Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm a cowgrandma now. Do you like my boots? I looked at them for over a year before I finally decided to buy them. I'm not one bit sorry because they are SO comfortable. I asked some of my students if they liked them. They said, "No." Oh well! I do!

Well, if I had a horse like Gumbo Lily, I'd ride off into the distance, under these gorgeous skies. Colorado weather does not disappoint. This morning, I hurried outside to "catch the pink" because it disappears so quickly.

Birdie and I went to the fabric store on Sunday. I know you like to look at fabric, too. My mother says, "I REALLY like to sew when I'm at the fabric store but "not so much" when I get home with my purchases." I didn't buy fabric, just ribbons.

After the fabric store, we walked over to the used book store. It is full, top to bottom, with sweet smelling old books! Birdie was on the look out for pink princess books. We found quite a few.

I would LOVE to own a big messy book store like this one. See the "N"? That's the organizational system, I guess. There are two real ratty rockers sitting outside, but that's it in the way of decor. Sitting around reading all day surrounded by stacks and stacks of words . . . bliss!
I am waiting for a whole bunch of Gladys Taber books to arrive via the postman. Have you heard of her? She wrote about her country home. I'm going to read her books while I take care of Birdie and Bug. Kelli is going into the hospital to have Millie on Friday. Yippee!
I must go downstairs and put clean sheets on the guest bed, scrub the bathroom, and vacuum. Our friend Deo from Uganda is coming tomorrow night. FUN!
The kids at school are so chatty. I must say, "Please stop talking" one million times a day. Sigh. I'm going to quit talking now. Bye bye!


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I definately LIKE your BOOTS! My GrandGals want Cowgirl Boots for Christmas...I love it...I want some too! I'm sooooo much better at the fabric store than I used to be....since I have so much in the Stash, I'm not even tempted to add to it. I have been using it on quilt backings and have gotten about 8 quilts done in the last couple of months....Yay! Thanks for stopping by and seeing BabyBubba and the Christmas Quilts. Hasn't he grown? He's soooo much fun!

Wanted to let you know that Pink Saturday has gone to a Linky it's easier to drop in when you can.

Betty said...

How lovely that Kelli has given Millie a name and the baby is so much part of your family before she arrives. I like your boots.

Anonymous said...

I love your boots because they have rounded toes, I don't like the cowboy boots with pointy toes. :)

Loved the fabrics and books ~ my idea of a great day out!

Give Kelli a big hug from me, I can't wait to see pics of sweet Millie!

God bless,
love, Tina xxxxx

Lynn said...

I love love love those boots :)

By the way my word verification is alsing - appropriate huh? I seem to sing a lot when I visit you!


Green thumb said...

Beautiful skies! I wish mine would be so clear and sunny!

wayside wanderer said...

Skies and books = bliss.

GretchenJoanna said...

Funny, I was just browsing/shopping for boots online last night, and now your post featuring VERY NICE it confirmation that I should definitely buy some boots of my own?

And the fabric store...I was there yesterday, too, taking precious minutes away from my actual sewing. And I have to go back again today! I always get greedy in there, and that's not comfortable.

Kelli said...

I think your boots are cute, too. Not too bulky and not too trendy. ;)
Birdie loves her princess books. I don't mind reading them, either.
I don't think you'd want to ride off into the sunset even if you had a horse. It sounds quite romantic, but your bum bum would hurt after a short amount of time and then you'd have to ride all the way back. Plus, there aren't many bodies of water around here which means your horse would grow thirsty. :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love, love, love your boots. We should not expect middle school students to confirm our adult choices. We just shouldn't!


Gumbo Lily said...

Pom Pom,
I love your boots. In fact, I have a pair just like them (aren't they called fat babies?) but mine have turquoise uppers. They are comfy, aren't they. I have other boots with a more pointed toe which I love too. I'll bet you enjoy those boots this winter.

I love, love, love Gladys Taber and have quite a few of her books. I just love how she can keep me reading about the very simplest things about taking care of the home, dogs, and spring cleaning. I think you'll really like her writing style. I do.

Prayers for a safe and joyful birth coming up!


Kerri said...

Oh hooray for little Millie! Can't wait to see her! I would love to own a book store too. There are so many beautiful stories in this world :)

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I love those boots AND that bookstore! I could just settle down and live in that bookstore. I agree with Kerri: can't wait to see little Millie, too!! Love and prayers and hugs to all of you. xoxo Kari

SusanB-knits said...

Love your boots!
I think the messy library would drive me crazy. I'd have to organize it! lol

Brad M said...

Cool boots! Very nice. Sorry for chatty kids, but must love big bookstores of used books. How many things are useful again and again and again. However many there are, used books are my favorite. I love you.

Firefly said...

Awwww, cute boots! You little ole cowgirl, you.
And I love Gladys! Don't even remember how I found her years ago (think I just stumbled across her in the library), but your reminder makes me want to read them again.

melanie said...

Love the boots Pom Pom :) xxx

The dB family said...

I LOVE those boots!! I love the fabric and the book store too!! I do believe that if I lived near you, we would have very much to talk about :o)!


debbie bailey said...

I bet you're super cool in your new boots. I love them! I could get lost in a bookshop like that. Heaven, it is.