Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Pictures

 Brace yourself, this is a long post because I was in a very picture taking mood!  First, I was reading my annotated The Wind in the Willows this morning, so I drew Ratty's house with Mole upstairs in the best bedroom.  Oh, it is SO fun to follow their travels.  Click on Debbie's post on my sidebar so you can see the fancy digs they are enjoying in Oregon.  
 I'm such a Susan Branch fan, so I was thrilled that the book selling people at school were selling THIS!  It's a recipe/scrapbook.  Perfect!

 Snap! Snap! Snap!  

 One reason that I haven't been sketching and doodling much is because my laboratory is a little disheveled!  See?
 A bit random here, but years ago I bought these plates for Christmas and just recently, the grands have been noticing them.  I'm so glad that things I bought for our kids are now being admired by our little people. I KNEW they were a good thing to buy!

 I thought you might enjoy a peek at my messy knitting book stash.  Some people have yarn stashes.  I have book stashes.
 Okay, and on with the walking shoes!  My friend Ronda and I headed down the trail today.

 Look!  It's Toad Hall!  There are some HUGE houses on our walking route.  

 This could be Ratty's River (love how KG capitalizes River)!

 We go to Starbucks for a gab.  Hot cider with carmel squirted in the cup and a chocolate doughnut.  Soul food.
 Then over to Ronda's to see her new pine beetle eaten patio structure.  The pine beetles eat the trees in the Rockies and smart people use the wood for other things.
 Ronda takes knitting classes at the local yarn store and LOOK at these beautiful squares she made!  Now she is sewing them together.  

 My sweet sixth graders enjoyed their first dance after school yesterday.  Have I told you lately how much I LOVE eleven year olds?  Aren't they fantastic?
Tonight we are having clam chowder for dinner.  I am getting my taste buds ready for seafood in Maine!  I bought a pumpkin cinnamon loaf at the bakery, so we'll have that, too. Fall is tasty!   I do love weekends, don't you?  Thank you for looking at all the pictures, nice person.
I raise my mug of cider to you.  CHEERS!


GretchenJoanna said...

Snapping the pictures is easy, but it's work to put them up into a blog, I think....I like looking at your book stash; I had to look up Laurel's Kitchen Caring on Amazon to see if it was a knitting book or a cookbook :-)
...I can imagine Toad speeding along that lane overhung with trees.

Angela said...

Cheers! love the autumnal colours. Checked out your book stash - dont have any of the knitting books you have!
off on MY travels tomorrw, down to London to see darlign daughters
weekend blessings x

Farm Girl said...

Visiting with you is like a mini vacation for my mind and soul. I love all of your pictures and I love the colors on the trees.
Your walk was just lovely.
Thanks for all of your pictures today, it looks like fall where you live.

magsmcc said...

Well, do you know, dear Pom Pom that I am raising a take away cup of cocktail from the Lyric Theatre straight back at you! Love the red houses on your walk! Isn't the Willows' pad just fabulous? Look how those eleven year olds love you too!

M.K. said...

The Touring Trio are making progress! Yippee! I love the pics of your walk - what beautiful trees! Have a blessed weekend :) Cider sounds good!

Gumbo Lily said...

Beautiful pictures, especially of the great outdoors. I liked seeing the knitting books and the knitting. How you ladies do it is beyond me, but I'm admiring! The 6th graders are so cute! Yum to the pumpkin cinnamon loaf. I'm not sure if I like clam chowder or not.


I've been looking at the moon too.

Bonnie said...

Loved this post!!! Wish I was on that walk with you...I almost felt like I was. Thanks. Now I'm needing a Starbucks caramel cider and chocolate fix.

And I LOVED LOVED your knitting books (sort of makes me feel less guilty about my crafting bookshelf:)

MamaF said...

Pom Pom this post and the pics made me wish I could drop by for a tea and some chat !! I wish it was possible ! But who knows maybe in the future ! Only the the Lord knows what's in store for us !


blackenpot said...

Thank you so much for popping in to my blog.
A norwegian flea marked... well.. all the pushing and shoving!! I have just come back home with absolutely nothing. But one does get a good buzz from going to flea markeds.

