Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm a Turtle. I'm a Sheep.

 Prayer of the Tortoise

A little patience,
O God,
I am coming.
One must take nature as she is!
It was not I who made her!
I do not mean to criticize
this house on my back --
it has its points --
but you must admit, Lord,
it is heavy to carry!
let us hope that this double enclosure,
my shell and my heart,
will never be quite shut to YOU.
                  ~ CARMEN BERNOS DE GASZTOLD
                      Prayers from the Ark
I love that little prayer.  I am a turtle who loves hares.  What are you?
 Samantha Rose and I had fun on Sunday.  She came over while her parents went to the Denver Broncos football game.  
 The sky was Sunday BEAUTIFUL!  Yes, the snow was very short-lived.  Aren't the trees fantastic?
 There was a nip in the air, so Sam wore her hat and mittens.

 She's growing up!  Look at her baby picture below.
 What a lamb.  I snuggled and kissed her.  She smells delicious.  We wore her out with lots of exercise, so she took a long nap.  The rhythm of the day with a baby is so light and holy.  Bliss.
 It's time to buy and EAT waxy pumpkins.  Have you bought any?
 This time of year is so . . . happy.  Cider in a fat cup,  stories in the classroom, sun glow through the maple trees, Halloween excitement, Homecoming football games, the promise of pumpkin pie, and a million other little delights make October welcoming.  In a week and a half I get a week OFF from school. Bill and I are going to Maine.  I've never been there and I am very much looking forward to sniffing the Atlantic Ocean and eating a lobster.  Have you read Sarah Plain and Tall?  She was from Maine.  I might read that book to Bill while we are there.
In the morning, I am reading A Circle of Quiet by Madeline L'Engle.  Here is a thoughtful line you might be blessed by:
"Humility is throwing oneself away in complete concentration on something or someone else."
Do you like that?  I do!
It's true, isn't it?  Our journey into our soul, where we find Him doing His gentle housekeeping; that's good self work.  The rest of the time (smile) we focus on people (they can be fascinating) and serving others.  We create, losing ourselves in play.  We go to the map (our Bible) and we gain that other-centeredness that is the secret to FOREVER.  Still a sheep, bumping up against other wooly wonders, heading HOME.  
Baaaaaaaa.  Come on, let's go!


no spring chicken said...

Beautiful words of wisdom presented in bubbly Pom Pom style! Love it. And I love that sweet little grandbaby of yours. I wish you were close enough to share. I know you would... ;)

Blessings, Debbie

Elizabethd said...

What a little sweetie your Sam is!
The Engle quote is very thought provoking. Thank you for that.

magsmcc said...

What I think I really need to do when I read your posts is keep one of the notebooks (you sent me!) right here and make notes on all the different things I want so much to say at every point, but then forget in the next Must Say Thing! I am going to use this poem in a post tonight, I think- is that alright?! I looked at pumpkins in the supermarket today but didn't buy- as it's not hallowe'en yet- and they're only here for Hallowe'en, you know!- and I knew I wouldn't have time to make soup tonight! The humility line is very very provoking this evening! In our church we have a worship leader who writes his own stuff as well, and he has an amazing kids' song called I just want to be a sheep, baa, baa, baa, baa. We love it- I must see if he has it on youtube! (Love your glasses- I ordered new ones today finally so I might be able to see soon! But they're very different from these- shall have to decide if they'll go blogging!)

MamaF said...

Oh i loved 'Circle of quiet'I should read it again. And little Sam is so adorable !! And she is growing so fast.
Have the nicest week !

The dB family said...

Samantha Rose is such a beauty! I adore her blue blue eyes. That quote by Madeleine L'Engle is wonderful! I just finished reading A Wrinkle in Time. She's such a fascinating writer. I love the poem too. Turtles are such wonderfully curious creatures.


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I am refreshed and blessed by your lovely words and photos. Thank-you! Gosh, Sam is a doll and I love her wooly hat and mitts. Hard to believe it is already that cold in Colorado when it's still in the 80's here in Texas. I've never been to Maine...will look forward to seeing it through your lens. Love your quilty background!

wayside wanderer said...

