Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fresh Out of Sparkles

I hope your Christmas rocked with joy and happiness. I can't say I was a real ball of fire. I ran out of steam before dinner. The roast beast was wonderful but getting it on the table and making everything all glow-y, well . . . didn't happen. Do you run out of sparkles before the end of the day?

The weather was springlike! Yes, there are a lot of old dead twigs and stubble but Bill hung clothes on the line because it was SO warm. A birdie visited. A squirrel peeked at me from the pine branches.

I spotted a reindeer.

I experienced a little "gift jealousy" because Kelli bought this mouse for Miss Bug (from Cottontails Baby, our favorite UK store!) and I WANT ONE. Look at her dress! She's soft. Miss Bug shared.

Reve made a quilt for Millie. Don't you LOVE it?

Everyone tried to sneak in a nap after dinner.

Millie napped most of the day and then . . . she woke up to say hello.
I think I have good plans for tomorrow: sit on the squishy sofa and knit, watch movies, read, read, read, eat apples NOT Almond Roca.
Frances over at Left Handed Housewife reminds us that Christmas must not be boxed up and put away for at least a week and I agree.
I want my heavenly peace to last a while.
Thank you for stopping in and leaving a few sparkles.


Patricia Torres said...

Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones..

Thats the cutest reindeer ever!

Betty said...

in answer to your query, cinder toffee is yummy, you definitely some - 200g caster sugar and 4 tablespoons of golden syrup melted to a light brown gently bubbling, whoosh in the bicarbonate of soda -1 tablespoon (known as baking soda) ... good old stir and poor into a greaseproof papered tin about 15cm square. Takes about 3 hours to cool - dip in chocolate if you like. children like to do the baking soda part but this is boiling sugar so take care. Betty x

Betty said...

p.s. forgot, you have to break it up with a hammer.


Merry, merry, merry

Dear Pom Pom I hope you get a soft mouse with a pretty dress. I adore it and can quite see why you might be jealous! All photos are lovely dear. Have a lovely week now all the big fuss is over xx

Charlotte said...

Merry Christmas! I want a mouse doll too!

Sara Padrusch said...

Sounds like a lovely Christmas, though some rest is certainly in order. I must confess that I am boxing up most of Christmas today- everything except for the sister tree. I want everything clean and tidied before the new year.


Angela said...

Hi PomPom
I was well out of steam by midday yesterday, but my beloved children had already planned to take over the kitchen.
We were talking about 'cinder toffee' today - but in our fasmily it is called HokeyPokey!
Lovely lovely family photos
Christmas blessings xx

Sara said...

Hello again. I don't see an email contact for you, so am leaving a comment instead...thank you for the book recommends. Yes, I went through PT's The Divine Hours for two years and LOVED them; I've passed them along to my sister and am just beginning to use the Book of Common Prayer instead. I do have Imitation of Christ but have not gotten into it yet; but have many others I've enjoyed over the past few years along the same themes.

Blessings to you.

Gumbo Lily said...

We had a fun Christmas Day and a little "Silent Night" after everybody left to go home. This morning our daughter & SIL came for the day. We had burgers and onion strings for Boxing Day! It felt like 4th of July (but frosty and cold outside).

It looks like you had plenty of Christmas Angels all around you this holiday. Rest and enjoy your days at home.


Brad M said...

Happy Christmas. I do so hope you had a peaceful after-Christmas. You sounded like one tired mama on the phone. I love you so much. You are a treasure.

Gill - That British Woman said...

what lovely photos of the kiddies, glad you had a wonderful time. I agree though it can be hard work Christmas.

Gill in Canada

wayside wanderer said...

What GREAT gifts....mice and quilts, are there anything better? I think not! I am out of sparkles tonight after driving 277 miles home. I don't really like driving so much. Thankfully tomorrow will be a new day.

The dB family said...

Ohhh, Pom Pom! I love the gifts! One can never get in enough cuddles and both the sweet mouse and beautiful quilt are perfect for that. Just reading your blog gives me sparkles! What a sweet sweet baby!

Merry Christmas, my friend!

Kerri said...

I know what you mean about running out of steam! All the family came to my house again this year. Everyone arrived at lunch time, and by 7 pm I had had enough so I announced very loudly that it was bedtime as my sisters 4 year old triplets had completely worn Dean and I out while their parents had a nap! I wish I was nicer but I find it all so draining! Hope the rest of your holiday is peaceful x