Sunday, January 22, 2012

Three Girls and Flowers

 I spent the weekend with three fairies.
 Sometimes fairy wings get heavy, so fairies rest them when they can.
 Babies don't get heavy.
 Flower files.  Needed badly when winter comes to stay a while.
Summer will be back soon, won't it?  I think so.
Still waiting for the baby to come.  Bless you, April.  
My dad told us that when his mother would see him out the door she would put her hand on his head and say, "God be with you."
God be with you.  


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Sweet post. I'm hoping spring is coming soon...I have daffodils and tulips in the house to remind me!

Farm Girl said...

I love your weekend, it is always nice to spend a weekend with fairys.
Flowers help brighten the dark days.
I love that blessing,
Have a wonderful week, I hope your new baby decides to come for a visit.

ann said...

The little fairies have the best pink kitchen. Hubby thinks we will have an early spring. Horticulturist daughter says we will have a cold, rainy spring. Have a good week.

GretchenJoanna said...

...and with YOU, Dear Pom Pom.

April said...

Thanks, MP! Glad you had fun with the girls.

libbyquilter said...

yes~!!~ flowers are a welcome sight right now~!


Betty said...

How lovely to have a blessing on your head every morning! I would like that - I never let me sons leave the house without shouting out 'love you, have a lovely day' because I want them to walk up the road with a positive start to the day. Soft mummy stuff. Your fairies are very pretty. I am so longing to see flower shoots breaking through in the woods to signal Spring - primrose should be with us soon. Bettyx

Anonymous said...

Sweet little fairies. :) Praying for your new special someone to arrive safely. xx Yes, the sunshiney days are coming, even if it still feels cold and dark. I always send my menfolk off with a "have a good day! love you!". Your Grandma's send-off sounds so good. xx

M.K. said...

God be with you, dear friend! Yes, summer is coming. One day it will fee warmer than colder. Your skin will tell you :) That little kitchen is just precious.

Elizabethd said...

How nice to have fairies around the house, makes for a perfect weekend!

Attic Clutter said...

oh so sweet Pom(:) ya flappers won't trip on their skirts(:) I like that hugs,P

magsmcc said...

And God be with you! What magical fairies! How could they not be with your magical genes! Sorry not to have been savouring your magic so much lately- have been trying to put my house in order- in many, many ways!! Oh it is good to read and savour and smile with you! Boys incessantly asking about Willows now! And I even have some volunteers to do things with them when they come! I think their first stop will be to the Irish souvenir shop in town though- woudn't that be fun for starters!! Must also get back to Beatrix Potter- spring in our steps and in our vases- I have branches and branches of pussy willow that I must get a shot of soon! Love, love, love xxx

Gumbo Lily said...

Sweet fairy girls! I am thinking of April and will keep her in my prayers.

Lisa Richards said...

Your granddaughters are very blessed to have you for a grammy! You make their lives magical.
I've always made sure I was up to eat breakfast with my kiddos and send them off with love. I can't bear the thought of someone leaving home in the morning with nobody to see them off. Just another soft mommy! :D

Left-Handed Housewife said...

So nice to spend the weekend with fairies! And yes, summer will be here before you know it, so enjoy the gloomy cold while you can!


Happy@Home said...

Oh how fun to spend time with the sweet fairies in that adorable kitchen.
I'm seeing signs of spring in my yard so I know it's on the way.
Love the thoughts of your grandmother sending her children out the door with that wonderful thought and "God be with you, too."

no spring chicken said...

Oh pink, oh girls and babies, oh flowers!! God be with you... :)

Blessings, Debbie

Kerri said...

How fun to have fairies to play with! Hope baby comes soon x x

The dB family said...

Those are some very sweet fairies! Praying for your new wee one's impending arrival.