I want hair like yours! I'm for sure a turtle, but not always the best of sheep. Circle of Quiet is one of the books I have in a pile waiting to be read. I just like the title.

Farm Girl said...

As always awe inspiring and full of words that make me pause and think. I am excited you get to go to Maine. I did love the book Sarah Plain and Tall. Such a sweet book.
Your baby is gorgeous and so is her Grandma.
I like your turtle prayer and I am a sheep too I think.
Have a wonderful rest of the week. It has been such a busy week, It thought today was Thursday,
So I baked so my kids could have a fun evening of eating goodies then they told me it was only Wednesday. :(
I knew yesterday was long, so I guessed I thought it was two days long.
Have a nice rest of the week.

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh that sweet Sammie Lambie is adorable. She has sure grown up into a big girl! YOU are a sweet lambie too, Pom Pom. You look as though you are going to read us a wonderful story.

Thank you for your wise words. I want to be "other centered" too. That's how Jesus wants us, doesn't He?

Love to you,

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

Your posts usually put me in prayerful mode PomPom, there is always plenty to go and think about. I am feeling wooly this week and need to re-focus, hopefully our holiday will help with that. Amber knows we are going, she doesn't like suitcases and is sleeping on my feet to make sure I don't sneak off. Bettyx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

1. That is one beautiful, growing-up baby.

2. I love wax pumpkins, but feel slightly ill after eating two. Which does not stop me from eating a third.

3. Sarah Plain and Tall is wonderful; I bet you'll like it.


Brad M said...

Lot's of fun! Autumn months are the best. You look like you lost weight in your picture. You are such a pretty mama! I love you so much!


The Provincial Homemaker said...

What a great prayer.

It looks like you had a lovely time with your granddaughter. WHat a special relationship you are building.

ann said...

You just make me smile.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

What a cute little Bronco you have :) And is that a Bronco afghan? I feel football in the air, for sure :)

no spring chicken said...

Oh dear! You saw the post. Mole will be mortified... Please don't let on that I told, he's a bit embarrassed about the whole thing.

I'm trying to be quiet right now, the poor dears are really sleeping hard again tonight. You know, travel really is hard on us when we are 'mature'. It's O.K., they still have a quiet day today. They need to rest to be on their game tomorrow!

As for the book... it has been personalized here at no spring chicken. :) Soon it and the Willows will be whisking away again, this time to Minnesota.

Blessings, Debbie

Happy@Home said...

That is such a sweet little prayer and an even sweeter granddaughter!! I can see why there was a lot of kissing and snuggling going on.

The quote is great. I think I need to start a quote journal. It seems I see such good ones in the blog world.

How exciting to be headed for Maine. I've been there once in the 80s, but it still stands out as a wonderful trip. Can't beat New England in the fall.

Kelli said...

What a wise granny you are. I like the turtle poem and that you love hares. I think it's easy to think, "I am a turtle" or "I am a hare" and tell oneself that you like only those like you. What big heart, big thinking to realize the beauty in both. Smart and good to know oneself. :)
I like the label "sheep again" (ha :)) and your cute new quilt blog wallpaper. It looks similar to a quilt you have at your house.
I should read that A Circle of Quiet. Tricia Williford's blog has Madeline L'Engle excerpts/quotes often (teachingtuckandty.blogspot.com).
I love you, wise granny. <3

Gigi said...

Hi Pom! Love your new backgroud (some day I'm going to figure out how to do that ;) and header! That little picture of Sam cracks me up -- what a look of determination -- she is gonna eat that mac and cheese, isn't she? And loverly photo of you too Lovable Darling ;). And what is that knitty blanket I see behind you? Did you make it?
Isn't fall most wonderful? And yes, I have certainly bought (and eaten) me some waxy pumpkins and candy corn and mini peanut butter cups for the candy jar. My Lovable DD used to like to eat candy corn with salty popcorn -- sounds intriguing, doesn't it?
♥ ♥ ♥

Erica said...

Sweet little prayer and an even sweeter granddaughter! It looks like you had a lovely time with your granddaughter.

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