Thank you for sharing and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

LiteraryLadybug said...

There is so many wonderful things to look at here!Love the teacup collection. Love the knitting pictures. Love seeing the pictures of your walk. Want Starbucks. Love the outdoor grill area. Love the book stash.... Just oodles of fun and interesting. Thank you for sharing! :)

The dB family said...

Your post is soul food! It is a feast for the senses. It is too bad we can't smell through the internet too.

I think I was still on a Wind in the Willows kick. You are right, I wrote down the wrong book. It was actually A Wrinkle in Time that I finished reading. You are the only one that caught it!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you have a great week with those fun looking sixth graders!


wayside wanderer said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw your copy of PoohBear. That is the exact look of the book I had growing up and had not thought of it for years! Love, love, love it!

Enjoyed seeing your fall colors and all the other sights. Sounds like you are enjoying the season properly!

Shey said...

wonderful pictures as always, I love the picture of your students, your walking shoes look comfy! The pictures of the trees look so peaceful, the doughnut looks yummy!

Brad M said...

Lovely pics. Those children are precious. I love you!


Lisa Richards said...

Glad to see you are getting in some doodling time in your disheveled laboratory!

I love the little red barn you passed on your walk, and imagine Toad Hall being right down the road from you!

Yes, I love the English habit of putting River first in their names, ex. the River Leaf instead of Leaf River as we would say in the U.S. So much more poetic, don't you think?

Your 6th graders are so boy-sterous! Is it an all boy school or were they sticking together for moral support? lol!

I always love to see people's book stashes and I loved seeing all of your pictures. Thanks again!

Looking forward to seeing the guys. Planning a few entertainments for them while they're here. :)

Gigi said...

What a fun 'photo essay' you did for us Pom! I like seeing a little dishevelment (sp?) at your house -- makes me feel better about mine ;). I think I spy a corner of your sewing machine in your creation room?
What a fun walk you had -- lots of pretty places to go. And hot cider with caramel -- yummm. I must have one of those asap!

no spring chicken said...

You could have been Susan Branch if she hadn't been her first! ;)

You have the most beautiful walk... and I love how it ends. I wish I could join your walking team. And I am in awe of the knit squares.. just beautiful. The closest yarn store is 50 miles away.

Looking at your beautiful 6th graders helps me to understand how you stay so youthful!

Blessings, Debbie

Happy Homemaker UK said...

You are clearly such a nice person too :) I love that you love 11 year olds :) I think it is wonderful that the pine beetle pine is being reused :) All of your photos are wonderful and happy XOL

Thistle Cove Farm said...

books, boots and walking...fabulous as are the photos and I bet the punkin bread was delish!

The Provincial Homemaker said...

WHat a gorgeous recipe book, enjoy filling it in.

Hope you enjoyed the pumpkin bread. It sounds perfectly autumnal.

no spring chicken said...

The Willows are doing well! They've had fabulous adventures. Unfortunately twice, their scatterbrained hostess had botched the photo ops! Saturday they went on a scavenger hunt with 21 teens! They had an absolute blast and were quite popular with the group. Alas, I forgot the camera. Left it sitting right next to the front door. Then yesterday, the girls and I borrowed babies (yes, we are baby borrowers), twin 3 year olds. We also grabbed grandma and the camera. There was no way I was forgetting it this time. I knew the pictures would be amazing, pumpkins, animals, babies, Willows... I took out my camera and started shooting. About 5 pictures in I noticed the little message in my screen. No Memory Card. Argh!!

So, if you visit me today you will see that I won't be posting for 20 days. Rest assured that the Willows will be safe on their way to Minnesota within the next two days. I will have a bit more fun with them just so we can get another set of pics. After my return post I will share the Willows Oregon adventure.

Blessings, Debbie

theshepherdshouse said...

Visiting you is such a treat...such beauty & joy!

Sweet blessings friend,

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Wonderful, wonderful pix, P-squared. I love 11-year-olds, too. So much fun and so smart. Do you have the Susan Branch Christmas book? I just got it, and it's wonderful. I have book stashes, too, and a lot of the same knitting books as you.

Hope your trip is marvelous!