Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Breakfast With Mrs. Claus

I had a hard day at school yesterday. The kids seemed a bit "blah" and when I heard one boy say that his mom was too lazy to cook a turkey, my "happy-0-meter" experienced a marked drop. A sweet girl said that they didn't do anything on Thanksgiving, so she cleaned her room. These little reminders register with me. I must treat the holidays with care and not assume the eighth graders are filled with glee. After a long sleep, I'm pumped up again! I do have a long day today though - parent/student/Mrs. M book club at Borders tonight - so I decided to make myself a nice little festive breakfast. I think preparing my heart for Christmas is going to have to be deliberate, so I don't get bogged down by the hectic pace of teaching. I keep thinking I'll get used to it (it has been five years now) but I'm still not used to leaving my house in the morning. Sigh.

Bill and I did light the Advent candle, read Mary's prayer, and pray together on Sunday evening. I DID read the first chapter of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever to him. It was LOVELY! I'm sure I'll feel all Christmas happy when I'm at Borders tonight because the smell of books always lifts my spirits!
I hope you'll have a little Christmas for yourself today. Maybe you could simply light a candle and whisper a prayer. You might want to make a snowflake and hang it on your bedroom window. I bought myself three bars of chocolate last night and made sure to say VERY passionate "yummmmms" as I ate some on the way home from the grocery store. The sweetest little word treasure? Reading this:
"The people who walk in darkness
Will see a great light . . . "
Isaiah 9:2


scrappy quilter said...

And yes they will see a great light. I hope your Christmas season is special. So sad that so many kids don't know what Thanksgiving is about. It's one of my favorite days of the year. Hugs..

libbyquilter said...

hang in there and continue to find a bit of Christmas spirit in every day as that is truly what the holiday should be about anyway~!~


SuKnitWitty said...

Everyday at School is the Same Routine! Everyday at School is a Different Experience! For Kids and Teachers! You are very insightful to the Kids....as I've said before...'lucky kids to have you for their teacher'. The Christmas Spirit Shines Through You!

GretchenJoanna said...

Just reading "the smell of books always lifts my spirits!" makes me happy, too.

theshepherdshouse said...

Dear Pom Pom,

Thank you for your sweet posts! We have had a very discouraging day today and your posts are encouraging to my heart! Thank you!


Michela said...

What a lovely post and great words!
Thank you so much for visiting me!

Kerri said...

Oh I can never get used to leaving the house in the morning either! I think I would make a good hermit!


You have Christmas in your heart all year round, Pom Pom. I hope the children at school really appreciate the teacher they have in YOU. Yes, every moment and every pleasure should be savoured in a very loud way LOL ... I make loud appreciate noises of my chocolate bar even when I'm on my own! LOL

Have a happy day :o)

Is that a new baby I see?

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Found your sweet site today and glad I did. I tried to follow you but did not see one on your site. lol
Looking forward to visiting you again

Deborah said...

Reading about your students made me sad too. It is so important to build memories and traditions with children. I'm sure you will make their last few weeks of school before break special. I am glad you're feeling better again. Chocolate is always helpful too isn't it :o)? I love Isaiah 9:2!!