Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hello Good People

Hi! I'm so glad you popped in for a little visit! Thank you! I have cleaned up my blog, tried to freshen it up for winter. I'm trying to shake off my tired feeling. I feel like a bear that needs to sleep off a big meal. Just being here now, talking to YOU is starting to make me feel peppy. Isn't this a sweet little thing above? Jeff gave me a fairy door for my garden!

One of the culprits. White flour = bad for Pom Pom

Reve (my darling neighbor friend) always cheers me with her thoughtful gifts. Pink. I love.

Thank you for your prayers for our Kelli. She's so amazing - gracious and kind in the midst of sadness. The Lord covers. He does. He is covering her with comfort and love. She and the girls came over today. Granny's a bit pooped out from Christmas. I think it was all the rich food. My digestive system is on overload. Bryan came by after work, ate some stew and then they went home to their house where Kelli can crawl into her cozy bed and rest. I was listening to Bebo Norman's lovely song, "Cover Me" this morning and I know that the KING of kings does cover us. I thought about making a little video slide show of all the sweet "covers" in our house . . . afghans made by my mother-in-law years ago, quilts I bought at department stores, an old Where's Waldo? comforter Jeff used to have on his bed, a sunflower blanket Reve gave me before I took teenagers out to California for a week of camp (her dear daughter went with me - a cute eighth grader THEN and now a doctor!) but I'm too tired to move all the Christmas boxes, toys, furniture and other things that are in the basement, in front of the storage closet. Our blanket supply is stored there. So, no slide show.

All the festivities are over just like THAT! Bill took the tree down today and almost all the Christmas decorations are gathered up. Are you all a little overdone with the holiday let down? I noticed that a lot you are taking a break today. Please don't stay away from your blogs too long. I miss you.

Uncle Jeff, the sweetest uncle ever, borrowed Pom Pom's nose and ho ho ho-ed for the kids yesterday. They loved it! We didn't do all the gift stuff this year when we gathered. I had a few gifts for the kids and Kelli and April had gifts for each others' children, but that was it. Nice. Very nice.
We only over did it on the food! My stomach keeps reminding me. Here's a little "happy thought" . . . Flavia from Italy sent me a beautiful Christmas card! I got it today and it warmed my heart! Carolyn also sent me a card from St. Ives. I love international mail! I love any kind of mail, actually.
Tomorrow is my mom's 80th birthday! I'm so thankful for all the wonderfulness that is my mama. You would LOVE her. She's happy, capable, a bookworm, a good housekeeper, a fantastic wife, and so much more. She even taught my Sunday school class when I was a teenager. She had FIVE children and now she has 15 grandchildren and great grandchildren, too. I wish for her a day of living in the now - knowing she is loved by Jesus and feeling that wonderful feeling of surrender to Him.
Thank you for listening today. I hope I have some nice quiet tomorrow. I've been a little busier than I like to be. I'm glad that each day is a new day, aren't you?


Gumbo Lily said...

I'm feeling a bit of Christmas overload too. I got on the exercise bike in the garage after supper tonight. I'm tired of being cooped up and needed some motion!

Happy Christmas Clean-up!

SuKnitWitty said...

There is a 'Spring to your Blog' today! I'm glad to see you getting back to PeppyPomPom! Our family experienced the same loss as yours twice, and it is a difficult time. Your strong and loving family will bond together for support for your daughter. Faith be with you all. I'll be ready for the tree to come down soon! I've enjoyed it alot this year with the pictures I taken for the blog world! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and have a Happy New Year!

Bradley Maston said...

It was a lovely, peaceful holiday. Thank you for having us all over and sharing so generously of your many delicious foods. I feel much better after a great deal of digesting. I love you!

MamaF said...

Pom Pom I'm so happy you got the card ! I'm always a bit worried they can get lost.
And i'm happy that even in such a sad moment you can find the way of joy letting Jesus comfort you. I sadly can say i've been there ( long ago ) but didn't knew Jesus yet -so to say- it has been very hard.
In Italy decorations will stay up until 6th january - the 'three kings day'- but i guess we decorate later then you do ( here we put everything up on 8th december ).
Our Christmas as espected was quite torn apart. We try to keep it as joyous as possible, but our original families have huge problems and of course it's of big impact in times as Christmas.
Happy birthday to your dear mother, it must be beautiful having such a precious family around you :)
Wishing you peace and happiness in our Lord's arms, dear friend !


Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Hi Pom Pom! I love the fairy door for your garden! And I hope you are in deep quiet today. I love this lull between Christmas and New Year's. It has always been a kind of sacred time for me, time to sit and think and wonder, or just wander the house, take long walks, and be filled with peace and quiet. I will be thinking about you and Kelli and all your lovely family. Bless you all! xo Kari

Anonymous said...

Wonderful posts..Happy Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Hi honey, big HUGS to you from Scotland. xxx

We have taken all our decorations down today too...unheard of in the UK, you're supposed to leave it all up until after the new year. Too bad...we have all had enough and crave normality.

Praying for you all, xxx

Aisling said...

Pom Pom, Such a sweet quiet happiness pervades your posts, even as you deal with life's trials. I never read what the trouble was, but I know you are one of those families that support each other with love and comfort. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

We sweep away our holiday decor on January 6th unless we have relatives coming for a late celebration and then we might wait another day or two. I like the spare, clean feeling of a room when the decorations come down.

Saleslady371 said...

I hope your stomach is healed soon. Glad you had such a great Christmas with your family. Get some rest.

Silver said...

What a nice read about your Christmas. This is your 201th post? wow!


Deborah said...

What a fresh new look! So pretty! A very Happy Birthday to your mom! She sounds much like Murray's grandma before she passed away at the age of ninety-eight.

Keeping Kelli in my prayers! Hope you're feeling much better too!


Michela said...

Hello PomPom!
Love your new blog make-over, especially the brings lots of hope for the New Year!
Best wishes to your daughter, hope she will recover soon and happy birthday to your dear Mum!

All things bright and beautiful... said...