Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hoot! Hoot!

It's time for owls, isn't it?  Remember when Beverly Cleary's Ramona Quimby squashed Susan's owl?  Did you make paper lunch sack owls when you were a child?  Just saying.  You might want to draw an owl today if at all possible.

This morning I've treated myself to some long looks at Lisbeth Zwerger's art (she actually does not capitalize the first letters of her name).

Isn't she pretty?  She looks like an artist, I think.

Love this snuggle bug piece from a Christmas book.

I'm reading a wolf story to my students tomorrow.  Thank you, MK!  Isn't this painting interesting?

I wonder what kind of a story we could come up with to go with this painting.

Pleasantly spooky mermaid, don't you think?

I've posted this one before, too.  Don't you love their clothes?  Why don't we dance more?  Why don't we wear neutral colored dresses and black tights?  I wish we did.

Well, is this a dancing day?  I'm not as light on my feet as I once was, but grannies should dance.  Bring on the music!
Thank you for your sweet comments on my last post and thank you very much for sharing your wisdom, your ideas, your suggestions, and your LIFE!  Wow!  I love many counselors.  


magsmcc said...

I went to the book shop today, to collect the ausio book of three men and a Boat for my dad, and spent lovely minutes looking at the encouragingly wide range of books that might be Just Right for Mattman. Came away with Mr Majeika- a teacher of whom you would approve, methinks, and the first in a series of books about twin brothers who become transformed in various insects- with lots of insectology thrown in for good measure. He seems approving enough thus far! He has to read for 20 minutes everyday and has done well so far, but keeping him supplied with Good Stuff is Good Work for mum! I think I'll have a little dance just now. A tired but happy little dance, and then I'll go and see of I have any dark tights and light skirts for tomorrow! I shall think of you all day and smile! Love the idea of a link to the last Willows post- very good, A+. I didn't get around to an itinerary. Do you think little updates would do?

Farm Girl said...

Very lovely pictures and is that last picture from that fairy story about the Golden goose? I collect old books with fairy tales in them and there is a picture like that in the story. Yes, I love drawings and I still sit and stare at them.
I still like to make owls out of paper bags.
You always make me remember things that I feel silly telling anyone. I just can't help myself when I have a brown paper bag.
Have a lovely Friday,

ann said...

Really interesting art work. Really does capture one's whimsical side, doesn't it. The pictures made me happy. Owls of late don't make me quite so happy for I think they are eating my cute little cotton tails out in the pasture. We hear the horned owls at night now, and we aren't seeing the little bunnies dancing in the pasture. Balance of nature, I know, but it still makes me sad.

Gigi said...

LOVE the illustrations -- you always find the best ones! Tomorrow, I'm going to wear a neutral dress & black tights (wonderful piccy!) -- not so sure about the dancing but I'll try.
Hoot ^v^!

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

Pompom, the picture of the little people crammed in the bed reminded me of our family, my mum used to line us up on her double bed and put our coats on back to front so we just stuck our arms through them and wore them like a blanket, then more blankets on top and all cuddled up to keep warm - we didnt have any heating in those days except coal fires downstairs and could see our breath in the air in the winter in the bedroom, but we all kept warm like this! Wish I could come and hear the story you're reading today - I think storytelling is a skill and when you get someone really good at it your imagination really takes off. Lucky students. Bettyx

Elizabethd said...

Owls for me are spelt WOLs.

Brad M said...

Lovely owl and paintings. More dancing would be nice. More singing too. Something in our culture has blinded us to the wonders of singing and dancing for ourselves. Such a pity. We can still sing and dance anyway!

no spring chicken said...

It does look wonderful... the neutral dresses with the black tights! So, why don't we?

I would love to be an illustrator. Problem is I'm not an artist. I've tried to figure out how to get around that one but somehow it just seems like a necessary requirement...

Hoot, Debbie

Gumbo Lily said...

I think lisbeth is a beautiful artsy-looking lady too. Lovely art. I've been hearing the owls hooting lately. I need to take HP out owling some night.


The dB family said...

Have you read Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat? I think you would enjoy it very much. If I can find it any time soon, I will send you a copy.


wayside wanderer said...

I just popped in here after looking at an owl mantel and owl wreaths here: You might enjoy taking a peek (if you haven't already).
I enjoy discovering new artists...and I like the thought of not capitalizing my name, though, as a teacher that is difficult to pull off. Artists get to have so much fun.