Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Year

 "Eternal God, who makest all things new, and abidest for ever the same:  Grant us to begin this year in Thy faith, and to continue it in Thy favour; that, guided in all our doings, and guarded all our days, we may spend our lives in Thy service, and finally, by Thy grace, attain the glory of everlasting life; through Jesus Christ our Lord."
    ~ Order of Divine Service for Public Worship

 "But winter people are the best and there are few of them.  They are the friends who are deep and true, once you penetrate to the secret warmth.  The surface may not be as gay and charming but under the austere surface runs the living sap of loving-kindness."
          ~  Gladys Taber

 Happy New Year, Winter People!
I am reading The Last Child In The Woods:  Saving our Children From Nature Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv.  THIS child is going to go outside more in 2012.  I may build a collection of toadstools inside AND outside!  I've  been thinking about walking through the neighborhood, down to the park where the creek is and hanging around there for while.  

I put this fine green pepper in our chili last night.  Isn't it incredible?  Doesn't the smell of green pepper shout FRESH?  Raw peppers give me heartburn. Drat.  
2012 = Flowers. Fresh vegetables. Fruits.  Herbs. Hanging around outdoors. Life.

This photo is a bit foggy (sorry!) but I like it because I took it two years ago, just before Easter.  I was fixating on the concept of an "Easter dress" and I drew this picture of one of my favorite childhood Easter dresses.  My mother made a yellow one for me and a blue one for my sister.  Bless her for her ambition and her follow-through.  This dress was soft, ladylike and fairy-like, too.  A gathering of tule made for a twirl.  Let's start thinking about our Easter dresses, do you want to?  I haven't had an Easter dress in MANY decades.  Even if we don't acquire one, we could draw one, make one for a doll, or write a poem about a past Easter dress.  Easter.  Glory Hallelujah!
Group hug, Winter People!
Happy New Year!


Happy@Home said...

Happy New Year, Pom Pom. So glad I have made your acquaintance through the wonderful world of blog. I so enjoy my visits here.
Love that quote by Gladys Taber. I have a few of her books and think I will dig them out once my house is back in order.
That nature deficit book sounds very interesting too. I think kids are missing out on a lot by not getting outside more to play and let their imaginations run wild.
I like your ideas for 2012. I still have lettuce and parsley growing outside my kitchen door. Can't wait to get out there and use them for a nice fresh salad. Sounds perfect after the excess Christmas cookies I've been eating.

Farm Girl said...

Have a good start to your New Year, It has always been a big gripe of mine that children do not get to live outside as I did, or have a dirt road to wander along just to see where it went or in the hot days of summer sit beside a creek and watch the water bugs skip across the surface. My children were more fortunate than most as my grandparents lived where I now live on this land so we could get away from the neighborhood.
I think it helps the mind to rest to be outside. When our kids were younger a mother told me that her kids said, "oh lets not go over to their house we always have to stay outside and play. "
I love your pictures today Pom Pom.
I look forward to reading a whole year this year of all of your thoughts.

Betty said...

Happy New Year to you! So glad I blog with you and that we have these lovely chats. I will join you in your new interest in toadstools! Easter seems a long way off but already I am thinking of Spring flowers and New Life. Bettyx

Anonymous said...

Happy new year dearest PP!!

An Easter dress? What a wonderful thought! Yellow seems the best colour, although maybe a soft, lemony shade for me. Or a pretty green. Spring like, light and airy! Ooh, how lovely! :)xxx

ann said...

I do love the little girl in crocks in the snow. Happy New Year, Pom Pom.

Jayne said...

Happy New Year Pom Pom. As I was born in January, I guess I am a winter person, and your description seems to fit me! Once I get to know someone I become a loyal friend. I love your sunshiney pics!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh we are having sunshine here...been in the 60's and 70's and I am well as taking my boys along with me...I will be doing more this year. Nature just calls to come visit...and who doesn't enjoy God's creations?

Love your quotes...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Debi said...

Happy New Year! I love your Easter dress drawing, it brought back memories of white shiny goodness how many pairs of those did we have over the years?

The dB family said...

Is your snow melting? We have had so little snow this year compared to last year. We even had a green Christmas -- which really isn't that unusual here, but still for the Wee Three's sake we were hoping for some snow.

I totally agree with you about green peppers and freshness!

Happy New Year!!


Gigi said...

Happy good year to you darling Winter Person! And yes, let's get outside more this year - what a good plan;)!
P.S. darling header!

M.K. said...

Your grandbabies are so cute! The pic at the top seems to say, "Oooo! Grandma! You surprised me!" :)

An Easter dress? I haven't sewn one since I was about 16. I'd have to give that some thought. I'd love to make one for Julia though.

I'm desiring fruits and veggies too. I'm very weary of sweets and carbs right now. I agree about the "Nature Deficit Disorder"!! Definitely need to be outside more, when it warms up :)

wayside wanderer said...

Snow, hot cocoa, pepper (I love a red one), and all the lovely mushrooms. You have such a cozy place here.
Happy New Year!

Susan B said...

Happy New Year Pom Pom!!

I enjoyed your delightful photos! That hot chocolate looks very yummy too.

I haven't had an Easter dress in forever. I loved dresses that twirled when I was young!

Enjoy the first week of this New Year! :)

Alex Lynn Smith said...

Hey PomPom,
I just wrote a longish message and managed to get rid of it all by myself!! Here, a short version:

Thanks for a breath of Spring air in your last sweet post.
I don't have a blog:- techie is my enemy- but would like to try...maybe 2012 is the year?!
Blessings to you from Norwich, UK xxxxxx


Happy bright and shiny new year ... I wish you mushrooms and toadstools and veg and blooms and all that makes your heart happy in 2012

Can you believe the moderation word is "foodi"



Attic Clutter said...

oh I love the Easter dress drawing so cute..and of course the blues eyes-banner and the other cute kids..
Ya I hear ya on having to go back to work I remember doing that a few years back staying home now.. am watching the tv SPECIAL- Candy Spelling -a show all about her moving out of that huge mansion ~!! interesting stuff.. SHE HAS way way to much stuff- collections of doll and beany babies (:O)hugs,Patty

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Happy New Year Pom Pom; love the Gladys Tabor quote, she's one of my favorite. I'm a winter person, sitting here, watching the snow fall and expecting six inches by tomorrow. I, go to town tomorrow so hope the roads will be clear.

Gumbo Lily said...

You create the loveliest drawings. I think you should make a book or something. I like the Easter dress your mom made. I haven't had an Easter dress in a long, long while.

I am always amazed at the beautiful fruit and veg that we are able to buy at the grocery. Aren't we so blessed? That pepper is BEAUTIFUL!

I am curious about the The Last Child in the Woods. One thing I insisted on with my kids was being outdoors and looking at nature. Now they thank me.

Blessings Snow Baby.

Aisling said...

A Bright and Happy New Year to you, Pom Pom! I have wanted to read Last Child in the Woods for some time. I need to do that, now that I have a long break from reading college level texts! ;)w