Monday, December 6, 2010

Dream Sewing

We are having so much fun rejoicing at Millie's birth. I've been busy with Birdie and Bug while Kelli recovers, but granny work is much easier than teacher work.
I chatted on the telephone today with my own mama. We talked of sewing and where we sew and why we don't sew. She recently completed two pillows. Yahoo, Mama! The most sewing I've done lately entailed paper buntings and the mending of Jeff's snowboarding gloves. I do allow myself to "dream sew" and here is a list (a satisfying writing exercise, don't you think?) of my projects. They will not come to completion because they really are fantasy clothes and trimmings, but unrealistic list making has always been a simple pleasure of mine.

I've never wanted to differentiate between clown clothes and people clothes, so from this pretty fabric I would make:
~one yoked skirt with satin piping in the seams
~ cotton pantaloons that peek out 2-3 inches below the hemline of my skirt
~ a poet's smock with tiny fabric covered buttons
~an apron with large pockets

With this lovely fabric:
~a blouse with a soft neck ruffle and gathered sleeves
~a sleeveless dress that buttons up the front (covered buttons again)
~a drop waist dress with a sash and big pockets
~ a button up blouse like the ones Queenie wears on Lark Rise to Candleford
~ a petticoat
~ pillowcases
~ curtains
~long, flowing gowns for my granddaughters
Isn't "dream sewing" fun? No time, no scraps, no procrastination.

The Creator fashioned some pretty amazing get ups, don't you think?

I'd like to indulge in sewing a fine seam on my 35 year old Singer Stylist. She still hums along faithfully. What would you "dream sew" today?
I will let you know if I sew something real but in the meantime, I'll offer you a cup of tea with deepest gratitude for all your sweet wishes for Millie. She is a hearty little girl and her adoring sisters love her already.
I have one more day of "day time" granny fun and then it's back to school to teach Anne Frank. We're reading the play and each period, one "actor" will win the Academy Award (a big bottle of Gatorade) and we shall cruise to Christmas when I can be a granny everyday. I can't wait.


Gumbo Lily said...

I like the idea of "dream sewing" very much! I'd sew smocked dresses for my grandgirl and I'd also get started on some quilts for my grandbabies-on-the-way (but I don't know yet if they are boys or girls). For myself, I'd sew a snappy tunic in paisley print to wear with jeans.

That was fun! Blessings on your granny time.


Betty said...

Dream sewing, I wonder if you can extend the idea to dream cleaning - I just tried it, I imagined I had just polished all the kitchen white goods down and all of a sudden they seem to be gleaming at me! So it works! I think my kids do dream bed making as they never make theirs but always swear they have! dream painting? I wonder what might happen if I painted something with my eyes shut - you have really got me thinking today Pom Pom - thanks. Betty x

Green thumb said...

Hi PomPom, I'm so behind with comments this week, I must go straight on to your previous post and check what happened!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I must say I have been more of a dream sewer recently than a real sewer. I think the sewing machine will stay idle until after Christmas now.

Gill in Canada

SusanB-knits said...

I'm enjoying a cup of tea and reading blogs. I like looking at material but don't sew. Guess I'll get back to knitting. :)

wayside wanderer said...

I love your quote about not wanting to differentiate between clown clothes and people cloths. That made me laugh. I love wearing lots of color, too. I could dream sew until the cows come home....window treatments, a cute hand bag, maybe even a dog bed. I have a bench up in the attic that I have always wanted a custom cushion for, and some throw pillows. I think I would like to dream diet, too, and then I could dream sew some smaller clothes. :)

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Thank you so much for the comment about Ethel's book Rosebud & Red Flannel. One of her (and mine) favorites.

She would be so happy to know that you love the book. Her family appreciates the comment too.

All joys and celebrate NEW life. Congratulations!

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Mary said...

How beautiful Millie Rose is...and her name is fabulous!! I know the kisses and hugs will abound!!

Love that poem and comment you left on my blog this morning. It fits so perfectly!

Firefly said...

Oh, dream sewing! What a good idea! I don't much care for real sewing, but in my dream sewing world, I'd make new roman shades of lovely toiles and soft flowery prints for all my windows. And of course, I'd make all the littles soft flannel p.j.'s with feet -- maybe for me too ;).
Love the quote in your new header!

Patricia Torres said...

Thank you for your lovely comments about my peacock wall.. My mad weekend.. we just decided to paint the wall..

And that peacock is super pretty!! Love those little tea cups.. reminds me of when I was little and care free!!

Scrappy quilter said...

Your pictures of the fabric make me long to visit a quilting store. I love this post...brings a smile to my face. Hugs

Brad M said...

Hooray for Granny Christmas! I love your dream sewing idea, but can think of absolutely nothing to dream sew. I also love the idea of giving an academy award out each period. What fun!


Angela said...

Rejoicing with you at the safe arrival of Millie Rose - a true Advent Blessing.
Peacocks are fabulous and beautiful, but a daughter/graddaughter is a still greater gift from God

give her a little kiss from me!

Kerri said...

I love this idea of there being no difference between clown clothes and people clothes! Wear whatever makes you happy I say! So glad you're enjoying your beautiful family x

Anonymous said...

Love your sewing dreams....a poet's smock sounds perfect. Your joy at having another grandbaby to love shines so brightly! Love you Pom Pom!! xxxx

Connie said...

I love the dream sewing idea - I do lots of that and just didn't know anyone else did. Beautiful post!

The dB family said...

I like how you "sew"! I think it's a great idea! I would sew skirts and matching dresses for all my girls with the most beautiful tiny flowered fabric. I really do need to get some live sewing done again soon.