Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Small Choirs

When we went to Brad and April's church last Sunday, we enjoyed their little choir. They practice on Sunday evenings. These are very faithful ones. They sing to praise.
I listen to Christmas singing in the car. Three of my six discs don't work so I've been singing, "Snow is Falling on Douglas Mountain" with Raffi. I've also been singing "Thistle Hair the Christmas Bear" with Kenny Rogers. Not holy lyrically speaking but very uplifting. It's the tunes, the buoyancy of the Spirit of Christmas. You must go over and read Tina's post today. She shares from Max Lucado's amazing book,
God Came Near. Gill at That British Woman also shares a book and a song today. See? People are singing all over the blog globe!
The kids at school want music, too. Yesterday we were doing a "page wash" with watercolors in our art journals. We sat and painted and they wanted music. I have a few of their "kind of songs" on my iPod, so I could satisfy their requests. After school, some girls stayed around and we listened to music together.
Can you hear the music of silence? Can you imagine the shepherds awe when the heavenly host visited them out there in the open, with all the beautiful sheep?
Well, I can't sing beautifully but I intend to sing a bit louder this morning on my way to school. I hope you'll sing today, too.


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I love singing Christmas Carols! Unfortunately, I was not gifted with a singing voice...so said the Choir director who suggested I lipsync...it was a small choir, too! I learned to play the piano as an adult mostly for Christmas Carols...that way I didn't sing but played for my Family while they sang. I need to go practice!!! Hope your week is filled with Christmas Joy and Singing!

Green thumb said...

..I think I've just got a sore throat! :-(
Happy Tuesday PomPom!

Anonymous said...

I love to sing in the car to my favourite worship CD which is "Mandate", a recording of a men's Christian conference in Ireland. It is rich with beautiful singing, I love it and can sing good and LOUD in the car! :)

Gumbo Lily said...

I love to sing. With or without music.

It is so quiet outdoors in the winter here on the prairie that I cannot imagine how frightening it would have been to suddenly hear a host of angels singing to those shepherds watching (sleepily) over the sheep that night.

Make a joyful sound!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

My boys play Christmas carols all the time as soon, as I'll let them (usually after the 1st of December). My favorite CD to listen to is the Choir of King's College "Essential Carols." We listened to these growing up, too, and they just capture the mystery and holiness of Christmas better than any carols I know.


Pom Pom said...

Oh, my friends! I love your words of truth and experience. They give me hope. I want to dig up my old Charlie Brown's Christmas CD and play it for the students today. School is so devoid of Christmas. It's painful.

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I'm going to be listening to the "music of silence" all day today, every chance I get. Yesterday the painters power-washed our house and that was a kind of music, too, I guess, except for all the water that leaked in under the window sills! Although I guess it had its own special "drip drip drip." I'm trying to get a new post out. I have the photos ready, at least. xoxo Kari

Betty said...

I love to sing - I was at my church womens group yesterday and one of us started singing, gradually we all joined in! something we haven't done before as far as I can remember!

Betty said...

p.s. we were singing How Great Thou Art

The dB family said...

Okay, I am going to put on Handel's Messiah and pretend I can sing so beautifully as a choir.

Blessings my friend, enjoy the music today!

Lisa Richards said...

I want so much to be in a choir! It's been ages since we've attended a church with a choir. I guess it's hard to get people to commit. Someday I'll join the community choir after my school days are over. Speaking of school, I'd love to be in your class and have an excuse to do a journal with watercolors. I just don't get around to that sort of wonderful, creative stuff these days. Perhaps 'tis not yet the season. I bet you're a FANTASTIC teacher. You're so creative and not afraid to try new things! I just finished finals and am looking forward to my break! God's blessings on your Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hello sweet Pom Pom ~

The gift of music is a wonderful thing! I hope you have a lovely sweet music filled week!


Kerri said...

Oh I just love the sound of everyone sitting around together painting in their journals! I must invite myself for round two!