We have "leftover" snow everywhere.  I guess it's still pretty nippy outside.  

 As I was walking, a mother came out to the sidewalk and asked, "Can you do us a favor?"
"Of course!" I said.  
Little Cooper was called and this white ball was slipped over his head.
"What is it?" the good "artistic" mother (and the father, too!) asked me.
I hesitated.  I'm glad I took my time.
"It's an onion."  (I hoped I was right!)
"HOORAY!" they exclaimed!  
Cooper will perform in a play.  He makes a cute onion.  I remember when one of my favorite literary characters, Harriet M. Welsh, played the part of an onion in her school play.  Have you read Harriet the Spy lately?  It's been a fun and inspiring read for me over and over again.

I've been thinking A LOT about summer.  When I was young, I did not like the heat OR the possibility of heavy swimsuit wearing, but now I cherish summer.  So, here are a few apricots for you.  Don't you love their fuzzy skin?  Aren't they a magical color?  I like them dried. My mother calls them monkey ears.
Which reminds me . . . it's time to eat my dried plums.  
I'm off to school.  It's library day.  Who doesn't LOVE library day.  We'll all be cheery!
Don't forget to pass out a few pats on the back today.  Everyone needs them.  I hope you get at least one hug and maybe a kiss or two!
Thank you for paying attention to me.  I am paying attention to you.  Bye!


Elizabethd said...

Yes, I can see that it is indeed an onion!
What a lovely snowy landscape you showed us today.

Fat Dormouse said...

Yep. Definitely an onion!

I love your photo of apples. I'm very fussy about my apples - I've only found one type I really like (Ariane) but when I see them I always buy loads. I've got a tray downstairs waiting to be eaten.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'd want to play the part of an onion, but perhaps if there were other fruits and veggies to dance around with...

Library day, the best of days! xxx

Betty said...

Looks like you are eating very healthily with all that fruit! It looks so pretty with all your snow, but I am grateful we are having milder weather as it will keep our heating costs lower. Bettyx

Farm Girl said...

How sweet you knew it was a onion. That makes me laugh.
I have a thing about hearts too. I love library day too.
I did in grade school. I remember loving Friday's because after lunch we went to the most wonderful library at our school and I would get books and then get to read them before the school bus came and then the ride home. I always have loved books.
Wednesdays are always good days. I also love the puppy face.

no spring chicken said...

Oh how I've missed my Pom Pom and her random cheery inspiration! Why did I stay along so long? Seems ridiculous now!

{{Hugs}} Debbie

Carolyn Phillips said...

So glad you knew it was an onion. I think the bit at the back would help, but without that I wouldn't have been too sure.

The heart broach is lovely and somehow seems just right for you.

wayside wanderer said...

Sweet puppidy-uppity face! Oh my. I need one now.

And GOOD guess, Pom Pom. Bravo! I hope that onion has a green hat somewhere, the kind with shoots sticking up. haha He is cute.

I just got back from the library. Trey is going to read The Great Turkey Walk with his literature club. I've never heard of this book...well, until NOW.

Hugs and pats from Texas.

Happy@Home said...

Visiting your blog today felt a bit like getting hugged and I had to restrain myself not to lean forward and kiss that adorable puppy.
Your neighbors sound delightful. That pin is adorable. No wonder you love to wear it.
I do love apples and apricots. Love to feel the soft skin before eating.
Good guess on the onion. I can see it, but I'm not sure I would have guessed correctly.
Loved the snowy walk under the blue skies. We have had 3 days of gloom. So unlike NC.

April said...

Cadence gets to go on a field trip to the library on Friday with her preschool class! The kids are very excited for the summer and another granny camp! They have already been talking about it.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Just stopping by to give you a pat on the back, a big hug and a smooch!!! Oh, and to wish you a Happy New Year...I'm late doing that, but I thought of you and the Cold Colorado Snow. We had snow on Monday night then bright sunshine Tuesday...snow is gone!

Lovely pictures of your snow, puppy, onion boy and apricots. Hope your New Year is off to a great start!

The dB family said...

At least he's an onion that doesn't make one cry :o)! Oh, that puppy face! I want to take him home as a friend for Maverick!


The dB family said...

That beautiful blued-eyed face in your header is precious too!

Gumbo Lily said...

What a cute onion boy! YOu were so nice to help them. I like your walking pictures and the left-over snow.

I am always amazed at the amount of beautiful fruit and veggies at the grocery store. We Americans are so blessed to have such abundance.

I like paying attention to you, Pom Pom. You're nice.

ann said...

Well, I'd say that the old worn out snow is now nicely refreshed. Did you slip slide to work? Here in Northern Colorado, no snow. Not a flake. But is is darn cold and windy. I didn't have to go to campus today. I am back to the routine, but I have to admit to getting very tired by the end of the day. Thanks always for you kind comments.

libbyquilter said...

those apricots look delicious and you're right they are lovely to look at(especially in that pretty bowl)and so soft in the hand . . . yummy~!

CUTE puppy~!!~


The Provincial Homemaker said...

I love your new backdrop with the toadstools - so cheery! Good guess with the onion. I guess it does rather look like one:)

Elina (Healthy and Sane) said...

Hehe, this post is so random. I love the reminder that summer is coming back eventually. And the pup... omg i want him!! :)

Attic Clutter said...

oh cute cheerful post Pom (:)
and thanks on my lil' hoody guys too..

Thistle Cove Farm said...

cute, cute puppy!

Patrice said...

Cute pup! Your photos are so bright and cheery.I enjoyed my visit today!

Helen said...

Hello Pom Pom. Just popping in to wish you a Happy New Year, and to thank you for being such a faithful friend and calling in to say hello every so often, even though I haven't been around much.It is lovely to 'see' you. Thanks for visiting, dear friend. I am well, thank-you. x

Gigi said...

So much goodness -- puppies, snow, hearts, apples, & onions ;)!
Merry Weekend Friend!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute onion ~ and your scenery oh, so lovely! What pretty blue skies and I love the path! And that heart pin...yes you should make some too!

Sweet blessings on your day (and weekend) Pom Pom!


Shey said...

yum! Apples! Cute puppy! My 2 year old nephews loves to eat raw onions! hehehe

Kerri said...

You are eternal sunshine! I love that about you. That puppy is adorable and I'm so glad you guessed correctly with the onion suit! Your snow looks pretty. It's been cold and raining here today and I just looked out the window and there is snow on one of the mountains! It has not been the best summer! On the upside the first apricots should be ready to pick. I wonder where yours came from?